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On this page, we offer a calculator percent, which will allow you to answer such questions:

  • subtract x% from among or add x% to the number;
  • how much is the x% of the specified number;
  • How many percent is one number from the other.

Finding percent simple task, but even it can be significantly simplified using an online calculator.

Percentage calculator online

How to calculate the percentage of the number

how to calculate the percentage of the numberIt is best to answer this question on a specific example. Let's find 23 percent of the number 327. To do this, 327 must be multiplied by 23 and divide the result by 100. We will get:

(327 * 23) / 100 = 75,21

Review: 75,21

From the point of view of mathematics, this task is reduced to the proportion (see Figure).

How to find a percentage of the number on the calculator

Calculator for calculating interest

Button for calculating interest

Let's learn how to find a percentage of the number using the calculator. First, make sure that he can do it. To do this, find the button with the image (%) button on its keyboard.

We will find how much 17 percent of the number 123 is.

  1. We enter the number 123 on the calculator;
  2. Click the multiplink key (x);
  3. We introduce 17;
  4. Click the key with the image of the percent symbol (%);
  5. We get the response 20.91 on the Calculator screen.

By analogy, you can find any other percentages from any number.

How many percent is the number of numbers

percentage of one number from anotherWe learn how much percent is the number 60 from the number 300. To do this, it is necessary to multiply 100 and divided by 300.

(60 * 100) / 300 = 20%

To find how many percent, the number x is from the number y you can use the formula (see Figure)

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1. How to calculate interest, dividing the number at 100

So you will find a numeric equivalent of 1%. Further it depends on your purpose. To calculate the percentages from the amount, multiply them by size 1%. To translate the number percentage, divide it to size 1%.

Example 1.

You go to the supermarket and see a share for coffee. Its normal price is 458 rubles, now there is a 7% discount. But you have a store map, and on it a package will cost 417 rubles.

To understand what option is more profitable, it is necessary to translate 7% in rubles.

Divide 458 per 100. For this, it is necessary to simply shift the comma separating the integer part of the number from the fractional one to the two positions to the left. 1% is 4.58 rubles.

Multiply 4.58 to 7, and you will receive 32.06 rubles.

Now it remains to take away from the usual price of 32.06 rubles. For action, coffee will cost 425.94 rubles. It means it is more profitable to buy it on the map.

Example 2.

You see that Steam is worth 1,000 rubles, although it used to be sold for 1,500 rubles. You are wondering how much percentage made a discount.

Divide 1,500 per 100. Matching a comma for two positions to the left, you will receive 15. This is 1% of the old price.

Now the new price divide 1%. 1 000/15 = 66.6666%.

100% - 66,6666% = 33,3333%. The store provided a store.

2. How to calculate interest, dividing a number by 10

This method is similar to the previous one, but it is much faster with it. But only if we are talking about percent, multiple five.

First you find the size of 10%, and then share or multiply it to get the right amount percent.


Suppose you put on a deposit of 530 thousand rubles for 12 months. The interest rate is 5%, capitalization is not provided. You want to know how much money will take a year.

First of all, it is necessary to calculate 10% of the amount. Divide it on 10, moving the comma to the left for one sign. You will receive 53 thousand.

To find out how much 5% is, divide the result by 2. This is 26.5 thousand.

If in the example it was about 30%, it would be necessary to multiply 53 by 3. To calculate 25%, it would have to multiply 53 to 2 and add 26.5.

In any case, such large numbers operate quite simple.

3. How to calculate interest, reaching the proportion

The proportions are one of the most useful skills to which you have taught at school. With it, you can count any interest. The proportion looks like:

The amount constituting 100%: 100% = part of the amount: a percentage proportion.

Or you can burn it like this: A: B = C: D.

Typically, the proportion is read as "but refers to b as well as refers to D". The work of extreme members of the proportion is equal to the product of its average members. To learn an unknown number of this equality, you need to solve the simplest equation.

Example 1.

For calculations, use the rapid browni recipe. You want to prepare it and bought a suitable chocolate tile weighing 90 g, but you could not have kept and bit off a piece of one. Now you have only 70 g chocolate, and you need to know how much oil is put instead of 200 g.

First, calculate the percentage of the remaining chocolate.

90 g: 100% = 70 g: X, where x is the mass of the remaining chocolate.

X = 70 × 100/90 = 77.7%.

Now we make a proportion to find out how much oil we need:

200 g: 100% = x: 77.7%, where x is the desired amount of oil.

X = 77.7 × 200/100 = 155.4.

Consequently, in the dough you need to put about 155 g of oil.

Example 2.

The proportion is suitable for calculating the profitability of discounts. For example, you see a blouse for 1,499 rubles at a discount of 13%.

First, find out how much the blouse is in percent. To do this, take 13 from 100 and get 87%.

Make a proportion: 1 499: 100 = x: 87.

X = 87 × 1 499/100.

Pay 1,304.13 rubles and wear a blouse with pleasure.

4. How to calculate interest with the help of relations

In some cases, it is possible to use simple fractions. For example, 10% is 1/10 of the number. And to find out how much it will be in numbers, it is enough to divide the whole for 10.

  • 20% - 1/5, that is, it is necessary to divide the number on 5;
  • 25% - 1/4;
  • 50% - 1/2;
  • 12.5% ​​- 1/8;
  • 75% is 3/4. So, you will have to divide the number 4 and multiply by 3.


You found pants for 2,400 rubles with a 25% discount, but you only have 2 000 rubles in your wallet. To find out whether there is enough money to new things, spend a series of simple computing:

100% - 25% = 75% - the cost of trousers as a percentage of the initial price after the application is applied.

2 400/4 × 3 = 1 800. It is so much rubles that pants are.

5. How to calculate interest using the calculator

If you are not a sweet life without a calculator, all calculations can be done with it. And you can come even easier.

  • To calculate the percentages from the amount, enter a number equal to 100%, the multiplication sign, then the desired percentage and the% sign. For an example with coffee computing will look like this: 458 × 7%.
  • To find out the amount less than percent, enter a number of 100%, minus, percentage size and a%: 458 - 7% sign.
  • Similarly, you can add as in the example with the deposit: 530,000 + 5%.

6. How to calculate interest with online services

Not all percentages can be calculated in the mind and even on the calculator. If we are talking about the profitability of the contribution, overpayments on mortgage or taxes, complex formulas are required. They are taken into account in some online services.


How to calculate interest from the amount: PlanetCalc

The site contains different calculators that calculate not only percentages. There are services for lenders, investors, entrepreneurs and all those who do not like to read in the mind.

PlanetCalc →.

Calculator - reference portal

How to calculate interest from the amount: Calculator - Reference Portal

Another service with calculators for every taste.

Calculator - reference portal →


How to calculate interest from the amount: AllCalc

Catalog of online calculators, 60 of which are designed to calculate finances. You can calculate taxes and penalties, the size of the subsidy on the housing and much more.

AllCalc →


Good day!

Interest, I tell you, it's not just something "boring" in the lessons of mathematics in school, but also the arch-desired and applied thing in life 👌 (found everywhere: when you take a loan, evaluate the discount, consider profit, etc. .).

And in my opinion, when studying the topic "percent" in the same school, it is paid extremely little time. Perhaps because of this, some people fall into not very pleasant situations (many of which could be avoided if they would attract what and how ...).

Actually, in this article I want to disassemble the most popular tasks with interest, which are just found in life (of course, we will consider it as possible in a simpler language with examples). Well, warned - it means armed 😉 (I think that knowledge of this topic will allow many to save and time, and money).

And so, closer to the topic ...


How to calculate interest: examples

Option 1: Calculation of prime numbers in the mind in 2-3 seconds.

In the overwhelming majority in life, it is necessary to quickly estimate in the mind, how much it will be a discount of 10% of some number (for example). Agree to decide on the purchase, you can not extend everything up to a penny (it is important to estimate order).

The most common variants of the number with interest led the list below, as well as what the number should be divided to recognize the desired value.

Simple examples:

  • 1% of the number = divided the number 100 (1% of 200 = 200/100 = 2);
  • 10% of the number = divided the number 10 (10% of 200 = 200/10 = 20);
  • 25% of the number = divide the number 4 or twice by 2 (25% of 200 = 200/4 = 50);
  • 33% of the number ≈ divide the number by 3;
  • 50% of the number = divided the number by 2.

Tick! For example, you want to buy technique for 197 thousand rubles. The store makes a discount of 10.99% if you perform any conditions. How to quickly estimate, is it worth it?

An example of a solution. Yes, simply roundate these pair of numbers: instead of 197, take the amount of 200, instead of 10.99% to take 10% (conditionally). Total, you need to divide 200 to 10 - i.e. We estimated the size of the discount, about 20 thousand rubles. (With a certain experiment, the calculation is made almost on the machine for 2-3 seconds.).

Accurate calculation : 197 * 10.99 / 100 = 21.65 thousand rubles.

Percentage chart / as an example

Percentage chart / as an example


Option 2: Use the phone calculator for Android

When the result is needed more accurate, you can use the calculator on the phone (in the article below I will give screenshots from android). It's easy enough to use it.

For example, you need to find 30% of the number 900. How to do it?

Yes, easy enough:

  • open calculator;
  • Write 30% 900. (Naturally, the percentage and number can be excellent);
  • Please note that at the bottom of your written "equation" you will see the number 270 - this is 30% of 900.
30% of the 900 number (Calculator android)

30% of the 900 number (Calculator android)

Below is a more complex example. Found 17.39% of the number 393 675 (result 68460.08).

one more example

one more example

If you need, for example, from 30 000 to take 10% and find out how much it will be, then you can write it so much (by the way, 10% of 30,000 is 3000).

Thus, if from 30,000 to take 3000 - it will be 27,000 (which showed the calculator). 👇

From the number of taking 10% (one more example)

From the number of taking 10% (one more example)

In general, a very convenient tool when you need to calculate 2-3 numbers and get accurate results, up to tenths / hundredths.


Option 3: We consider the percentage of the number (the essence of the calculation + the Golden Rule)

Not always and not everywhere you can round the numbers and calculate the interest in the mind. Moreover, it is sometimes necessary not only to get some kind of accurate result, but also understand the "essence of the calculation" itself (for example, to calculate a hundred / thousand different tasks in Excel).

In these cases, I recommend remembering one "gold" of the column rule. If you understand it - then without problems you can always solve the challenges with interest.


Suppose we need to find 17.39% of the number 393 675. I will solve this simple task ...

  1. First write down the number 393675 on the leaflet and write 100% (i.e. the number from which we are trying to find some percentage - consider it 100%) ;
  2. Next, under 100% write, the percentage you want to find (i.e. 17.39 in our example); Under the number itself - put "x" (i.e. the number that you need to find, see the screen below). Here the main number to write under the number, interest under interest (and not to confuse them among them)! Record numbers to calculate interest

    Record numbers to calculate interest

  3. Now see how easily can be found x: it is sufficient to multiply between the original number with the desired percentage (Diagonal rule: where two numbers are known - they are alternating) And divided by 100. See screen below. You can multiply on the calculator (for 10-15 seconds). Cross on the cross (we consider percent)

    Cross on the cross (we consider percent)

To remove all points to "y", I will consider the inverse task. For example, how many percent is the number of 30,000 from the number 393 675.

  1. First, write the column also 393 675 and opposite it will be 100%;
  2. Next, under the number of 393 675, we write 30,000, and in front of it put X (i.e. what we need to be found);
  3. Next (30 000 * 100) / 393675 and get 7.62% (you can check 👌). Those. It also works as a rule: I turn the cross to the cross (i.e., where two numbers are known in the diagonal) and divide for the remaining. Thus, it is easy to find an unknown. Inverse percentage

    Inverse percentage


Option 4: We consider interest in Excel

Excel is good because it allows to produce enough volumetric calculations: you can simultaneously calculate dozens of various tables, tied them with each other. And in general, unless manually calculate interest for dozens of items of goods, for example.

Below will show a couple of examples with which you most often encounter.

The first task. There are two numbers, for example, purchase and sale. It is necessary to know the difference between these two numbers in percent (as far as one more / less than the other).

  1. First we make it all in Excel in the form of a plate (For example, see below: In my case, we will consider interest for the page "margin" for the purchase price and sale price of goods) ;How to determine how much one number is more than another in percent

    How to determine how much one number is more than another in percent

  2. Next, just in case I will remind you how to find out how many percent is one number from another (For example, he took the first bed of the table above) . According to the simple "rule" (he told a little earlier in the article) we obtain that the difference between these numbers is 4.36%. See Screen below. The second number is 104% of the first

    The second number is 104% of the first

  3. Now it remains to write this formula in Excel: = (C2 / B2) * 100 - 100 (See Screen below). The task for the first line is solved - the difference between the purchase price and the sale price is 4.36%. We write formula

    We write formula

  4. In order to calculate the percentages for all other rows - it is enough to stretch the formula (see screen below 👇). The formula was stretched - percentages are counted for the entire column.

    The formula was stretched - percentages are counted for the entire column.

For more accurate understanding, I will give another example. Another task: there is a purchase price and the desired profit percentage (admit 10%). How to find out the price of selling. It seems to be simple, but many "stumble" ...

  1. First, also open Excel and enter the data in the table; For what price to sell, if you need a margin at 10%

    For what price to sell, if you need a margin at 10%

  2. Next, we need to find 10% of the purchase price (i.e., the number to which you want to increase the purchase price). To do this for the first line of the table, all by the same rule (see screen below 👇) you need: (3737 * 10) / 100 = 373.7 We consider how much one number is more than the other in percent

    We consider how much one number is more than the other in percent

  3. Now you can arrange a formula for the first line in Excel: = (B2 * D2) / 100 + B2 (See Screen below 👇). Those. At first we found how much 10% of the purchase price will be, and then added the purchase price of this number. It seems to be simple and logical. Write a formula for our task

    Write a formula for our task

  4. Well, the last touch: just stretch the formula to the other lines. The problem is solved! We stretch the formula - the task is solved

    We stretch the formula - the task is solved


Comments on the topic - always welcome ...

That's all, good luck!


First Publication: 10/14/2018

Adjustment: 07/14/2020


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Calculator: Pixabay.

In life, almost every person faces the need to calculate the percentage of the number. Interest "wait" in stores during discounts, in banks when issuing a loan or deposit. That is why you should know how to calculate interest to avoid mistakes, miscalculation. Let me remind you the fastest and easy ways.

How to count interest: division by 100

The easiest method, how to calculate the percentage, many are known from the school. With it, it will be possible to find a numeric equivalent of one percent. How to act next? The following steps are directly related to what purpose you are pursuing. If you need to find a percentage of the amount, multiply it to size 1%. If you need to translate a number percentage, divide it to 1%.

Consider on the example how to calculate the percentage in this way. You come to the coffee shop and notice that today is a campaign for coffee. Its normal cost is 263 tenge, and the discount is 6%. At the same time, you have a discount map of the institution that allows you to buy coffee for 222 tenge.

What purchase will be more profitable? It is necessary to calculate interest and translate 6% to the cash units. How to calculate the percentage? Everything is simple:

  1. Each 263 per 100. It is enough to move the comma to the left to two positions: so separate the whole part of the fractional. Get the result: 1% = 2.63 tenge.
  2. Now multiply 2.63 to 6. We get 15.78 tenge. This is a discount.
  3. Out from the usual cost of drink 15.78 tenge, to find out what purchase it is better to make. Coffee per share costs 247.22 tenge. Accordingly, it is more profitable to buy it with a discount card.
How to calculate interest from the amount: simple ways

How to calculate the percentage: division by 10

Calculate the percentage using this method is much easier and faster than the method described above. However, only in the event that we are talking about the interest, multiple five. How to calculate the percentage? First calculate the size of 10 percent, and then multiply or divide it to the desired percentage from the amount you want to find.

We will understand the example of how to calculate the percentage. Imagine that you decided to put on a deposit of 340 thousand tenge and open an account for 12 months. At the same time, the interest rate is 5%. Resonantly arises the question of how much money will be in your account in a year.

How to calculate the percentage of the amount? Act as follows:

  1. Find 10% of the amount. To do this, share 340 thousand per 10. Get 34000.
  2. To find out the size of 5%, divide 34,000 on 2. Get 17000. Accordingly, in a year 17 thousand tenge will be added to your account.
How to calculate interest from the amount: simple ways
Photo: UGC

How to calculate the percentage of the amount: proportion

One of the basic and useful skills to be trained in school is the preparation of proportions. The percent formula in this case looks like this: the initial amount is divided by 100%. The result is part of the amount - the number in the percentage ratio. To find an unknown figure, it is enough to solve a slight equation.

How to calculate the percentage of the amount with this proportion? I will explain on the example. Imagine that you have conceived bake a cake and bought a chocolate tile, the weight of which is 90 grams. The point did not have time to reach cooking, and you already bit off a piece. Now there are 80 grams of chocolate.

The recipe indicates that 90 g is required 200 g of butter. How to calculate the percentage of among the number and understand how much the ingredient is required? Act like this:

  1. Calculate the percentage of chocolate, which remained. 90 g: 100% = 90 g: X. In this case, x - the weight of the chocolate, which remained. X = 80 × 100/90 = 88.8%.
  2. It is time to make a proportion that will show which weight oil is needed. 200 g: 100% = x: 88.8%. X In this case, the required weight of the oil. X = 88.8 × 200/100 = 177.6. As we can see, 177 g of butter will be needed for the preparation of the cake.

How to calculate interest on the calculator

How to find a percentage of numbers using a calculator? You can do this in several ways:

  • Enter the source number. It is 100% equal. Click on multiplication, and then enter the percentage to be treated, and clap the% icon. To calculate the cost of a coffee discount, as in the first example, click the following combination: 263 × 6%.
  • If you need to find the amount with a deduction of interest, enter the number that will be 100%, clad minus, specify the numerical expression of the percentage and press%. In this case, an example with coffee looks like this: 263 - 7%.
  • You can also fold interest, as in the second example with a deposit account: 340,000 + 5%.
How to calculate interest from the amount: simple ways
Photo: UGC

Percentage calculation using online services

The calculation of interest is not always convenient to produce the methods described above. Sometimes come across complex formulas. In these situations, the percent calculator will help in many online services. I'll tell you more about the best:

  • PlanetCalc. This directory of online calculators allows not only to calculate interest. Also available features for people who are engaged in lending, investments, entrepreneurship. The site will be useful for everyone who needs to quickly make calculations.
  • Calculator - reference portal . The portal allows not only to calculate interest online, but also has a functionality for stock markets, business, calorie counting and taxes.
  • AllCalc. . The site has an extensive list of various calculators - for construction, calculating the cost of utilities, domestic purposes, transport costs. Select the desired calculator, enter the data, and then click the "Calculate" button.
How to calculate interest from the amount: simple ways
Photo: UGC

Now you know how to calculate interest. Take advantage of one of the listed light methods or trust the calculator calculator.

Original Articles:

In our daily life, we often encounter situations in which you need to calculate something. This may be determining the amount of payments to pay consumer loan, interest discounts in stores or calculation of inflation indicator. Let's deal with how you can find the percentage of any number, as well as we give a number of relevant formulas with detailed examples.

Period search features

As is known, the word "percentage" itself comes from the Latin "Pro Centum", which means "from one hundred". Accordingly, this term is usually understood by a hundredth part of the whole (or share of the whole). The percentage is indicated by all of us known as "%".

Picture of the definition of interest

Being a percentage is required in three basic cases:

  • It is required to find a share of the number;
  • determine the ratio of numbers;
  • Find the base number based on its percentage.

To find this parameter, there are various options for formulas and solutions. Let's consider them more closely.

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Formulas for determining the necessary share of the amount

There are several ways to find the desired percentage of any number.

First method It consists in dividing the desired amount by 100, after which the result obtained is multiplied by% which must be determined.

The calculation formula in this case looks like this:

A / 100 * B =

In this formula A- This is a base number from which it needs to be learned.

B- Percentage that needs to be calculated in numerical terms.

For example, in any store you give you a product, the price of which is 500 rubles, for 70% of its cost. Using the above formula, calculate how much we need to pay ultimately (or how much will be 70% of 500 rubles):

500/100 * 70 = 350 rubles

Thus, we will be able to purchase the desired product for 350 rubles.

Second way Consists in multiplication of the base number Aon a valuy 0, B

Where А- this is a basic number, and B- the number of interest that need Determine.

The formula has the following form:

A * 0, B =

In the case of the example mentioned above, from 70% of the cost from 500, calculate the cost of the goods:

500 * 0,70 = 350

Third way It consists in multiplying the base number by the number of percent, after which the result was divided by 100.

The formula is as follows:

A * b / 100 =

In our case, this is:

500 * 70/100 = 350

On the calculator The desired share of the number is even easier:

  1. You dial the base number on the calculator (A).
  2. Click to multiply, enter the desired number of percent.
  3. After that, click on the% button, and then on the = button. Calculator This hour will display the desired result.

500 * 70% = (Result)

The task of interest

See also: How to check the punctuation of online.

How to find the percentage ratio of numbers

There may also be situations when you need to calculate the percentage ratio of two numbers. For example, what percentage number B is from Number A, by how many percent (b) you performed your work on the specified norm (a), as far as (b) the price of goods from the initial (A) and so on.

To determine such a result, there are the following formula:

B / a * 100 =

For example, we need to calculate what one of the number 500 is the number 85.

Using the resulting formula, we carry out simple arithmetic operations:

85/500 * 100 = 17%

Thus, the number 85 is 17% of 500.

We check the resulting number by the formula of the first method:

500/100 * 17 = 85.

Everything came out.

The ratio of numbers

How to find a basic amount based on its percentage

In some cases, we can know any number and the percentage it is from the base number. We need to determine the value. For example, we may be given amount 67, which is 23% of the base number. What is the basic number itself?

To solve this problem, we need 67 divided into 23 and multiply by 100. The percent calculation formula is as follows:

67 / b * 100 = a

We substitute the values:

67/23 * 100 = 293, 31 (tenths after the comma can roundate)

Check the result with the formula from the first method:

293, 31/100 * 23 = 67

Everything came out.

Online services for computing

In finding the necessary interest can help various calculators operating on online. For example, a popular site It has various tools to help in its functionality, including calculating the percentage of any number.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the desired indicators to the appropriate cells.
  3. Click on "Calculate". You will immediately get the desired result.

FIN-CALC service

Also, the specified calculator allows you to calculate what fraction of 1 is 2, add% to the number or subtract from it. Everything is very fast and convenient.


In our material, we disassembled how the percentage from any number can be calculated, and also led formulas with various examples. Most just to calculate a share with the help of a calculator, which is available in the absolute majority of modern gadgets.

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