134 ideas that give a boy for birthday + list of gifts and advice

Gift boy for birthday

You were invited to a solemn event, but you absolutely do not know what to give a boy for a birthday can be an interesting thing that this thing is not tired of him the next day? In our article you will find the answers to all these questions, because we tried to collect quite a lot of interesting ideas for gifts for the boy for a birthday and did not forget about useful tips so that the present was deliberate and desirable.

How to choose a gift for a boy for a birthday

If you were invited to a children's holiday, then you should choose a current surprise that will not only be appropriate, but also be sure to enjoy the birthday name. We tried to highlight the main tips how to choose a gift to a boy for a birthday to understand what moments need to pay more attention.

  • Try to do everything on time, namely not to postpone the acquisition of surprise at the last moment. Sometimes it seems, there is nothing easier than to come to the store and buy the first thing that came across the eyes, because the product range is huge, but in fact it is completely wrong.
  • If you are often visiting, then it is necessary on the eve of the holiday to look at what toys or things are in the boy, so that it is not necessary to buy something that he already has.
  • You should think in advance which budget you can afford to allocate, choosing that you can give a boy for a birthday. So you can decide on the price category and immediately look for a suitable present.
  • The age of the birthday room is also very important, since surprises will significantly differ than a boy of 4 years and a 14-year-old teenager.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the hobbies that the baby have, and try to choose exactly a suitable surprise for the hobby, so you support it in the endeavor, even if this is a temporary lesson.

Each person, regardless of age or sex, prefers to receive bright and spectacular surprises, so pay attention to this moment and buy a box or bag with an unusual pattern.

What you can not give a boy for a birthday

As we said earlier, you will not be able to surprise the birthday room if you acquire the first surprise, and there is also a category of antipers, which should not be treated either or need to think well. We tried to unite the highlights that it is impossible to give the boy for a birthday to one list for the convenience of readers.

  • clothing , Representatives of a strong half, our young defenders, to such a surprise are indifferent. After all, the findings of the wardrobe are perceived without much delight, since parents will buy everything you need and without a holiday. However, if the boy is already a teenager, then maybe he will be glad to the stylish brand thing.
  • Pets It is impossible to buy without coordination with the parents of the birthday name, since all the responsibility for a small creature will fall on their shoulders.
  • Stationery to school , Often, chasing the practicality, adults acquire similar presents, but for a child it will not be the best option.
  • Do not buy toys in doubtful stalls where, most likely, there is not even certificates for them and it is unclear what these items were made. Still, the present is intended for a child and should be careful with the purchase.
  • Choose surprises standing by age , Now on many toys manufacturers immediately make the appropriate marks to be easier to navigate. If you buy a gift for a boy for a birthday for younger age, then the subject will be just uninteresting him, but for the older, on the contrary, difficult.
  • Different means for washing , in general, will not cause any delight.
  • Money They can be given them only if you know that the birthday boy sails on any expensive subject, otherwise all the means are simply configured in the nearest grocery store.

List of 34 best gifts boy for birthday

We suggest to start looking for cool options for the presents capable of causing the child's delight. But to start will be appropriate from the list 34 of the best gifts Birthday boy:

  1. railway with train;
  2. smart watch;
  3. Kick scooter;
  4. constructor "BankBot";
  5. An interesting book for kids or more serious literature for teenagers;
  6. Pistol with chucks in the form of lipuchk;
  7. Bluster who rushes snowballs;
  8. Pear chair in a boy's room in the form of a sword;
  9. 3D labyrinth;
  10. wireless headphones;
  11. launch Box;
  12. game console;
  13. Virtual reality glasses;
  14. gyro;
  15. Powerbank;
  16. Columns for a computer with dancing fountains;
  17. hourglass with magnetic crumbs;
  18. alarm clock with a gun and a target;
  19. steering wheel for computer games;
  20. Pear for boxing with gloves;
  21. 3D handle;
  22. Shar-labyrinth;
  23. monopoly;
  24. chess;
  25. Blaster "Nerf Diva";
  26. LEGO technician;
  27. complex puzzle;
  28. interactive robot;
  29. dialing kit with tube;
  30. Stylish silver bracelet;
  31. Aromer with illumination;
  32. Notebook Stand;
  33. Game "Jenga";
  34. Large balloon with control panel.

Each child can change his addiction or desire to change very quickly, so adult is quite difficult to keep up with them. Therefore, picking up the best gift for the boy for a birthday, you can ask the advice from his parents, because they can offer several delous ideas or direct your thoughts about surprise in the right direction.

What to give a boy for a birthday 4, 5 and 6 years

Going to the holiday to the baby, it's worth buying exactly a cool toy, but how not to be confused among a wide variety of objects that are banging on the shelves of children's stores, and what to give a boy for the birthday of 4, 5 and 6 years old will be relevant? In this section we tried to collect decent and, most importantly, interesting presents for the birthday boy.

  • Railway from a natural tree She is sold in small sets, but it will be possible to buy different variations and collect a whole track at home. Be sure to purchase diesel locomotives with batteries on batteries that will carry different loads or passengers.
  • Big garage for his machines Now they are sold even with elevators so that you can deliver transport to different floors.
  • Constructor , try to choose an interesting option for a boy, children love LEGO very much, but you need to find a suitable model for its age category.
  • Plastics slide So that you can have fun at home, most importantly, the room should be for her place.
  • Kinetic sand "It's good to sculpt different figures from it and a rather fascinating with him to play, however, be sure to purchase an inflatable pool for him.
  • Electric car for baby As long as the boy is small, parents will roll it, using the console, and after he can already ride on his own.
  • Toy tools for work at home With a comfortable stand, especially relevant for boys who like to help dad repair.

Do not exclude from the ideas under consideration and such gifts to the boy 4, 5 and 6 years old for birthday, like:

  • magnetic designer;
  • a set of items for drawing in a convenient case, depicting his favorite hero;
  • machine on the control panel;
  • A set of soldiers with military equipment;
  • big helicopter or plane;
  • plastic road for cars;
  • The dance rug will enjoy Melomanane's boy who likes to move to the music;
  • A small night light in the room in the shape of a bug or superhero.

If you want to please the chosen gift for the boy's birthday 4, 5, 6 years old, then try to exclude from the list of clothes, since at that age there is absolutely there is no understanding of such surprises, and your thing will just be thrown away.

Ideas gifts boy for birthday 7, 8 and 9 years old

This beautiful age when the baby has become big, has already begun to attend school and receive many new and necessary knowledge. And, of course, priorities begin to change in such a time, and ordinary toys depart into the background. We have prepared a large list of interesting and cool ideas for gifts for a birthday boy 7, 8 and 9 years old, and here you can find many worthy surprises.

  • Set of young chemist , Try to choose interesting experiences, as they are now in a big range. Be sure to pay attention to the age mark from the manufacturer.
  • First Classroom You can buy children's watches with GPS So he can always monitor the time and additionally parents will see where their baby is.
  • Rollers Especially if he wanted them for a long time, but do not forget to purchase and protect the joints to be protected from impact.
  • Device for burning wood patterns , Completely, you can immediately purchase several stencils so that the birthday officer can try to create his small masterpiece.
  • The tablet where you can draw a light handle, very spectacular pictures are obtained, which can be seen in the dark.
  • Set of focusing To arrange real magic ideas and show their talents of the illusionist in all its glory.

Be sure to review the additional list of gifts to the boy 7, 8 and 9 years old on the birthday, in which we collected a little more budget, but no less interesting ideas:

  • Metal designer with nuts and bolts;
  • skates;
  • bike;
  • telescope;
  • darts;
  • Interactive T-shirt;
  • Stickote figurines with a set of accessories.

Do not attempt to ask the birthday thing that he would like to receive for a holiday, because at such an age of the child's desire to be very changed and, most likely, the next time he will call another subject. So try, choosing that you can give a boy 7, 8, 9 years old for a birthday, just adhere to classic options.

What can I give a boy 10, 11, and 12 years old

When it comes to choosing a present for a tinaceger, many adults fall into a stupor. However, if you pay attention than loves to engage in your free time a child, it will be much easier. We tried to collect options in this section that you can give a boy 10, 11 and 12 years for birthday depending on his hobbies.

  • Sport baby You can buy racket for tennis, high-quality soccer ball, form for classes, dumbbells, horizontal bar who needs to be easily placed in the doorway.
  • Creative personality Purchase a comfortable easel, a set for paint drawing on water, a table with a light surface and a set of sand of different shades.
  • Board Hockey, Billiards or Football I will enjoy the boys of the Kompaniya, who is used to going with friends and spend time for fascinating games.
  • For an inquisitive boy Try to get a useful encyclopedia where everything is written in a clear language or an ant farm to watch the life of insects.
  • If the birthday girl loves to spend time watching movies , TV shows or just rollers on the Internet, then it will be relevant to buy a stand for a smartphone with a column, a screen magnifier, a machine for making a popcorn or a small refrigerator for one jar of sweet water.
  • A perfection child will be relevant to purchase 3D puzzle or a model of a sailboat , tank or military aircraft, which will be needed to assemble yourself.
  • If he is gamer, then buy a new keyboard or high-speed mouse So that it can be convenient to play, a rug with a wrist stand, a new game.

To our cool ideas of gifts, the boy is 10, 11 and 12 years old, you can add a few more options:

  • skateboard;
  • badminton;
  • painting for drawing by numbers;
  • mini fan;
  • keyboard care vacuum cleaner;
  • Wrist Watch;
  • Subscription to the pool;
  • eBook;
  • Smart backpack.

Thinking out what to give a boy for a birthday 10, 11 or 12 years from useful things, eliminate different textiles for the house (towel, bed linen, blanket or clothing) Since he will simply not perceive a similar surprise with an obvious positive and sincere joy.

List of gifts boy for birthday 13 and 14 years old

Picking up the perfect version of a surprise for a teenager, try to pay attention to more adults and useful presents and be sure to exclude from the toy ideas under consideration. It will be best to consider a gift for a boy for 13 and 14 years old on a birthday from a computer store, where many useful techniques are offered.

  • Stereosciences Let's love music aman who constantly listening to music.
  • Mp3 player , Better if it is a small size, but with a good amount of memory.
  • Quadcopter So that you can shoot different scenery from a bird's eye view.
  • Camera It will be appropriate for a rather creative teenager who loves to take pictures of nature, people or animals.
  • Smartphone from new models Will be delighted the birthday room, but such a surprise is quite expensive.
  • Wireless highlighted column So that you can listen to music from the gadget.
  • Webcam and headset for communication with other players.
  • External hard drive Well, if he has a large amount of memory.

And also do not forget that every child is trying to stand out among their peers, so it will be relevant to pay attention to the category of trendy and stylish things that you can acquire a day for a birthday boy 13 and 14 years old:

  • Stylish branded sneakers;
  • Binary watches on hand will look very impressive;
  • Sunglasses;
  • The game "Twister";
  • Computer chair with an orthopedic back;
  • silver jewelry;
  • leather belt;
  • purse.

The older the child becomes, the faster his priorities and desires change, so when the holiday is approaching, begin to pay attention in advance, coming to visit that he already has in stock. So you can notify a small list of gifts for a birthday boy for 13 and 14 years old, and after that it will only be left to choose the most suitable option.

Original Gifts Birthday Birthday

You should not stop only on banal surprises, because you can please the child and a memorable or unusual subject. We tried to highlight the original gifts to the boy for the birthday that he should like it.

  • Stylish sneakers They will not be superfluous, and if they will additionally light up the sole with different modes, then the present will be doubly good. You can easily recharge them from USB connector.
  • Name or electronic piggy bank which will eat paper bills and coins, you can additionally hand some amount of money.
  • Flash drive But it is better to purchase a non-standard model, but, for example, in the form of a hamburger, a superhero or bullet.
  • Designer 6 in 1 on the solar panel From it you can collect different figures.
  • Pajamas for the boy where the costume of his beloved superhero will be depicted, and you can also buy kigurows, it looks no less effectively.
  • Funny cartoon in humorous style , pick up a beautiful frame so that your gift can immediately hang on the wall.
  • Umbrella in the form of a samurai sword Complete his stylish image.

We offer to add the following options to the above list that you can organize the original boyfriend's boy:

  • homemade heated slippers;
  • Additional wheels on shoes;
  • touch gloves for phone;
  • Cap with built-in bluetooth receiver;
  • Inflatable chair or sofa in the room;
  • ball for making important solutions;
  • home planetarium;
  • LED headphones, shoelaces or glasses;
  • 3D lamp with a spider image or a master of iodine.

Try not only to choose an unusual and original gift for the boy for a birthday, but also come up with a cool delivery. For example, make a list with tasks that you have to perform alternately to get the cherished present.

What to give a boy on the birthday of inexpensive

It is not always possible to consider and buy something weighty and expensive, often you have to get out and select a surprise pretty in the hard financial framework. To facilitate the search for you, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the selection of options that the boy is inexpensive for the boy's birthday, but at the same time worthy.

  • Mat where you can draw markers filled with water.
  • Board Games with Gaming Field and Chips Now the stores offer their great variety.
  • Children karaoke-microphone With a set of songs from different cartoons.
  • Stand for smartphone so that you can comfortably watch the video.
  • Notebook Each child loves to record important moments for itself, you can buy a classic option or choose it with a wooden cover.
  • Self-stick To take pictures yourself, especially relevant for boys who lead their blog or page on social networks.
  • Disco Ball with Flash And various modes of the glow so far to arrange real dance evenings.

And also consider both the following inexpensive gifts for the birthday boy, which we allocated in an additional list:

  • Cover for a passport;
  • boomerang;
  • mug changing color;
  • Case for phone name or photo;
  • projector waves in the room;
  • a children's tablet with music, fairy tales and poems;
  • toy-repeater;
  • Box for different little things;
  • Picky book.

So that your inexpensive gift to the boy's birthday looked more presentable, be sure to pack it in beautiful paper or bag.

Ideas of gifts-impressions for a boy for a birthday

In conclusion, I would like to offer you a variety and purchase not just a material surprise, namely emotional. We tried to highlight the most interesting ideas of gifts-impressions for a boy for a birthday, and now what a list we have:

  • Certificate in the quest-room, Where he can go with his friends. Here, try not to choose too scary and complex tasks, as there are options for children so that they themselves can solve rebuses.
  • Trip to Water Park for all day It will cause a sea of ​​positive emotions from the child, because there he will be able to have fun and ride away in different hills.
  • Tickets to Circus It will be happy to get every child, because it is very interesting to look at the trained animals, unusual representations of gymnasts and bright clowns.
  • Master Class on Drawing Sand , such a fascient experience will like each kid, and the Ebru technique is very popular, where the unique paint drawings are obtained.
  • Kartingie skating Let's like the teenager, such machines are developing not very high speed, but the man sitting behind the wheel gets the sea of ​​adrenaline.
  • Trip to Amusement Park where you can ride on a variety of rides, eat sweet wool and popcorn.
  • Movie tickets On the film, which he really wanted to see, just buy several pieces at once so that the birthday officer went not alone.

Be sure to preparing a gift-impression on the birthday of the boy, take into account his interests so that the surprise delivered precisely joy.

So our article came to completion, where we managed to highlight a lot of a wide variety of options that you can present the boy for a birthday. Of course, it is always quite difficult to find the perfect surprise, but we hope our selection of ideas helped you acquire the best present, and you will surely delight the birthday room.

Where to buy gifts?

Selection of the best gift shops in Russia.

  1. Dolina-podarkov.ru. - The coolest store, 80% of visitors go with gifts.
  2. Mrgeek.ru. - The store of original gifts. Prices will please.
  3. LovePresent.ru. - Store favorite gifts.
  4. Instaphoto.ru. - Unusual personal gifts.
  5. Multi-litter - Unusual pictures in the photo for 1 day.
  6. Lidart.ru. - Portraits from words, photomosaica.
  7. Dichshop.ru. - Unusual male gifts made of wild animals meat.

The boys are very different from girls from their own childhood. If girls prefer to play dolls, tie a bows, painting his mother's lipstick, then the boys love gifts from the scope of technology.

All that can be given to the boy's birthday can be characterized by one word - interesting. Interesting for a boyish toastful mind, for the development of shallow motility, for inclusion in the game of fantasy and imagination.

Of course, gifts for boys will differ depending on his age.

Gifts for kids boys (1-3 years)

For the development of creativity and thinking boys, kids can be given for a birthday:

  • What to give a boy for a birthdayDrawing boards that allow the baby to feel inspiration from its own creativity, know the joy of creating your own works of art. There is a very good option - a double-sided board, where on one side you can draw with chalk, and on the second with the help of magnetics to attach sheets for drawing with paints. Such a gift for many years will bring practical benefits, it can also be used for learning letters and words, and for more serious drawing classes;
  • Books with pictures will teach a child to distinguish between different animals and birds, and colorful puzzles will help the kid learn to focus and solve complex tasks, enjoy the result of such a useful game;
  • Children's mosaics will teach the baby to develop a small motorcy, which is very promoted by good brain activity, and such toys like "towns" will not allow for a long time to remain in a stationary posture;
  • Designers for the smallest - always a win-win version of an excellent gift, developing preferably;
  • Sensory game with bags and wooden figures, develops memory, imagination;
  • SEEGEN DRINKS, WILL WILL HELP MANAGE ATTENTION Thinking and study geometric figures;
  • A flexible track for machines, perfectly fit into the room, will not take a lot of space, you can decompose in a matter of seconds. Playing the child will comprehend physical laws;
  • Bizeboard, this developing wooden board will help develop a motorcycle of fingers, logic and thinking;
  • Set of colored musical bells;
  • Electrically avtorin with tasks;
  • Square pyramid of natural wood;
  • Educational machine with alphabet.

For the development of motion at this age, you can:

  • Present a boy for a birthday can be a means of movement - a three-wheeled bike;
  • Board or Sledge for skiing with a snow slide;
  • Large car or rocking horse;
  • Baby, especially loving to splashing in water, the good gift will be inflatable and plastic toys that can be taken with them into the bath;
  • Summer inflatable swimming pool for swimming on a hot summer day;
  • Children electric car;
  • A developing water rug will help the comprehensive development of the child in a gaming interactive form;
  • The developing music gaming center will ensure the complex development of the child;
  • Designer with pyramids;
  • The developing board in 3D will help develop a small motorcy, attention, perfection and imagination;
  • Soft designer, trauma-safe, excellent handmade simulator, develops fine motility;
  • Tactile set, during the game, the child can carry out self-massage hands, help develop tactile sensitivity. Suitable not only for physical development, but also intellectual;
  • Orthopedic rug with different surfaces;
  • Horse-pug;
  • Bowling for small, interesting and useful game for outdoor activities.


  • Tutorial toy for the bath;
  • Musical nevosha;
  • Wheelchair with sound on a rope will help develop children's imagination and color perception;
  • Wooden walkers, develops the agility of your child, encourages the baby to walk;
  • Tactile puzzle, develops agility and coordinates hands and eyes;
  • Toy in the form of a book with pages with educational elements;
  • Developing musical yula;
  • Synthesizer with microphone;
  • Development toy in the form of a steering wheel;
  • Bright toy car.

Gifts for a preschool boy (4-6 years old)

Preschoolers begin to study the world around us to torture, and in order for the gift to truly please, it is better to clarify the child's preference to parents.

For a creative child of preschool age, you can choose the following gifts:

  • What to give a boy for a birthdayThe best gift for all times for the child of preschool age remains a complex designer LEGO - the presence of various and difficult tasks in assembling houses, machines, items is particularly pleasure for developing mind. It is important not to overdo it with the level of difficulty so that the child is premature not lost interest in the game;
  • Different sets for creativity will definitely please your child with the opportunity to show their growing talents and please themselves and the surrounding fruits of their own activities;
  • New trend - Characters of favorite cartoons that will allow your child to feel like a real creator in reproducing your favorite scenes from films and cartoons. Figures of transformers, ninja turtles, a spider man and Batman will become the heroes with which you can play and even create your own stories;
  • Musical instruments will definitely please the child, be it drums and maratas, or more complex and modern children's synthesizers, guitars or xylophones;
  • Children's digital camera, with its help you can increase the interest of the child to photographing and active rest;
  • Constructor set smart robot;
  • Suitcase with entertainment;
  • Set for burning
  • Large set of paints, pencils or markers;
  • Children's tablet for drawing water;
  • Light kit for drawing;
  • Set for modeling.

Personal things:

  • Bed linen with the image of favorite heroes;
  • Light cartoon backpack;
  • Cheerful pajamas-kigurumi;
  • Warm mittens or gloves in a set with a hat and a scarf for the cold season;
  • Soft warm plaid;
  • Unusual boxing for storing toys, food or other accessories;
  • Sneakers that will shine or sneaking;
  • Piggy bank of an unusual shape;
  • Set of children's dishes;
  • Nightlight projector with starry sky;
  • Indian Vigvam.

Children at this age can be given something for the development of a sports form:

  • The boys of preschool age will be interested in a bike;
  • Roller skates for small;
  • Sports ball (football, volleyball, etc.);
  • Home basketball;
  • Sports board games;
  • Toys for joint classes with peers - Water pistols, guns, toy cars, helicopters and tanks;
  • Children's playground, mini-town, if there is a plot;
  • Kick scooter;
  • Table tennis;
  • Home horizontal bar;
  • Children's defenders;
  • Gyroscuter.


  • Onions with velcro arrows;
  • Toy weapon (Saber, Dagger, Knife, Pistol, etc.);
  • Set of a small mechanic with tools;
  • Toy cashier;
  • Gum for hands;
  • Game set of children's workshop;
  • Table Aerochokki;
  • Railway with landscape;
  • Machine on radio control with parking;
  • Projection tire with blasters.

Gifts for a schoolboy boy (7-12 years old)

For schoolchildren, some more complex gifts will be suitable, which need to be selected depending on the preferences of the child.

You can choose interesting gifts for the development of children's creativity:

  • Children at this age are more interesting kits from a series of scientific experiments, specially adapted for a child of this age. Making a variety of experiences and attracting parents or peers as experts, the boy will feel like a real genius of creative thought;
  • Board games in football, hockey or basketball will teach a child to understand what the team means to evaluate the contribution of each to the result of a joint project;
  • Colorful and bright children's encyclopedia, which contains information from a wide variety of knowledge areas.

For the development of movement, such children are suitable as gifts:

  • Roller or hockey skates - the best gift for a schoolboy tired of monotonous classes and wishing to play, run, jump and constantly in motion;
  • Toy weapons - light swords, helmets and helmets, water guns will allow the child to share a arsenal with peers and enjoy joint games;
  • Radio-controlled machines, tanks, airplanes and helicopters always like boys, it is impossible to guess with such a gift.

Gifts for a teenage boy (12-16 years old)

If you are tormented by a question that give a teenage boy for a birthday, you can imagine yourself in his place and ask yourself a question that you would like at his age, given the new modern life and our realities.

For the development of creativity, you can give a lot of interesting things, the main thing is not old-fashioned:

  • At this age, the boy will no longer be interested in the drawing board, digital devices will be more appropriate as a gift. For example, a smartphone;
  • Powerful laptop;
  • The tablet;
  • Camera for the development of creative abilities;
  • Wireless headphones;
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse;
  • Gaming prefix last generation;
  • Collected models of modern cars, aircraft, kits for creativity will be interested in teenagers with a technician mind who loving something to do with their own hands;
  • Starting set for painting oil for novice artists;
  • The set for drawing on the water is perfect for the development of the creative skills of the child.

The boy who is engaged in sports will be suitable for the following gifts:

  • The bike will be a good gift to a teenager who loving spending time with friends;
  • Also appropriate skates or rollers;
  • Ski running set;
  • Skateboard or electrosphamokat;
  • Boxing pear with gloves,
  • Small table billiards.
  • Board games for joint classes with friends also remain relevant as gifts for adolescents.
  • Inventory for a hike - tent, sleeping bags, a backpack and a flashlight will make your child challenge the idea of ​​jointly holding a wonderful time with friends and parents.
  • Fitness bracelet.

Gifts for boys of any age

In addition to gifts, ranked in accordance with the age of a child, there are gifts that are suitable for absolutely any child:

  • A mug with a photo of a child;
  • Pillow with his name;
  • Photo in the frame;
  • LED flashlight;
  • Unusual desktop lamp;
  • Original piggy bank;
  • Phone accessories;
  • Passport cover;
  • Unusual flash drive;
  • Tetris;
  • Rotating globe.


  • Equestrian or walking;
  • Hike with friends and parents;
  • Visit to the water park or zoo;
  • Walk on the yacht;
  • Interesting quest;
  • Children's classes in the museum;
  • Cosmic excursion in the form of a quest;
  • Campaign on an interactive baby theater;
  • You can also go to the circus show;
  • Or arrange shopping in toy / children's clothing stores, etc.

Gifts with jokes:

  • Luminous shoelace;
  • Alarm clock with a surprise;
  • Mask;
  • A set of focker;
  • Set for experiments;
  • Antistress toy;
  • Motivating scratch card;
  • Surprise boxing with favorite sweets;
  • Socks with a cheerful print;
  • T-shirt with a wish or photo;
  • Eternal magnetic tree calendar;
  • Smiley pillow;
  • Weather predictor flask;
  • Alarm clock with target.

Clothing or shoes, accessory that the child has long wanted.

The choice of gifts is huge. And manifesting fantasy and attention to the needs of your child, you will delight him with an original surprise that will be remembered for a long time.

Before choosing a present, ask the boy, what he dreams about. Try not to give nonsense: a gift must benefit, and not dust on the shelf.

Top Ideas Birthday Gifts Boy

What is important to consider when choosing a good gift boy for a birthday

The choice of gift depends on the age, interests and temperament of the child. Toys, designed for 3 years, will be uninteresting 5-year-old boys. The future artist is not interested in the football ball, and the Domashed Teen is unlikely to appreciate the ticket to the show. Let's see that you can give a boy for a birthday in accordance with age and interests.

1-2 years

In 1-2 years old, the child develops rapidly and needs new impressions. Choosing that give a one-year-old or two-year-old boy for a birthday, pay attention to the developing toys.

What is suitable:

  • Cubes-puzzles. Let's serve a couple of years. The kid will not collect the picture independently immediately, but will gradually learn with the help of parents.
  • Interactive books. Any publication with which you can interact. Books with slippery pages for drawing, musical with buttons, volumetric with moving elements. Help to learn and develop a fine motor.
  • Bizeboard. Wooden boards with laces, rumble, buttons, gear, beads. Develop a small motorcy.
  • Soft designer. Three-dimensional bright designer made of safe polymer. It can be bought and wet. Details are large.
  • Sorter The puzzle toy consists of the base and removable details of different shapes. Develops logic, teaches distinguishing geometric shapes.
  • Frames liners. Reminds puzzle. Details in the form of animals are inserted into the special wooden frame. Developing motility and helps to memorize animal names.
  • Fishing. Classic game. With the help of fishing rods "catching" magnetic fish. It happens in the form of puzzles.
  • Easel. Also suitable magnetic or graphite drawing board. Complete with non-ferrous safe paints or shallow.
  • Velomobile. It is driven by pedals. Available in the form of a car of a well-known brand or jeep.

A year old child will be reaping bright moving toys. Give a wheelchair, handling steering wheel and music, toy synthesizer. Two years will like bushing and clockwork toys. Choose gifts without small details.

Important! In order not to present the same thing, ask the parents in advance which gift is suitable. Give me what the baby is not yet.

3-4 years

From three year old, curiosity begins to manifest. The boy learns to communicate and ask a lot of questions. At the same time, three-year-old children do not sit in place, love moving games.

Gifts options:

  • Kick scooter. It will suit the three-chain option. To choose correctly, you need to know the growth of the child.
  • Darts on velcro. A secure game in which you can play with friends or parents. The birthday worker takes a dexterity and accuracy.
  • Tubing. The people are called "Watrushka". On it rolls off the slides. Excellent option for a child born in winter.
  • "Play to". Plasticine will develop a fantasy and a shallow motor. Sold in separate jars or complete with molds.
  • Set "Young archaeologist". Includes plaster with a dinosaur and tools with a plastic skeleton and tools for removing it. Develops a shallow motorcy and curiosity.
  • Training laptop or tablet. Contains from 10 to 200 training programs. The child will learn the alphabet, numbers, geometric shapes, first foreign words.
  • Railway. A classic toy includes a moving train (running on batteries) and prefabricated rails. Another option is a wooden road with trays that ride manually. The toy introduces the work of the railway.

An inquisitive birthdayniks will like colorful encyclopedias for preschoolers, fairy tales, workbooks with game tasks and stickers.

5-6 years old

Five-year and six-year-old boys give useful gifts that will help to prepare for school. They will enjoy board games, puzzles, designers, educational electronic devices, books.

What is suitable:

  • Set for growing crystals. Beautiful crystals grow from a special salt base with a dye in a couple of weeks. Experience will introduce chemistry. The result will decorate the room.
  • Projector with diamers. A simple apparatus showing the film films on the film. Works from batteries. Easy to manage, you can safely entrust to children.
  • Table hockey. Classic game for adults and children. I will like the future hockey players.
  • Talking handle. Using the scanner at the end, it recognizes the code from a special book and reproduces the information through the speaker. With the help of the handle, the child gets acquainted with the score, letters, English words, countries.
  • Children's lotto. Game for family evenings. Acquaintance with animals, plants, professions, countries, modes of transport.
  • "Lego". Choose a set in accordance with the interests of the birthday room. "Cherish" options: Airport, fire station, police station.
  • Bike. It is time to learn to ride a two-wheeled bike. Choose a child's growth.
  • Lightboard. This is a tablet for drawing light with a special handle. The image is kept on the chalkboard for 20 minutes. Included stencils.

Stands are still relevant: colorful encyclopedias about space, transport, insects, anatomy. To work up reading, "Charlie and Chocolate Factory" Roald Dalya, "Fairy Tales of Uncle Rimus" Joel Harris, "Winnie Pooh and all-all-all" Alan Milna.

7-8 years old

A seven-year-old boy begins to study at school and recognize the world. It will help him in this toys, developing logic, books and training kits. Sporting shells will suit movable birthdayniks. An excellent gift for eight-year-old boys will be a bright impression: a program in planetarium, a balloon flying, a day of slot machines, an amusement park.

Examples of the presents:

  • Educational sets. For example, "Young Engineer" or "Young Physic". In a box, everything you need to put experiments, collect moving models, conduct experiments. Awaken interest in the sciences.
  • 3d handle. With it, you can make volumetric figures. For a quick start, supplement the gift with detailed instructions or show the birthday rollers.
  • Jumpers. These are special accessories for jumping walking. There are two options: stilts and spring boots.
  • Board games. Choose with marking 7-8 +. "Sea battle", "Memo", "Colonizers", "Jenga Bum", "Monopoly".
  • Children's microscope. He will acquaint with the microme, it will be useful when studying environmental education. Complete several drugs.
  • 3D puzzles. Produced in paper and plastic form. Figures gather, famous buildings, transportation.
  • Musical instrument. If the birthday girl shows love for music, it's time to present a guitar, synthesizer or drum installation. Choose an "adult" option on which the boy will be able to study for several years.
  • Set for focus. In a suitcase or box, propumes propumes to show focus (from 20 to 300 pieces). The instruction is attached.
  • Set "Cinema". Included animation discs and a spinning platform of the synemology. After the assembly, a moving figure is obtained. Part of the discs are empty to create their own animation.

Important! Do not give schoolchildren office supplies, form for physical education, backpacks. These are everyday things that are not suitable for the celebration.

9-10 years old

In just a couple of years, a nine-year-old boy will become a teenager, so it's time to move away from exclusively children's gifts. For example, present a snowboard instead of a sled or tablet instead of a training computer for children.

Presents for nine-, ten-year boys:

  • Interactive globe. Electronic device, including a globe and smart handle. Direct the tip to anywhere and listen to information on geography, countries, nations.
  • Rollers on shoes. Useful accessory with which the birthday girl will quickly move around the city. Fucking straps under the heel. Does not prevent walking.
  • "Scrabl" ("Erudite"). Old game that will replenish the vocabulary. There are words from the letters. The longer, the more glasses receive a player.
  • Radio-controlled helicopter. The toy is controlled by the remote. Makes maneuvers to the right and left, up-down. Choose a model with a solid housing that will not break during the fall.
  • Piggy-safe. Made as a small plastic box with buttons for a code lock. It is useful to lean boys.
  • 3D puzzle made of metal. Depending on the set, the birthday girl will collect the model of the tank, ship, airplane. You can design with friends or parents.
  • Suspended basketball ring. Perceived on the door or wall. It will be suitable for families living in a private house.

Sports Natures will like the ball, skiing, snowboarding, skateboard or rollers. For the house, there will be a great gift console and books.

11 years

Elevent-year-old boys are very different from each other. Some are still rewicing into cars, others are interested in modern technologies. Focus on the interests and temperament of the birthday girl.

What to give for the eleventh birthday:

  • Farm. A gift for a loveery of nature. The kit includes the basis for an anthill, tweezers, a small colony of ants-zanesov with the uterus, pipette, instruction.
  • Game Mouse. It differs from the usual model more convenient form. On her hand gets tired less, there are additional buttons.
  • Comic book. The series depends on preferences. Comics are released on animated series and films. Separately highlights graphic novels.
  • Glowing headphones. Original accessory for player or smartphone. Some models change the color in the tact of music.
  • Frisbee. Flying saucer for playing with friends or dog. Choose models from thick plastic with the original pattern.
  • Ticket for the match. Great option for young football player. The gift will remain in memory for life, especially if this is the first game in the boy's life.

12 years old

Toys and twelve-year-old boy cars are no longer interested. It is important to communicate and the ability to stand out among the peers.

What to give for the twelfth year:

  • EBook. Excellent gift for reading amateur. Add your favorite authors to the device in advance.
  • Home planetarium. Projects on the ceiling and wall of the star of the starry sky. Depending on the program can teach or work as a night light.
  • Gyroscuter. A two-wheeled scooter is powered by an electro accumulator. Managed using sensors at the base. To turn or go ahead, it is enough to move the weight of the body into the right direction.
  • Kite. Gift for summer birthday name. Choose colorful options in the form of a volatile or bird.
  • Frame. With a set of racies, the birthday officer will be able to communicate with friends at a distance. Useful gift for young tourists.
  • Aerofutball. A fan is built into the flat aeroman. It creates an air pad above the surface. The ball will easily slide and does not bounce off the floor.

Note! Often, idols appear in adolescence, on which the boy wants to peel, favorite musical and sports teams. Give things with logos and distinctive signs: Backpacks, Baseball caps, scarves.

13 years old

From this age, boldly buy gadgets. Alone will also like the original, stylish things, such as sneakers with LED illumination.

For the thirteen-year-old boy will fit:

  • Designer for creating robots. Using the basics of programming, children will self-driven through a smartphone robot. When choosing, focus on age marking.
  • Delibank. An additional charger so that the boy always remains in touch. May have a different form.
  • Mountain bike. Time to update old great. Models are suitable for 14-15 years.
  • Virtual reality glasses. Create the effect of presence. They watch movies, play games, consider pictures. Compatible with iOS, Windows, Android.
  • Wavebord. Skateboard relative with two wheels and barbell in the middle. Created for tricks. Due to mobile platforms, it makes it easy to maneuver and bypass obstacles.
  • Headphones. Large powerful headphones will use Geimer and Melomanu. May be with a microphone for online games.

14 years

Needs at this age are different. Ask directly to wanted to get a fourteen-year-old young man as a gift (easy to make a mistake). What to give a teenager boy for a birthday:

  • Stylish spacious backpack. Pick up a solid, water-mounted model of neutral. A good backpack costs from 3,000 rubles.
  • Notebook. If the birthday name has no personal computer, it's time to purchase. Choose light small models so that the teenager can carry it with him.
  • Increase for smartphone. Magnifying glass with stand will expand a small smartphone screen. Convenient to watch a movie with friends anywhere.
  • Graphics tablet. The device creates comics, illustrations, animation. It is useful for a novice artist for the first works.
  • Electronic drum USB installation. This is an interactive 34x25 size rug. Connects to a computer via USB. Combined drum sticks and software.

The original gift for the gamers is a collector's publication of the favorite game. The kit includes figures of characters, books, cards, badges, etc. Another option is a primary source book, based on the game: "Witcher", "Lord of the Rings", Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

15 years

At this age, boys are interested in music, sports, programming, gadgets, science. Romantic nature will be glad to intangible gifts: trips, courses, master classes, tickets for concerts and festivals.

Examples of gifts for the fifteenth birthday:

  • Monitor for video games. This is a dream of any gamer. The widescreen monitor with saturated colors will immerse in the game with head.
  • Wireless column. Enough to connect a smartphone with music to arrange a party anywhere. It can become a good gift for music love.
  • Longboards. This vehicle combines the cutting board and skateboard. Choose with a pattern according to the interests of the birthday room. For example, with the characters of the animated series "Rick and Morty".
  • Clock. The choice depends on the style of a teenager. Athletes will use smart watches, fashionmen - classic models with an interesting pattern.
  • Camera. Suitable gift for novice photographer. Complete the book on the technique of shooting, compositions, artistic photography.

This is the age when the boy can give money on the birthday of the original packaging. Excellent output, if you are familiar with the birthday girl. The young man himself will choose a gift for himself or save savings in the piggy bank. Also, the monetary option is relevant if the donors know that the boy sails on the expensive thing.

What to give a boy to the holiday

In addition to age and interests, when choosing a gift, consider related links and the degree of communication. Intimate gifts, such as pajamas, from unconscious relatives will cause a boy in bewilderment. On the contrary, formal gifts (postcard, money, socks) near a friend will be perceived as indifference. We will pick up gifts for different categories of birthday.


Craets are considered second parents. However, they do not always consist in close relationship with the child. If you do not know what to choose, consult your parents or stop on a symbolic gift. Examples:

  • Set for the cast and stop. Cute memorable gift for young mothers. There are sets with a photo frame. Place a joint photo with a godfather there.
  • Gift with engraving. Make a commemorative inscription on a key chain, clock, a mug so that the boy remembered the gratucting parents. Suitable for any age.
  • Icon. A small icon is a sovereign with you or put in my room. The gift is appropriate if the boy grows religious.
  • Bible or Orthodox literature. Choose a gift option according to age. For kids, the children's Bible is suitable with bright pictures.

If you are in warm relationships with a child, make soul gifts. For example, tie a sweater, mittens or make decorations.

First grader

Born in front of the school year of the boy is optional to senten the accessories for the first grader. Parents, most likely, have already collected the Son to school. Dilute the stationery and school form with useful and cute little things. Examples than to give first grade:

  • Set of bookmarks. Magnetic, corner, fabric, with favorite heroes - the choice is big. Needlewomen worst colorful bookmarks themselves.
  • Set of markers or wax chalk. The big suitcase of bright markers will like the young artist. Complete coloring or album for drawing.
  • Notebook. Choose a cover with your favorite heroes. Write on the first pages of wishes.
  • Pen with invisible ink. On the one hand the rod, on the other - a flashlight. Writes on paper, fabric, skin.


Collect for a friend-peer box with pleasant trifles. There may be sweets, badges, merchant favorite group or team, original headphones, notebook, glasses, baseball cap. Examples that give a boy to a friend for a birthday:

  • Unusual alarm clock. It is suitable for a friend who is always late. There are original models: with wheels, in the form of dumbbells, with a basketball ring.
  • T-shirt. Turn a simple cotton t-shirt in a poster with wishes. Draw with paints or markers for fabric a festive cake, gifts or a birthday name.
  • Wooden or acrylic icons. They look stylish and original. Made in the form of portraits of famous people or various objects (ice cream, samples, skulls, etc.).
  • Case for phone or other gadget. Useful gift that will be useful. To select you need to know the phone model.
  • Stickers. Buy ready-made with your favorite characters or order individual, for example, with photos of the birthday room.

Another option is a joint creative congratulation. Ask friends to make a video or participate in the festive flash mob.

Note! The flash drive, a mug, the cover will become original if you apply name, a photo of a birthday family or a logo of your favorite game, groups, teams.


Make a gift with your own hands. You can connect the header, make a beautiful frame for a joint photo, bake a cake. If you like to spend a fun together, choose gifts with humor. What is suitable:

  • Umbrella cane. Sticking from behind the handle reminds the samurai sword. Otherwise, this is an ordinary umbrella.
  • Mask "Horses Head". Useless, but funny gift for photo shoots. It may become a symbolic gift for the fan of the "Bodjek" series.
  • Bicycle lamp. It is installed behind. Projects on the asphalt bike path - two stripes on the sides.
  • Sweatshirt or sweatshirt with the inscription. Transfer a guy's favorite phrase or a joint joke to clothing. You can also make a T-shirt with your loved birthday meme.
  • Heated slippers. It is suitable for a boy who is constantly wounded. Work from USB.

How to make a great surprise boy for birthday

One of the best gifts is impressions. Organize a birthday that the birthday girl will remember for several years. Arrange the thematic party at home or go to the whole family to Lazertag, contact zoo or water park. Ideas for celebration:

  • Paintball. Call friends, divide the teams and spend the day outdoors. It is suitable for boys from 11 years.
  • Rock climbing. The birthday name will not refuse to climb on the rocks and compete in agility with friends. Suitable for any age. Choose a suitable height.
  • Karting Small tracks with soft turns make especially for children. The birthday boy will be able to feel like a rider.
  • Diving Lesson. It is held with the instructor in the pool. The birthday name will teach dive and hold under water.
  • Horseback riding. Organize a holiday in a rustic club, where there are stables. Children ride and talked with animals.

What gifts should not be given

Regardless of age, the interests of the birthday and related links there is a category of gifts that are better to refuse. These are household things, inappropriate at the celebration, hygiene products, food.

What you should not give:

  • linens;
  • dishes;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • sweets;
  • furniture;
  • souvenirs;
  • Stuffed Toys.

Of course, if the boy dreams of a pair of branded sneakers, the taboo can be broken. Most often, such gifts make parents.

Do not forget about the beautiful design of the gift. Symbolic little things fold into a pretty bag with a bow. Boxes pack in festive paper. Complete open with pleasant wishes.

Author Yana

Hello, I am very pleased that you are on this page! I will be very glad if in my articles you will find the ideas of gifts your loved ones for the new year, birthday or another holiday. I really try to select only the most relevant and original gifts for you. If you have thoughts, as I also have ideas to add my articles, be sure to write about it in the comments!

What to give the preschooler

1. Kinetic sand for modeling

Gifts for boys: kinetic sand for modeling

The kinetic sand to the touch is very similar to natural, while from it you can sculpt anything. It will not dry, which makes it almost perfect material for creativity. Even adults will be delighted, immersing the fingers there.

What to buy

2. Toy in the form of a cartoon hero

Gifts for boys: toy in the form of a cartoon hero

A familiar character will certainly lead the boy in full delight, so it is better to figure out exactly which cartoons love a child. Perhaps he likes the last "story of toys" or the heroes "Well, wait!"

What to buy

3. Pajamas in the style of your favorite superhero

Gifts for boys: Pajamas in the style of a beloved superhero

It is difficult to find a boy who did not hear about Captain America or Batman, and Pajamas with a suitable print will be also a very practical gift. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the material: it should be pleasant and breathing. Too hard labels are better then trimmed so as not to rub the skin.

What to buy

4. Beautiful night light in the nursery

Gifts for the boy: Beautiful night light in the nursery

When choosing a night light design, you can again focus on your favorite characters. Or choose something maximum neutral - do not forget that some models can scare no worse than darkness.

What to buy

5. Fashionable and spacious backpack

Gifts for the boy: Fashionable and spacious backpack

Such a gift will be particularly relevant for those who go to the preparatory classes, and comes in travel. The ideal option will be classic models in the Kanken spirit from the FJallRaven brand.

What to buy

6. Designer LEGO DUPLO

Gifts for the boy: LEGO DUPLO Designer

For boys from one and a half to six years, a special simple designer is ideal, consisting of very large parts that cannot be swallowed. Such a toy will help the child mastering role-playing games, put scenes from your favorite cartoons or just learn more about the world around.

What to buy

7. Game set Play-doh

Gifts for the boy: Play-Doh game set

Modern soft plasticine does not stick to the hands and gives a limitless space for creativity: you can make a car or a beloved superhero and not blur the table, floors or a carpet.

What to buy

8. Three-wheel scooter

Gifts for the boy: Treaten scooter

Bright and beautiful scooter will be a faithful companion while walking outdoors. It is better if it is equipped with glowing wheels, because the child will certainly like bright lights.

What to buy

9. Radio-controlled machine

Gifts for the boy: radio-controlled machine

You can choose both a very realistic machine and the car of the fantastic look. Such models will not leave indifferent even adults, and to play with them will come at home, and on the street.

What to buy

10. Game set

Gifts for the boy: game set

Indispensable for the plot role-playing game. For example, a helmet, fire extinguisher and whistle can be included in the firefighter kit, and the kit for a policeman is handcuffs, a toy certificate and a radio. No less interesting, the child will try on the role of the doctor, baker, cashier and even householder. After all, for the boy it is also important to learn how to serve yourself in everyday life as for the girl.

What to buy

What to give younger schoolchild

1. The book "Invent and draw your comic" Gifts Boy: Book "Come to and draw your comic"

Optical way to help the child develop your creative abilities. After performing simple exercises, the boy will be able to compose and draw your own comic, and just have a good time.

What to buy

  • "Come on and draw your comic", Louis Stowell, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, "701 ruble →
  • "Star Wars. Excellent crafts and drawings to create you to be! ", Chris Chatterton," Exmomothetia ", 387 rubles →
  • "Draw your Universe in the style of minecraft", Jan Le Nenan, "Exmodeling", 214 rubles →
  • "Book-drawing. How to draw cool comics ", Rosa Maria Kurto, Hobbiteca, 90 rubles →

2. Fortnite thematic toys

Gift boy: Fortnite thematic toys

Schoolchildren are usually already passionate about popular games, so they will be gladly collective figures or other things with favorite attributes - poenals, keyboards, or even special stickers for game consoles.

What to buy

3. Set of young archaeologist

Gift Boy: Set of a young archaeologist

An inquisitive boy, especially passionate about dinosaurs, will be attracted to independently carry out almost real archaeological excavations. Usually, similar sets are a soil bar, which must be carefully cleared with a special tool to get to hidden inside values.

What to buy

4. Children's artistic set

Gift Boy: Children's Artistic Set

If the schoolboy is not a joke in love with drawing, give him a set of accessories for creativity, worthy of a real artist. Pencils, pastels, markers or paints - you can now find special suitcases with any stuffing, and some copies are also very convenient to take a visit or to school.

What to buy

5. Designer LEGO Star Wars

Designer LEGO Star Wars

The use of designers is undoubted, and the toy created by all the favorite "star wars" is completely unmistakable choice. You can find any options - from budget to truly luxurious .

What to buy

6. Detailed puzzle

Gift Boy: Detailed Puzzle

It's great if the plot of the puzzle will be inspired by a beloved fairy tale or literary work. It is also not bad to give a puzzle with the reproduction of classic and modern paintings. The likelihood that, by collecting a puzzle based on painting Gustav Klimt or Van Gogh, a schoolboy will be interested in other works of the famous artist.

What to buy

7. Good sport ball

Gift Boy: Sports Ball

When buying it is important to take into account the age of the child: the size and weight of the projectile depends on it. If a little boy and slight boy, it will be advisable to give a lightweight ball. The main thing is that it is durable and had a good coating, well repulsive dirt and water.

What to buy

8. Set of young radio engineering

What to give a boy: a set of young radio engineering

They are usually designed for different age and preparation. Some will introduce a child with azami electronics, while more advanced will help themselves to assemble the present FM radio with a speaker.

What to buy

9. Two-wheel bike

What to give a boy: two-wheeled bike

In a children's two-wheeled bike, it is usually impossible to change speeds, and there are no full brakes. If a child over 9 years old, it is worth paying attention to teenage models. Structurally, they differ little from adults, but have a lightweight frame, a smaller diameter of wheels and weight.

What to buy

10. Children's smart watch

What to give a boy: Children's smart watch

Such a device is a good replacement of a smartphone for a child. Smart clocks can track the location of the small host on GPS and provide communication with loved ones. Some advanced models equipped with a voice helper can even tell jokes and fairy tales.

What to buy

What to give a teenager

1. Designer LEGO Creator Expert

What to give a teenager: Designer LEGO Creator Expert

Designers of this series can no longer be called children's. The teenager will just appreciate the detailation, the complexity of the assembly and the final result, similar to the work of art (the fans of rare cars are particularly repaired).

What to buy

2. Comics about the adventures of Rick and Morty

What to give a teenager: comics about the adventures of Rick and Morty

Now approximately every teenager is aware of what the exclamation of "Vaba Laba Dub-Dab!" And who are such Misiks. So official comics telling about the strange adventures of his grandfather and grandson will be an excellent gift of teenager. If the boy has already collected a complete collection of books, present, for example, a set of stickers. The latter will accurately use the application: they can be decorated with a laptop or notebook.

What to buy

  • "Rick and Morty. Stories behind the scenes ", Kyle Starks," Komilfo ", 969 rubles →
  • "Rick and Morty. Book 1 ", Zach Gorman," Comilfo ", 930 rubles →
  • "Rick and Morty. You need more adventures. Book 2 ", Kyle Stark," Comilfo ", 930 rubles →
  • "Magazine Stickers Rick and Morty", Royland Justin, "Komilfo", 389 rubles →

3. Board game "Very weird business"

What to give a teenager: the board game "Very weird business"

Teenagers who are well understood in the series will be in the seventh heaven at the form of a board game in the spirit of "very strange affairs." Especially since it will be easier to pass the time waiting for the new season.

What to buy

4. Portable table tennis set

What to give a teenager: portable set of table tennis

Convenient when there is always your own racket at hand. In addition, a portable grid is usually included in the kit, thanks to which the game championship in ping pong can be organized almost on any free table.

What to buy

5. Branded hat-Bini

Gift Teenager: Brand Cap-Bini

The fashionista of any age will be happy to be a beautiful and comfortable hat. Teens usually appreciate brand things high, color and design are also important for them. In order not to get to be asked, try to figure out in advance what model the boy would like to get as a gift.

What to buy

6. Course on the creation of podcasts

Gift Teenager: course on the creation of podcasts

Such courses are at the same time useful and very modern gift, especially if the teenager dreams to work in the mass media industry or he just has something to say.

What to buy

7. Smartphone

Gift Teenager: Smartphone

Personal smartphone in the hands of a junior school student can cause questions, but this gadget is absolutely necessary for a teenager. True, you will decide whether it will be expensive and advanced or budget with the simplest characteristics.

What to buy

8. Game console

Gift for Teen: Gaming Console

The modern gaming console will not only delight the heart of a young gamer, but will be useful to the whole family. The console can be used for games, listening to music or watching movies.

What to buy

9. Wireless headphones

Gift for Teen: Wireless Headphones

Every teenager dreams of good wireless headphones. They are well suited for sports, as well as in them it is convenient to move around the apartment and do household chores.

What to buy

10. Smart watch

Gift for Teen: Smart Watch

Smart clock is the same universal present for a teenager as a smartphone or headphones. It is better to choose them together with the child that he independently determined which functions he will be needed.

What to buy

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