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Good time to all

Well, again I here, I understand that without reports I can not take myself in my hands

I sat down a month on "Mirimanova", threw off 5 kg, and then how I went to the burrow for 2 weeks

And the dumplings, Varenchi went, first to add for lunch, and then at 22:00 at the arrival did not disappear from work

Returned to the calculation of the kcal, for me it is an ideal system, when there are no deviations, like this in the morning you can ... and in the evening at one kefir after 5, please sit

Yesterday I hardly experienced a day, although I was constantly, but a feeling of hunger some tireless persecutes .. although I ate my 1500 for a day! Today continues!

Today, weight 86.0, i.e. yesterday -600


Plans by May 1 jump out 80

I rope in the adventure! Well, yes, so tell me: "Dura" !!! And I will accept it

In "VK", all sorts of girls are written, such as I will help to lose weight and so on, with one long time it was crowned, which is aware of what PP and the counting of the kcal and what can do it no worse than nutritionists

But still decided, I will try her course, well, 2500 not such big money

yes I would be better to myself bought cream

In general, she sent me a menu for 30 days and exercises ... Oh a girl ... There are no questions to the exercises, in principle the menu is not bad, but such a swing ... On one day you eat 1500 kcal, the next day is just starving 800 kcal ... Although the balance of BJW is very good !!! In general, I left the menu, I did not completely deny it, but I have to refine very much !!! In general, do not turn! Similarly, when you do not need to think what to add and how to improve! As they say, you pay for not thinking myself! Yes, and plus guidance instructions ... On one day, she writes 80 g cashie in a dry form, the next day 80g porridge in the finished form, what such difficulties, or write everything in finished or dry

In short, led ... Well, I will be scientific

And by the way, girls, remind how the food diary insert the day here? I do not see something

At least in the mobile version ...

For now I have everything

Returning me! Now I will report daily! Great day and mood!

How to spend wisely: 5 lifehams from a financial expert

Photo: Lemur / unsplash

© lemur / unsplash

Author Polina Kalinov

November 29, 2017.

Pink tells how to correctly plan your budget and save money. Review your spending or make sure that you do everything right. As an expert - author of the blog about the finance of Ksenia_Finance Ksenia Paderyr.

Step 1. Plan a budget for the year.

"You must have a clear idea of ​​your finances in your head. Ask yourself a few main questions: how much do you earn, what will be the average income per month and then - a year, how much do you spend, is it converging between the debit and loan? It is important that you don't just have enough for all needs, but also managed to postpone the future.

Sit down and shed major planned spending next year. Ideally do it just before the New Year. Example: 100 thousand per vacation, 50 thousand per Casco, 10 thousand for the purchase of children's clothing during sales, 15 thousand for language courses and so on. Thanks to this simple exercise, you will see a picture: how much money you need to find as if over everyday life. We divide the resulting amount on the number of months and find out how much you need to earn and postpone to be enough for everything. Conditionally: vacation in five months, it means you need to postpone 20 thousand per month. By the way, remember that the same flights are more profitable to buy hard in advance, try to take into account this when planning the budget for rest. "

Photo: Jeff Sheldon / Unsplash

Step 2. Turn spending.

"The ideal family budget formula is 50-30-20. It is 50% on it - these are your obligatory payments (loans, food, utilities, planned medical examination, etc.), 30% - "Pleasant spending" (clothes, shoes, shopping, travel, manicure, beautician, restaurants), 20% - Investments (accumulation and from the same means - charity). Consider in numbers. Suppose you earn 100 thousand rubles. So, 50 you must spend on the main things, without which it is not necessary, 30 - on entertainment and optional, but the desired purchases, 20 - in the "snack". It is important to analyze your expenses: Do your daily spending really have such a mandatory?

For example: Payment of travel is a mandatory row of expenses. But if you drive a taxi - then this is already yours " Pleasant waste. "Food - like another indispensable line. But if you prefer to eat in a cafe, buy fast food, you can't refuse expensive desserts - this is another spending category. I do not urge to refuse a manicure, but it needs to be scheduled to be planned in the appropriate Count costs. "

Step 3. Making purchases with mind.

"There are several rules here, thanks to which you will succeed. About the first, probably know everything. Do not go to the shop hungry! Otherwise, the most delicious and uncomfortable, most likely, consisting of fast carbohydrates will certainly be in your product basket. Determine in advance how much money you can spend today. Agree with you that you will not go beyond this amount. The easiest option is to take cash with you. But then the possibility of using the Kesbek or the accumulation of miles will disappear, so I am not a supporter of cash. Important: Make a list of purchases. Ideally, in advance come up with an approximate menu for all week and shed products based on these plans. The list will help you not buy anything superfluous. And do not forget anything you need!

A simple example: Forgot to buy eggs, sugar, flour, buckwheat. In the store near the house all these products are more expensive than in a hypermarket. If every position is at least plus 20 rubles, then in the check will be about 100 rubles. It seems to be a trifle, but if so "lose memory" once a week, then it will be minus 5,200 rubles per year. Perhaps this is your new down jacket purchased in "Black Friday".

Remember that all the most budget goods in stores are located on the lower shelves. The most expensive - at eye level. And download a useful purchase application to your smartphone. For example, "Decade" - it accumulates discounts and shares in all nearby stores (geolocation). It makes no sense to "hunt" on sour cream, which is cheaper on three rubles. But the purchase of the previous diapers or washing powder will be profitable.

Once I read the interview with Julia Roberts about how she spends money. The actress earns millions of dollars and can afford everything that wants. But she says: "If I see that in one store, the milk costs five dollars, and in the other - three, then I will go there, where cheaper. I do not see the point of overpaying." Save - does not mean buying the cheapest and think that it is profitable. Save is to take care of your money. And remember that they are getting difficulty, and not fall from the sky. Julia knows it. "

Photo: Alexandru Tugui / Unsplash

© Alexandru Tugui / Unsplash

Step 4. Scoop and postpone.

"The gold rule sounds simply:" First postpone - then we spend. " According to the ideal budget distribution scheme (50-30-20), 20% of income should go to accumulation and / or investment. For many it is very substantial. Therefore, it is necessary to start at least 10%. This is a mandatory exercise! They received a salary - we remove 10% immediately. Then we distribute the residue. "Remove" anywhere. Better - to the account in the bank, where it is difficult to get (replenished deposit). Do not hope for the scheme "I will live a month, and then everything is" superfluous ". Nothing will be left, most likely. What if the income is unstable? Logic is the same. They received 1000 rubles - immediately removed 100. It seems a trifle. But from her by the end of the month a decent amount may be gathered. "

Step 5 (the most important). Motivate yourself.

"It is not necessary to take on the control of finance if you are not ready morally. It is like proper nutrition. You can break up. It is much better to go, if there is a goal (yes, that is exactly what - with a capital letter). Everyone has its own - quickly pay a mortgage, go on vacation, buy a dream car or make repairs in the apartment. If you have the difficulties of the psychological plan ("I can not force yourself," "I am such a transcription") - motivation is especially important. Put the task and go to it.

There is one more complexity: sometimes before the goal you have to get too small steps, it also prevents motivation. Example: You want your apartment, you dream at least about mortgage, but you can afford to postpone only 10 thousand per month. And it seems to you: "Well, what is 10 thousand in the framework of housing prices? A drop in the sea! And how much will I save? One hundred years? Who needs it, it is better to go new shoes, they will already be pleased today." And all - you still postponed dreams about your accommodation.

In fact, a small step is still a step. 10 thousand per month is 120 thousand per year (and if adding interest on the deposit will be more). Two or three years - and you can already think about the mortgage in the suburbs, for example. And if the goal is not so global, then things will go faster.

IMPORTANT: Do not give up immediately from everything. Cut Pleasant spending ", I still leave the part. Financial control should not make you an unhappy person. On the contrary, his goal is to make your life more ordered and calm."

In anticipation of the upcoming fee, a bonus or other unscheduled financial infusion, we often build ambitious plans. Usually everything ends with a PSHIK and repentance - money is incredibly running and gray weekdays come again.

How to spend money with benefit

How to spend money with benefit

Money exists in order to spend them, psychologists teach us. But you need to spend with the mind, they caution. As often happens: a man tried, she worked, earned a certain amount of money, and it was reasonable to dispose of her who did not manage it: he let all go to the wind. As a result, the inability is reasonable, with the benefit of spending money can generally play the role of demotivator. Indeed, why strain, if, even earning a decent amount, you still do not change anything in life.

So, suppose you got a job with a big salary and premium, or is about to complete a complex promising project in financially, and maybe expires the term of the deposit, and soon your budget will increase the annon amount of interest ... How to dispose of these monetary signs? Let's see what psychologists offer about this.

1. Creating an inviolable fund

Everything happens in life, as you know. No one is insured against diseases, layoffs, divorces and other unpleasant problems, the solution of which requires money, and more than significant. However, pleasant events, such as the wedding or the preparation of a child from tutors to enter the university, also do not cost without solid investments. So certain accumulations will never be superfluous. As they say, the stock pocket does not pull. Knowing that you have something clumsy, you will feel more confident and calmer. Therefore, 10% of each financial receipt is in the Personal Fund.

2. Caring for your health

Investment in your health is one of the most effective. Modern civilized people are different from the rest, which is regularly examined in good clinics. And the dentist visit at least once a year. On time, the detected sores are known to be treated faster and more successful.

Do not spare money for good pharmacy vitamins and trace elements. Although the attitude of the physicians to them is ambiguous, they say, synthetic means are poorly absorbed, but many of us and our own experiences were convinced that during the cold season these drugs still support the body.

But the concern for physical form is not limited to the preventive visits to the doctor and the reception of expensive vitamin complexes. Sport classes are also included in this list. Find close to home a good sports club or fitness center, and maybe a dance school. However, it is possible to improve physically at home or in the park, but then you will still need sports simulators and beautiful equipment.

3. Self-development

Modern life is such that the knowledge and skills obtained in the university are not enough to do a successful career and earn good. It is necessary to constantly develop in professional terms, and for this - read books in the specialty, participate in trainings, attend courses of improvement. Not all firms are investing money in the professional growth of their employees, so you have to do it yourself. Do not missed: investment in your knowledge, skills, as in health, also justifies itself 100%.

4. Travel

Travel impressions is what remains with us forever, and pleasant memories of distant countries and wonderful cities support us all the difficult year. Dream to see the forum and the colosseum? Climb the Eiffel Tower or on the Montmartre Hills? Or swim in the waters of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean? Be sure to embody dreams to life. Not all at once, of course, but every year one - why not?

5. Rest

Hobbating a loved one is perfectly, but it is impossible to work only. Labor, as you know, you need to alternate with rest. For this, it is not necessary to leave far from home. If there is no opportunity to arrange a long-lasting break, take a week of vacation or a couple of days of otgulov and arrange a full discharge. Go to the cinema, swimming pool, rink. Allow yourself breakfast in the cafe and dining in the restaurant. Go for tickets to Opera or Philharmonic, and maybe at the concert of the favorite rock band. Visit the exhibitions. Change of lifestyle is sometimes more effective than treatment in the sanatorium. How much will it cost? Yes, what difference, in the end, you earn in order to indulge yourself.

6. DOM

The house should be cozy, so that I wanted to come back every evening. House - like a living being. Also sick and become old, and we must support it in a decent state. Because the house is our projection. Bad to him - uncomfortable and us.

Look at your home with a master look - what does the replacement require? Maybe you need to change the windows? To winter, warmly warm through the slots. Or maybe it is advisable to put new entrance doors. Still, this is a business card of your home.

Sometimes it is enough to hang new curtains or even abandon them, replace the chandelier or buy a new desk lamp so that the house will play with new paints. But if serious repairs are required, do not pull it with it. Believe me, the old plumbing, bad wiring, dirty walls do not affect the life of the owners, do not contribute to their good well-being and success. Meanwhile, clean, fresh house gives strength, feeds positive energy.

7. Smart electronics

This is what facilitates our lives. Do not save on technical updates. The laptop should work quickly, the washing machine is to wash quietly and efficiently, the coffee maker is to prepare delicious aromatic coffee, and the refrigerator is silent and reliably store products.

8. Hobby

Favorite classes help to relax physically and restore mental energy. Do not limit yourself to buying what brings you joy. Books, disks with movies or music ... If you like to take pictures, buy finally a good professional camera. If your soul rests during knitting, stocking wool and knitting machines. The hobby is not always associated with big expenses.

9. Food

Save on food is unreasonable. Very correct expression: we are what we eat. If you eat all the disadvantage like mymal or some semi-finished products, it will be sooner or later it will be possible to pay off with malaise, apatine, the lack of desires to do something and achieve something. But healthy food is not necessarily expensive, especially homemade cooking. We do not urge to buy expensive overseas products. On the contrary, it is necessary that it grows in your edge and what your grandfath grandparents eat.

10. Clothes

When clothes are too much - it is bad. Because she does not fit in any closet and because there is still nothing to wear. Its wardrobe must be made up of basic things: jeans, a few white shirts and thin jumpers, a pencil skirt, a dress-case, a jacket and 5-6 Tekshek. As well as a couple of jackets, cloak and coat. Well, shoes for the season. Here they do not regret money. Good, high-quality things will serve you for a long time and help create an elegant image. What, by the way, is important when interviewing.

11. Gifts

Give gifts to loved ones. It is not necessary for some dates, but just so, without reason, to make a pleasant, please give a pleasure to a dear person and yourself.

12. Help

As far as possible, engage in charity. It is not necessary to list large amounts of the hospital or child house. You can help, such as a single old-year-old older. Remember: the more you give, the more you get. This is one of the laws of the universe. Giving hand does not look at (see "How to spend money to spend money so that they bring happiness").

© Ilyina Natalia, BBF.RU

If you have already managed to buy an apartment, stock clothes for all occasions, postpone the children's education - it's time to think where you can still spend money with benefit.

Olga Svistunov

decided to save black rhinos

Here are 8 ideas where to invest money and remain satisfied with the result of such investments.


If you plan to increase capital, learn financial instruments that make a profit: promotions, insurance storage programs, ETF. , displaced metal bills. About how the contributions are working, what is investing in stocks and how to invest with a smaller risk can be found on YouTube.

It is not necessary to invest in the usual tools: you can buy a picture of the artist's submitting hope, a bottle of collectible wine, investment coins, invest money in a rare brand, book, subject of art or antiques. Before buying, be sure to study the area in which you are going to invest, or consult an expert.

Calculate credit

If there are free money, you can go off the loan ahead of time. If the loans are somewhat, it is better to express priorities and decide what to do first.

The same with the mortgage: if it is possible, it is better to pay more than it is required to reduce the loan period or the amount of payment in the following months.

Enjoy health

Stop to endure a dental pain and try to see at least something through old glasses. If you have free money, pass the tests, sign up for a consultation to a good doctor: it is better not to tighten the emerging sores, but to stop them on the root. But if you endure, postpone and hope that "will pass" itself, "it will have to pay more: treat complications expensive.

Inside to work

You can spend money on what is useful for work or study: a comfortable chair, a productive laptop, a phone with a large marker margin.

Master for repair will be used by reliable drills and a powerful drill, and the doctor is a comfortable bathrobe and the actual reference of the disease. Buy what is connected with your activities: Let it help earn more.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in yourself. Receive additional education, issue a subscription to an important course or start doing what long ago I wanted to: draw, sing, speech in Spanish - you can find a tutor in any craft.

Do not immediately buy expensive things for a hobby. If you want to try yourself in the photo, go to Avito and ask for chambers there - it will be much cheaper than in the store.

With free money, you can develop not only brains, but also the body. Make an annual subscription to the sports club, a school of dancing or pool, buy a rug for yoga or dumbbells. If free money is enough for something extreme, you can learn how to ride skiing or dive with scuba.

Become a volunteer

You can pay several thousand dollars to patrol the movement of turtles in the Pacific Water, look after the elephants that were injured from the brutality of trainers in Thailand, or save from the extinction of black rhinos in South Africa.


If the purchase of a ready-made tour is not on the pocket, you can prepare for travel gradually: first - buy a ticket, with the next salary - to book a hotel, then to postpone meals and pocket expenses.

Even if you postpone several thousand rubles per month, you can accumulate for a small trip for a year. Travel is not only impressions and rest, but also the opportunity to spit something new to make a business in this hometown.

Help people

You can and need to help others. It is not necessary to give half of the salary in need, 100 rubles can already save someone's life, if a thousand people are thrown. If you are afraid that the money will go frauds, and not the wounded dog, "help the necessary things: bring medicines or feed.

You can help not only money. Funds are constantly looking for those who can hold a master class for children from boarding schools, to donate orphans in hospitals or sit down with children, while their mother-in-law or single mothers make up benefits.

Positive emotions will be more than from the next purchase of brand clothing.

If you are not ready to spend accumulated, but you want to increase, then here are three ways to make money grow as on yeast:

  1. Buy gold.
  2. Examine Eurobonds.
  3. Give money to the Ministry of Finance.

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