What is podcasts and how to use them - how to create, download and listen

Inventive Internet users have come up with a new chip - podcasts. This is a new fashion, the ability to listen to lectures, a way to learn something, promote business and make money. However, for many this word is still empty sound. And to correct the problem, we will explain in detail and intelligibly what podcasts are and how to use them. At the same time share why you need them, where to download, create, we describe the possible problems.

What is a podcast and in their benefit

Podcast - audio file (less often there is a video file), which is published on special sites and can at any time be listened on the phone, player, tablet, computer. Reminds a radio program, sound wikipedia - also serves to transmit information.

What is podcasts and why they need

The online broadcasting process, publishing is called podcasting. The term arose in 2004, as a combination of parts of the iPod words and Broadcasting, to refer to the ability to transfer sound files to iPod.

Features of podcasts:

  • devoted to a certain topic;
  • produced in different genres;
  • may be presented in the form of dialogs, monologues, serials;
  • published with established frequency, for example, weekly;
  • The main information transfer tool is sound;
  • Listen, you can download the published post at any time, it is possible to return to the previous series;
  • A subscription function is available;
  • We are produced on specialized sites, radio (Radiomayak, Arzamas), torrents.

Podcast resembles video viewing from YouTube. But, if to view the video, you need to postpone all the cases, watch and listen, it is enough to connect headphones to listen to the audio file. You can go to work, ride a bike, get out at home and listen to audio recording. Interesting, useful information occupies the brain, makes thinking to learn new. With the help of podcasts you can learn a foreign language, solve psychological problems, find ways to make money, listen to audio set. Many are motivating, others are talking about unknown.

Where and how to listen podcasts on a computer with windows, mac, iphone, ipad or ipod

Listen to podcasts through free UK utilities, Yandex.Music, SoundCloud.

How to use podcastams

To listen to:

  • iTunes - MacOS, Windows users can enter the platform;
  • Google Podcasts is designed for Android. A free app with the Russian interface for Android1 and above allows you to listen to podcasts, download, subscribe to them. There is a function of sync listening on different devices;
  • Apple Podcasts is a free iPhone application;
  • Pocket Casts. Downloads for free for smartphones, tablets. On a PC with Windows, MacOS uses a web version, the cost of the monthly subscription is 1 dollar;
  • Instacast - for MacBooks, MAC computers. There is a search function, subscription, listening without the Internet, subject to pre-storing the file on the PC. The utility is synchronized with devices on

What should start with

On the Internet there are different podcasts. You can pick up records about traveling, culinary experiences, education, opportunities to make money, solve psychological problems. So, Postnokuka talks about scientific matters, children's educational Urubamba - about other countries, customs, the greedy investor from Tinkoff - is devoted to explaining how to work with investments. See the rating, choose the best.

Start listening to what you are interested in or what you think useful. Pay attention to the authors. Russian Podcasting is represented by famous journalists, politicians, humorists. The latest news about the issued audio custodies is published on Podfm.ru.

Russian-speaking and English podcasts - the best collections

Interesting projects are available in Russian and English.

Interesting podcasts in Russian

Review in Russian:

  • Norm - a podcast about the urgent questions from the journalist Nastya Kurgan and Dasha Cherkudinova. Friends are invited to discuss problems. Issues are devoted to parting, search for friends, wages issues;
  • Bookazar. The authors are the literary critic Galina Yuzfovich and the editor-in-chief of Stroytel, translator Anastasia Zavozain. Books are discussed;
  • TED.Relector on epidemics, depressions, feelings, motivation;
  • Lukes English Podcast - Training from Luke Thompson for those who want to learn English;
  • serial - ticking nerves detective story based on real events;
  • New currency is dedicated to translating publications from foreign media;
  • Project Evgenia Stakhovsky on the radio lighthouse. Includes releases to a few topics, including reading the author of the stories;
  • Podster.fm - FM radio station publishing steep podcasts about everything. The undergraduate will talk about life, football, psychology, money, informative;
  • kg Portal about Anime, Cinema, Games, Series;
  • A selection of jellyfish projects - a scientific and popular podcast about Russian "Rosenthal and Guildrester", "Natheri Mantu" - about medical issues, "First of God" - about raising.

In English interesting:

  • Gastporod. Releases are devoted to food, but they talk about it from the point of view of history, science;
  • Creative Mornings. The project, known all over the world, is devoted to work, love, many other issues;
  • Business Wars. Talks about competition and battles of competitors;
  • Joe Rogan Podcast. Discusses various issues with their guests, among whom are comedians, artists, MMA wrestlers, musicians.

It often happens that the provider offers a catalog of several cres. An example is English language loudly.

How to make your podcast 🎧

The main feature that combines popular podcasts - they are interesting, cool, tighten.

Creating podcasts

Not always projects are triggered. For example, rpod.club was closed due to the lack of interest from the audience.

Quality audio ring - the result of labor that includes:

  • Select the topic, genre, method of supplying material. Try to talk about what can be interesting to listeners. Even if the topic is a boring science, but you serve it through a dialogue with humor, jokes, then you will find listeners. Do not expect someone to give you an idea, look for yourself;
  • Study of competitors. Perhaps that the network is overwhelmed with audio recordings about what you want to talk about. Make a list of competitors, analyze the pros, minuses;
  • Determine the frequency of issues. If you release one episode and in another month will appear, and in two - the third, subscribers to get and save will be difficult. Like any work, the release of podcasts requires regularity. Make 5,6 issues in a row. If the topic is dried, offer a new one;
  • Select the name. It should be simple, bright, memorable. If you call Seryozha, attract listeners will be difficult;
  • Preparation of the script. Each roller is a carefully prepared script. He does not regulate each replica, but asks the direction of the conversation, the monologue, helps to stop in time, make the topic in more detail, clearer.

How to mount

As soon as the idea was formed in the head, recorded on paper, prepare a microphone, a computer, a room for writing a podcast, and record the next issue.

How to make a podcast

At this moment, be attentive - it is possible to use an iPhone, a weak microphone, you can write anywhere, but to be successful, the quality of the recorded material should be excellent. Without noise, the roar and the like of the charms. At the time when the record is made, it is better to wear headphones - this will allow you to constantly track the sound quality.

In situations where the interview is held with the source from another country, the city, you can write a conversation on Skype, Vaiberu. It is recommended that he recorded his part of the conversation, sent you the soundtrack in MP3 format, WAV for mounting. In this case, the basis will be a high-quality entry, and the recorded conversation on Skype will serve as an addition, will help restore the logic of the conversation.

Podcast installation is performed using a sound editor - a program installed on the PC. Opening the record, you see chart in front of yourself. Listening to her, allocate the segments on which unnecessary sighs, screams, noises, echoes are recorded.

To achieve the desired effect, use recommendations:

  • Change sections in places;
  • add sound effects;
  • Add musical compositions, songs. However, first make sure you do it in compliance with copyright.

For mounting a podcast uses audio editors Adobe Audition, Audacity, Sonyvegas, Soundforge and others.

During the assembly, even a mini podcast is desirable to make a trailer and cover. This will attract the attention of the listeners, will increase interest - everything is like in YouTube. And remember - to enter the top, your podcasts must be the most cool!

Where to place a podcast

Place podcasts on special services. But before you do it, you need to create an RSS stream. In the future, through it, your materials will be transmitted to other sites.

Where to place a podcast

Make RSS-thread like this:

  • Download audio recording to a podcast terminal. It can be CastBox, SoundCloud, SimpleCast, Anchor (in Russia does not work), Transistor, Podbean, BuzzSport. The service will generate a link;

The use of services is paid. There is a free trial period.

  • Create a blog page, in the FEEDBURNER form insert RSS link, upload photos, cover icons, write description.

So that people can listen to the audio ring, it is placed on the platforms of the spread of podcasts. Remember, at the beginning of the article we talked about Apple Podcasr, Yandex.Musicu? We are talking about them. Only now you appeal to them not as a listener, but as a subcaster - the creator of sound content.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Register, go to the platform under your name;
  • follow instructions. Most often, it is proposed to insert a RSS link to the desired field, fill out the form, click "Create" (Generate).

Is it possible to earn on the podcast

Podcast can be considered as a separate business direction. Why do you need a business - make money.

Podcast is a means to earn

The income is formed from the following sources:

  • Collaboration with advertisers, receiving income from advertising. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau, advertising costs in podcasts by 2023 may amount to 133 million RUB;
  • Crowdfunding - financial support from the audience. Let the listeners who liked your programs like, treat you a "cup of coffee" by sending money to the account, bank card or details of the payment system. If they wish, thank them during broadcasting or on the site;
  • With a certain number of subscribers, the platforms for placement of materials are ready for you to pay for work with them.

Can I subscribe to a podcast that is not available in iTunes Store

Many service offer subscribe to audio files. It is not necessary that the podcast is available in the iTunes Store.

How to subscribe to podcast

Use VKontakte, SoundCloud, Yandex.Musca.

But even if there is no podcast in iTunes, and you use this utility, a subscription can be issued.

For this:

  • go to iTunes;
  • View carefully section menu;
  • Click "Subscribe to Podcast";
  • specify a link on the RSS channel;
  • In podcasts for iOS in the search string, specify the channel to which you want to subscribe.

Before issuing a subscription, check whether new releases leave, whether the project lives. Subscribe to ripod.ru, for example, no sense - the project does not work.

Cancel subscription

From any subscription can be described.

Consider how to do this on the example iTunes:

  • Go to the section "Podcasts";
  • find a podcast with a decorated subscription;
  • Press the settings (gear icon);
  • Remove the checkbox with "Subscriptions".

Podcast for business

Podcasting means a separate business direction. On the other hand, this is a tool for the development and promotion of your business.

Podcast for business

As a separate business direction, it gives you the opportunity to have your account, network, audience, product and earnings.

Podcasting can be considered as a means of promoting business. Create programs telling about what you sell, do, but do not offer goods, services directly, but discuss, tell about them from the point of view of professionals.

For example, you are the owner of the bookstore. Run the podcast about the books. Tell the public about updates, analyze the well-known works, read out loud most interesting passages, laugh, sad. Proximity to the audience, the ability to make people hear you, without being distracted by extraneous events, make you them friend. The level of trust will increase, which will lead to sales growth in your store.

To be closer to your customers, you can create your own media channel or an application for iPhone, Android. An example is the Radio Arzamaz utility to broadcast podcasts.

Why podkaster is important to unite

Often the basis for the successful business development is partnership, including between competitors. From the association, each side makes something useful, new for himself. Beginners and advanced subcaster are no exception.

Creating podcasts

Combine important to:

  • Reduce costs. The audience chooses materials that have high audio quality, do not interrupt. They do not have echo, noise, outsiders. Content - logical, interesting, exciting. To achieve such effects, high-quality sound equipment is used, hire professional scenarios, producers, directors, take a room with good sound-proof. Combined subcaster can use the best resources for work, sharing the costs of each other;
  • Increase income from advertising. A advertiser is offered a promotion option in several audio collections;
  • The organization of joint projects in which you can share ideas, provide support to each other, create a new project.

Why not always be able to create a podcast

It is not always possible to create a podcast.

Failures are associated with the following reasons:

  • Not received RSS reference. Navigate to hosting, try downloading the podcast anew. If necessary, check whether payment is made;
  • Not linked to the platform. Make sure you have a link to the RSS channel, enter in the field;
  • Podcast is not loaded on the distribution platform. Try download to another, make sure you follow the instructions for sure;
  • During the loading of the content interrupted the Internet. Restore the connection.


Podcasts - audio content on any topic posted on special Internet resources available for subscription and listening at any time. Podcasting can be a separate business direction that allows you to make money or tool for promoting services, products. The key to success in creating a podcast is a unique content, a friendly material supply, a high-quality entry. Podcasts are placed on Apple Podcast, VK, Yandex-Market, Google Podcasts. On the same resources you can download it, listen.

podcast is what is

Podcast - what is it? To answer this question, let's see around. Today, people in headphones are an integral part of our reality. They are everywhere - in transport, at stops, are engaged in sports or walking dogs. We are seeing a real audio voice! What are our compatriots listen, why the smartphone replaces them television, newspapers and other media?

It turns out that the world has occurred era of podcasts! Think about, about 800 thousand podcasts are voiced in 100 languages. Some people speak different topics, others listen to them. In the Russian-speaking space in 2019 there was a huge number of podcasts on the most different topics. The most amazing thing that podcasts can create each - and the actors, journalists, politicians, and your acquaintances from the neighboring house known to the world.

Unexpected turn, right? It seems that the time has come to figure out what a podcast, podcasting and subcaster. And most importantly - what we have from this new trend.

What is podcasts and why are they needed?

Podcasting is audio translation on the Internet. As a result, it turns out an audio file called a podcast. And people who create them are subcaster. As a rule, a series of podcasts are created on the Internet, combined with one topic.

This term introduced a journalist from British B. Hammersli to use in 2004. Initially, he proposed the names of "Audibeblading", "Partizan Media" and "Podcasting". Now the whole world uses the term "podcasting"!

Usually podcast lasts 20-50 minutes. This is explained by the fact that it is so much time is the average ride to work or back, and in transport it is very convenient to listen to audio.

It turned out that podcasts are an opportunity to get new knowledge and spend a minimum of time. And this is a good way to spend time. Podcasts differ from radio in that you can choose the topic of interest on request and there is no advertising.

To find out why users choose podcasts help detailed interviews with young people. Here are some of the opinions of foreign fans of podcasting:

"It is important for me that I can listen to the podcast and at the same time deal with other affairs. For example, cook or train. " Sam

Often young people choose podcasts, because it believes that this content is more diverse and more interesting than ordinary radio. Podkaster, as a rule, behave naturally and tell stories more naturally.

"When I listen to the podcast, I myself choose the transfer. And in radio broadcasts it is impossible. " Mark

The conclusion suggests itself: a wide selection of topics and a non-standard approach allows listening to podcasts without being distracted by classes. In other words, "the ears are occupied, and the hands are free."

Who listens to the podcasts and why are they so popular?

Statistics collected from different countries give an idea of ​​what reasons people listen to podcasts:

  • 46% believe that they allow them to learn new information on their items that interest them;
  • 39% listened to receive new knowledge;
  • 25% just "kill time";
  • 22% prefer them to listen to something instead of music.

Of course, different age groups caused causes. In our country, the most numerous audience is people aged 25 to 34 years old (37%). Popularity among young people up to 24 years lower (27%). But for people aged 35-44 years, audiologging seems interesting only (18%). Interestingly, men (55%) are considered large lovers of podcasts.

Another reason for the growing popularity of podcasts is that listening and discussing audiologs becomes fashionable and prestigious. The first place in the discussions occupy podcasts about sports. Then literature. Some analysts believe that audiobooks lose an audience that confidently moves to podcasts. In third place - podcasts about music. Also, the topics discussed include: psychology, biology, history, ecology, sorrow, etc.

From 2018, since 2018, there is an increase in the students of MEDUZA podcasts. Compare: March 2017 - less than 60 thousand people, and in a year already 1 million people per month!

Modern podcasts - what is it and what is the benefit from them?

What are the podcasts and how to find interesting topics?

Today on the Internet you can find podcasts on a variety of topics.

Traditionally, podcasts are divided into three types:

  • educational,
  • entertaining,
  • Information (analytical).

The most popular publications on the Internet: Radio Record, Radio "Lighthouse", Meduza, Europa Plus and Arzamas already have a big audience.

For example: radio station "Lighthouse" It takes one of the top lines in the list of educational programs. The most popular of them:

  • "Want to know everything",
  • "We speak correctly"
  • "Russian world. Origins, "etc.

This radio station offers podcasts that are very understandable and accessible. It is not surprising that they are so popular.

In podcasts iTunes. We can learn about: travel, music, literature, films. Separately, it is worth noting podcasts that help to learn English. Education occupies the first 29 lines out of 50. ITunes show audio campaigns last 15-50 minutes. Every week there is a broadcast of the Russian Air Force on the Study of English.

Podcasts Arzamas. Allow to listen to lectures of cultural specialists.

The work on the Blitz and Chips podcast on the portal is dedicated to the same direction. Look At Me. . Movies, music, and still technology, science are discussed here. Any aspects that can affect human life.

Very famous app "Kinopoisk" Talks about cinema, holds meetings with popular actors, directors and other famous artists.

In one of the business groups of the FB, the question was asked: what podcasts listen to its participants? It turned out that they preferred:

  • "Business billion" Sergey Laurender.
  • Runetology Maxim Spiridonov.
  • Marketing podcasts, investment stock exchange, business.
  • Releases "Arzamas", which and here found their fans.

Where and how to listen to podcasts?

Now you can find Russian-speaking podcasts on dozens of media sites. The most famous of them:

  • YouTube.
  • SoundCloud.
  • iTunes.
  • Apple Podcasts.

podcast is what is

Levelly well-known English-language resources: ODEO, Singing Fish, Podcast Alley, Podcast News, Digital Podcast.

Recently, in Russian sites, the subcaster accounts began to appear. The specialized platform is PODFM, but the podcasting sector is growing on Yandex.Music. Since 2018, VK has opened an internal platform for users, where you can post and listen to podcasts.

To listen to podcasts from the phone or tablet, you need to use the application. If you are an Apple owner, then most likely you have already installed podcasts application. If you do not find - download and install it from the App Store.

To find the topic of interest or author of interest - use the icons at the bottom of the display. When the page is found, you will see a whole list of issues. To play - tap anyone. To make a subscription - click "Subscribe".

If you decide to become a subcaster yourself, you can download your audio file, touching the ICloud icons in the list of issues. Manage your subscriptions from the "My Podcasts" section. Mac OS users can search, listen and subscribe to new podcast ribbons through iTunes.

The users of smartphones on Android need to be found in Play Market and install one of the podcast managers:

  • Pocket Casts.
  • Podcast & Radio Addict
  • Castbox.
  • Beyondpod Podcast Manager.
  • Podcast Addict, which is practically not inferior to his "apple" fellow.

Look for podcasts you are interested in through the search menu, subscribe to them and listen to use or pleasure.

Modern podcasts - what is it and what is the benefit from them?

Using podcasting to promote business

The use of social networks for business promotion has already become our reality. And the use of podcasts is quite "fits" into this scheme. Of course, if we are talking about medicine or tourism, it is easy to imagine.

For example, if we are talking about medicine - it is preventing diseases, myths about self-medication, zoom and everything that worries potential patients. Fertile topic and tourism. The main thing is the narrator and the interlocutor should be interesting.

But even such a visual direction, like a beauty salon, can be made of a podcast. Themes are the most unexpected: starting with the "heroic everyday life", young secrets, and continuing with advice as a business.

Well, for those who lead online training - just the field of nonpauger. Video-confant - already familiar format and gives great scope for training. But the training podcasts have a great future, because the audio format is the most mobile and convenient. So far, there are few specialists in this direction, but it is precisely the pioneers attract the greatest number of subscribers.

The famous business coach of Jenai Rose, a promotion specialist in social networks, leads a podcast every week. She believes that the podcast allows for a long time in human thoughts. And recommends to record and lay out podcasts for your audience, at least once a week. So, investments that make novice substrupers will not be unnoticed.

How to create a podcast and place it on media courts

The creation of a podcast at first glance looks simple: I recorded my conversation on your smartphone with a friend or girlfriend on a topical topic, posted a file in Apple Podcasts or iTunes - and Voila! But…

Well, as always, this is the biggest! When you are already morally ready to become a subcaster, questions arise:

  1. What is the topic that will allow not 1-2 release, and at least 20-50? If an expert in some kind of area can tell about half-length, then it may not be necessary to look next.
  2. Who is the one or a friend with whom it would be interesting to talk on this topic and vide?
  3. Who will be interesting or useful to listen to your issues?
  4. Who and how already creates podcasts on this topic? It is always worth passing experience in more experienced colleagues and competitors.

If you managed to determine the topic quickly, then with the title everything can delay. After all, the name, on the one hand, should be original, but on the other, it is easy to memorize. At the same time there can already exist a podcast with the same name. About this "ask" Google.

In addition, it is worth it in advance to decide on the format. How could you organize it:

  • Talk one or two or three leading?
  • Leading interviews from different guests?
  • Author's text with sound inserts?

And also makes sense to schedule the frequency of release in advance. How much time will you need to prepare each next episode?

By the way, about preparing - is it worth writing a script? At least you need a scenario plan. If you are more closely listening to popular podcasts, you will understand that they all follow a predetermined and specified scenario. At the beginning there is always a greeting and message topic of the issue. Often, the presenter briefly announces the most interesting moments. This allows you to quickly capture the attention of the listeners.

As for audio equipment for recording, then for those who make the first steps in this matter, the available devices are suitable. For example, telephone headset or voice recorder built into the phone. Much more important is the competent and melodic speech and the exciting topic, and the quality of audio for beginners is not so critical.

It is equally important to find and prepare a suitable quiet room for recording podcast. Many presenters conduct audible from home, because upholstered furniture, carpets, cabinets and curtains reduce the reflection of the voice from solid surfaces. However, after recording audio needs processing.

To date, all podcasts are mounted, because a short screensaver is glued to each, at least. She, as a visual logo, immediately introduces a listener to the case and creates the atmosphere.

In order to mount audio there are sound editors. Perhaps the most popular among this kind of programs: Adobe Audition, Sonyvegas, Soundforge. However, if you are just starting, you can use free Audacity, it has a clear Russian-speaking interface and ample opportunities. And that nice - quite a few video tutorials on working with her.

Modern podcasts - what is it and what is the benefit from them?

When your MP3 file is processed, it must be downloaded to audio hosting. Among which are free:

After downloading, you get a link that can be placed on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, SimpleCast, to Yandex.Music, in VK, and other media platforms for podcasts.

In conclusion, answering the question: "Podcast is what?", Once again, I want to emphasize its main advantages over the broadcast:

  • You can listen anywhere and at any time;
  • it is free and a minimum of advertising;
  • Many useful information from around the world;
  • The ability to record audio files yourself and expand your business.

Still doubt? Then just go to the application for podcasts and type the topic in the search string that you are interested! Listen and change your idea of ​​podcasting!

It can also be useful for you:

If you are not familiar with this concept, then be sure to read the article, as Podcasts are currently gaining great popularity.

what is a podcast and where to listen

What is podcast

Podcast - This is an audio file. The format of what is written in it is very similar to the radio transmission. In order to write it no special skills or technology. All you need is a microphone and access to the Internet. Easy to create a podcast (technical plan) justifies that ordinary people on a free topic are made. But there are also podcasts recorded by experts in different fields, celebrities, bloggers, etc.

Often, this relatively new type of broadcasting is directly compared with the radio. Similarity, of course, is, but only on the principle of information transfer. The promise is completely different. It is like to compare YouTube's playground with television shows.

What podcasts are

Podcasts can also be called a certain audio voice, the issues of which can be traced either one subject or the sphere of activity. Almost one hundred thousand all sorts of podcasts is already recorded worldwide. The conversation may be in the form of a discussion of life situations or events in the world. They differ in time and in the manner of information flow: there are active or relaxing. Everyone has absolutely different topics, so everyone will find something interesting and useful for themselves. What they can be about:

  • Psychology;
  • Humor;
  • About cars, etc.

What pluses of podcasts

For a modern active person, this method of obtaining information is one of the most convenient. Many have become accustomed to listening to audiobooks, and not even read the electronic version. All useful for self-development and entertainment is kept in our gadgets. Why podcasts?

Top 10 podcasts 2020

  • First, unlike radio programs, you can independently choose any topic that is interesting to you.
  • Secondly, you have the opportunity to download a podcast and listen to it without the Internet.
  • Thirdly, you are not tied to the screen. Podcast can be accompanied in any routine activity. It can be heard on the way to work, while doing household chores or sports. So, you can spend time with the benefit that is usually wasted.

How and where to listen podcasts

The most convenient way of listening is special applications. There you can subscribe to audio channels, just like in YouTube. In the applications you receive notifications about new issues, and records are automatically loaded to listen to their offline.

Free Apps

For iOS:

Apple Podcasts. This is a standard iPhone program in which all the necessary functions are available for convenient use.

Overcast. Very good application in this system. In addition to standard functions, the application has useful additions. It automatically regulates the volume of the voice and pauses from audio recordings are removed.

For Android:

Google podcasts. In the standard application there are many podcasts on different topics, but the functionality is the most common.

Castbox. The application is available for both Android and iPhone. In this application, you can leave a comment under the podcast.

Web Space:

In contact with. Also, podcasts can be listened to the social network Vkontakte. There, as in mobile applications, there is a subscription to your favorite channels.

Yandex.Music. This service does not have a large number of podcasts, as on other sites. But there are interesting channels in Russian.

Player FM. Another good option for listening to podcasts on the Internet, in which the records are broken by category.

What podcasts should listen

Choosing a podcast is like preferences in a movie or in music. It is difficult to advise something specific, since it is important that you like and the contents and manner of filing. Here are some of the popular podcasts that many listeners advise.

Podcast Let's Talk Photo 2020"Let's talk". The podcast is raised topics that are worried about many modern people. Here they talk about friendship in adulthood, about the relationship, about the unnecessary councils from the side and so on.

Podcast will be done photo 2020"Will be done!". The project covers such questions: how to become more confident how to be targeted, how to live in harmony and happiness. These and other questions, the creator of the podcast discusses with invited people.

Podcast loud photo 2020"Aloud". Podcast about personal and intimate stories from life. Heroes are divided with the smallest and terrible stories that are accepted without condemnation.

Podcast breakfast photo 2020"Zavtracast". The leading projects - the video graphus, the marketer and the technical director reason on the topic of cinema, games, new technologies, etc. This podcast is very popular among the Russian-speaking audience.

English podcast"DON'T SPEAK". Leads a podcast founder of the English language school. Here you can learn about how to quickly learn the language. The author talks about various rules and common expressions that will help in learning English.

Podcast standards photo 2020

"Norm". Podcast about life and change in it. It is about how to get out of the office and start your work, how to make new acquaintances, get rid of the old, competently dispose of money.

Podcast about raising children 2020"To love cannot be educated." The channel is suitable for young parents, because here the doctor pedagogy tells about the upbringing of children. Also, the host shares his own experience and answers the questions of parents.

Podcast emotional intellectual photo 2020"Emotional intellectual." The author of the podcast psychologist who is talking about self-knowledge. Here are discussed the most relevant topics today: how to love yourself, how to cope with the laziness, from where to take motivation and vitality and other issues of personality psychology.

Podcast Vanderlast photo 2020"Vanderlast". Podcast with versatile content. Dialogues with different people on the topics of sports, creativity, ecology, etc.

Podcast I brand photo 2020"I brand". Project Creator - Nastya Brain argues on different topics related to self-development, relationships, work, etc.

The most interesting podcast channels

You can spend time with the Arzamas project. On the channel, the most interesting information about Russian culture, literature, stories, and all this for 10-25 minutes. Listening to long-term lectures on art is always tedious. And how do you like the history of an ancient Rome in 20 minutes? We advise you to see the entire list of topics of this project.


For children and parents there will be interesting podcasts of the educational portal. Preparation for exams, individual topics on different school disciplines, as well as useful podcasts for parents about children.

The project from a psychiatrist practitioner and psychotherapist. Podcast with a pediatrician about vaccinations, the opinion of the psychiatrist about tattoos, the whole truth about drugs and much more.

Podcasts from "Echo of Moscow" are divided into headings about history, literature, people, etc. Conversations for topical topics with guests and not only.

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