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How to help pets to survive heatMany love the summer. But the exhausting heat is one of the bonuses that makes little glad. Indeed, when the air temperature goes, everything we can think about: how to escape from the scorching rays and cool. But, if people found ways of rehabilitation, then for domestic pets, heat can become fatal. How to help our favorite cats and dogs to survive hot summer?

How to understand that the pet needs help

Since our smaller brothers, unlike a person, cannot say that they are bad, you need to carefully look closely to their state, with what is not all obvious. For example, an active "Hecan" of the animal does not always indicate overheating. Here are symptoms that may indicate that not everything is in order:


sluggish behavior

(especially to endure it is if your pet is usually cheerful and active);

- incessant salivation;

- weak appetite or refusal of favorite food;

- hot and dry nose;

- convulsions;

- vomiting;

- stomach disorders;

- "foggy" or frightened look;

- loss of consciousness;

- disorientation in space;

- Weighted, sometimes "cleansing" breathing.

If you have noticed some of these symptoms from the pet (and even more - several), the likelihood is great that your friend got a heat blow and he needs urgent help.

How to help pets with thermal impact

It is important not to break, do not panic and do everything on you depends that the animal is rather rehabilitated from solar injury. Immediately free the animal from the collar or muzzle, if any. Our shaggy friends allocate heat with the help of the language and in order for the temperature of their body to be higher, it is necessary to provide them with a full breathing. It is also important to hide the victim in the shadow or some kind of cool place.

If it is possible, wrap it with a damp cloth or some cloth to remove the "hot" attack. But do not overdo it: it is important to avoid sharp temperature differences. After a strong heat, the sharp cooling of the organism of the animal may be no less dangerous. For the same reason, it is impossible to immediately give the cat and peeling too cold water. The consequences can be fatal: right up to the stop of the heart.

It will be correct to moisten his muzzle slightly and drink with cool water with small sips. Now - carefully massage the calf of your pet. This will help to resume normal blood circulation. If after these manipulations

Condition of animal

Not improved, compulsory contact the vet to obtain qualified assistance.

How to leave a pet at home yourself in hot weather

Leaving the apartment in which your animal remains one, do not close the windows. It is not necessary to keep their lap, and in no case do not need to do so if there are no protective nets. But leave in air mode - it is very desirable. Do not deprive your Fresh Air Fair. In addition, those who have air conditioning, veterinarians advise not to turn it off - the animal also want to cool under refreshing air flows. The windows in this case, of course, can be closed.

Most apartments in the bathroom and toilet rooms floor tank or tiles. If you also do not close the door to the bathroom. Such a coating lasts the sweat of the cold - the animal will be able to relax on it. In especially hot days, leaving the apartment, decompose on the floor a few wet towels. On them, the pet can also cool.

Danger of animal finding in the car

Especially dangerous to leave a cat or a dog on a hot day in the car. Unfortunately, in contrast to the apartment, open windows, as a rule, is not enough to prevent strong heating of the machine. Especially - you can not leave, leaving all the glasses completely sowned. You can not even imagine how fast the temperature grows in the car. In sunny weather, the speed of its increase can be more than one degree per minute. Such rates of heating can lead to very serious consequences - up to the death of a pet.

Slow down the heating can parking in the shade. But the pet will still be, at least, very uncomfortable, because the temperature is still growing. It is unlikely that water will fix the situation and poured into a bowl of water, which, among other things, the animal can simply turn over. In no case leave the air conditioner in the auto included. First, for the further functioning of the cooler, you will have to leave the engine with the on-engine, which, at least, is unsafe, and in residential areas is generally prohibited.

Secondly, when the car is in place when the engine is running and the air conditioner, a failure may occur with the latter, in connection with which hot air will come to the car dealership. So we strongly advise not to leave the pet in the car at high temperatures even for a while.

Haircut and bathing cats and dogs in the heat

The opinions of the gruces and veterinarians, as part of the cut or no dogs in the heat are different. Some recommend regular haircuts with sunny summer, arguing this by the fact that the animal will be easier to breathe, and the excess "fur coat" is nowhere - nothing. The second believe that representatives

Long-haired rocks

It is quite fairly combed. But in one experts are confident: animals can not be squeezed too short.

After all, wool protects their skin, and in the case of ultra-screwing, the haircut may have a burn. The most correct decision will appeal to the vet, who trust and consult about the need for a haircut of your pet, taking into account its breed, the length and luxury of the wool, and other individual features.

As for swimming: Dogs and cats too often expose water procedures not recommended. Most cats at all can not tolerate water, and the owner's perseverance will create only additional stress. It is enough at high air temperatures to regularly clean the animal of the legs, forehead, nose, and also - the upper part of the ears. You can also sometimes "process" the pet with the help of a pulverizer (if it is, of course, is not afraid of this device) and wipe a slightly wet towel.

Cough is a reflex, and not an independent disease. The reaction to the outer stimulus in the form of a bacterium or infection, which is brought with themselves. What happens when the cough begins with a high temperature, chills and snot? We start all possible and impossible ways to get rid of it, and from the disease itself, which led to cough. But often do not know how to do it correctly, tightening or aggravating treatment. What cough is and whether it is worth it to be treated at all, tell me in this article.

Why cough arises

If you describe the cough as a mechanical process, then these are attempts to get rid of infections and bacteria, dust, foreign bodies, sputum. In fact, this is the mechanism of self-defense and self-defense. In rare cases, cough is an independent disease and requires immediate treatment. It is more often attached by the symptom of the existing disease or its complication. Specialists do not recommend stopping it, because it helps the body to be cleaned, but it is possible to alleviate the body and eliminate the source (in the nose, in the throat, in the nasopharynk, bronchi and tracheal). If the reflex is suppressed, the sputum will go deeper into the lungs, which is why inflammatory processes and serious complications may arise.

Cough receptors are available not only along the respiratory tract, in the nasopharynx, trachers, bronchi and pleura. They are even in ear canals, in the stomach and diaphragm, the shallower bag, so sometimes the reflex is triggered when you brush the ears with cotton wands.

Causes of cough

  • Rubble. Any degree, with viscous detachable or transparent mucous meters. There is a disease due to the fact that the mucus either stands in the nasopharynk or flows along the back wall, from which the upper respiratory tract is annoyed. It is enough to start immediate treatment of a cold. The washing with salt solutions, a solution of furaticiline, a solution for flushing Doltin, Phalidex or isofra, with the appearance of highlights with signs of pus, immunomodulating droplets Derinate, vegetable drops Pinsol based on eucalyptus oils, mints, pines.
  • Viral infection. It develops equally and requires exclusively symptomatic treatment. The main feature is not treated with antibiotics. Accompanied by a runny nose, echoing mucous membranes, sore throat. If you do not have time to do not start treatment in time, the virus "descends" to the lower floors and goes to bronchi as a complication, causing bronchitis, acute bronchitis, pneumonia. Cough in this case will be wet, with exhausting wet.
  • Pneumonia. It is developing either as a complication of a non-selected and poorly transferred cold, or, as an independent disease of viral nature. Pneneviation is often accompanied by high temperature, weakness and shortness of breath, fever. In this case, the cough may not appear immediately. So, if the symptoms of conventional colds do not disappear after 3-5 days, the temperature is kept, there is a painful cough or it just begins to appear with exhausting sputum, it's time to contact a specialist for antibiotics.
  • Reception of drugs. Some of the high blood pressure drugs are able to provoke cough like a side effect. It happens often, but not everyone.
  • Smoking. Long smoking and exposure to the body of chemical poisonous compounds of tobacco smoke lead to obstructive pulmonary disease when coughing acquires a chronic form. The result of the disease becomes an irreversible reduction in air flow in the respiratory tract. Fabrics suffer constant irritation, as a result, chronic inflammation of the tissues appears.
  • Allergy. Asthma. Between these concepts you can put a sign of equality, because the allergic cough is akin to the light form of asthma. In this case, the respiratory tract is experiencing an immune response to the stimulus. Often, allergic cough suffer from people experiencing pollinosis in spring and autumn. But it can also represent a real threat when it is a consequence of the allergic edema of the quinque. In this situation, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Asthma is a chronic somatic disease having a similar allergic mechanism when swelling and bronchospasm occurs. Asthmatic cough is characterized by a whistling wheezing, a difficult breathing and a constant feeling of concreteness and squeezing in his chest and shortness of breath. Bronchial obstruction is reversible in part or completely, spontaneously or influenced by treatment.
  • Serious lung pathology. They speak for themselves. Any violation of the integrity of this organ, such as a tumor, can lead to cough. With the appearance of a suspicious long-lasting cough, it is important to undergo a complete medical examination and take action as soon as possible.

How to choose a cough medicine

To properly choose a cough medicine, it is important for the beginning to understand its nature. Selection of drugs is carried out taking into account the following circumstances:

  1. cough type - productive / dry
  2. the presence / lack of sputum;
  3. Cause of cough - ENT disease, allergy etc.

Treatment of dry cough

What is a dry cough? It is also called unproductive. It is characterized by a significant complexity of wetting, its scarce quantity or no absence during cough. At this stage, treatment will be aimed at making coughing to productive and promote the discharge and disorder of sputum. An important point is to not suppress the reflex, otherwise the thick and viscous sputum, which could not get out of the lungs and the bronchi will cause serious complications.

How to treat: Preparations Synecode, Linkas, Herbion Syrup, Dr. MOM syrup.

Get rid of dry cough and make it a productive help the nebulizer for inhalations with medicines. Such a procedure is very effective in the treatment of dry cough. The effect of drugs introduced into the body with the help of the device will begin faster and the drug will fall exactly in the hearth. Basically, the nebulizer will fit: saline, joint use of saline and medicinal solutions (Berodual, bulvikort - on the recommendation of a specialist)

Treatment of cough with wet

If the cough was initially with a sputum or dry changed to productive, it is important to sneak the sputum to facilitate and speed up its elimination. Such drugs are aimed at the early removal of sputum, removal of the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract.

At this stage, we need expectorant, bronchodic agents.

  • Acetylcysteine ​​- this substance effectively dilutes the mucous secret, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Acetylcystein-based drugs are most often used to treat dry cough, not more than 7 days. How to treat: ACC, Fluimucil, Vix Active
  • Ambroxol is an effective substance that is used in the treatment of dry cough. Than to treat: Lazolvan, Ambroben, Ambroxol, Flavmed.
  • Carbocysteine ​​- Means with it improve the elasticity of a viscous secret, accelerates its deadline, translate dry cough into wet. How to treat: Liebeksin; Fluditec; Bronchobos; Fluiforth.
  • Bromgexine - in addition to diluting the sputum of action, has a weak secret effect effect. Than treat: bromgexine; Bronchosan; Solvin.

Treatment of allergic cough

With an allergic response, the cough is characterized by a spasmic character, dryness and productivity. Sometimes it breaks down on "Lai", can be with a small amount of sputum. It occurs at contact with the allergen, with its long-term exposure, in the slophing state can grow into asthma. Such a cough can be protracted and introduce a person in error, provoking useless drug treatment. It is important to understand the nature of the cough and start treatment in time. Antihistamines are suitable for eliminating allergic cough: Erius, Zirtek, Zetrin, Telfast.

How to quickly cure cough at home

Folk recipes and "Babushkina" Tips can also have a significant support to delivered cough. To get rid of the leader quickly at home, it is important to comply with several rules: not to apply all means and immediately in the hope of rapidly getting rid of the ailment, know the measure and possible individual reactions.

Be healthy!

Man's skin is the largest organ, which, like a lactium paper, displays what is happening inside the body. Any rash is the first sign of a disease or infection, so do not hesitate if a rash appeared on the body. You need to turn with skin rashes to a dermatologist, and if the rash manifested itself in the field of genitals - to the gynecologist or urologist.

rash, rash

Types of rashes and causes of her appearance

The rash is a visual change in the structure and color of the skin, it is characterized by redness, itching, peeling and even pain. Sharpheat, despite external integrity, consists of individual elements to which include:

  • ulcers (defects on the surface of the epidermis caused by the slowdown in the upper layers of the skin);
  • Erosion (Surface Dispute Epithelium without Scar Education)
  • Papula (dense nodule located above the skin surface);
  • Vesicle (filled with a liquid capsule, located in the upper layers of the epidermis);
  • Pustula (High-eyed on the surface of the skin, filled with pus);
  • Blister (element on the surface of the skin, caused by inflammation and the edema of the packer layer of the dermis);
  • nodes (dense painless nodules on the skin);
  • hemorrhages (subcutaneous hemorrhages caused by high permeability of vessel walls);
  • Petechia (spot subcutaneous hemorrhages caused by the trauma of capillaries);
  • Jews (deeply located formations filled with pus).

Depending on the localization of the skin rash, you can determine the source of the problem. In particular:

  • Allergic reactions give rashes on hand and face;
  • For infections are characterized by rash on the body (abdomen, back);
  • STIs are localized on the genitals, the inner surface hip and skin around the anal hole;
  • Stresses weaken immunity, so rash is localized throughout the body (but, in contrast to allergies or rash on the basis of infections, the reaction to allergens and immunoglobulin will be negative)%;
  • The problems of the gastrointestinal organs are expressed in the form of serious skin anomalies (with ulcerative colitis - nodal erythema (inflammation of subcutaneous tissue and vessels in the form of nodes), with problems with pancreas - atopic dermatitis, intestinal infections provoke pyodermia - jets on the skin);
  • Rash when problems with blood or vessels occurs on the stomach, and then spreads throughout the body. It is characterized by the absence of itching.

What kind of rash is characteristic of allergies

The skin rashes in allergies are caused by the non-immune blood reaction to the elements of allergies. All wines are haptine - simple chemical compounds that do not have immunogenicity. But they have property to connect to the carrier protein. Attaching to the macromolecule, the newly formed complex synthesizes immunoglobulins. It is perceived by the organism as a foreign one, provoking an increase in leukocyte levels. As a result, the skin is covered with red spots of different sizes and different location.

Allergic rash is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • It does not always cause itching and temperatures;
  • Accompanied by an edema of the face, a century, a runny nose;
  • The area of ​​the rash corresponds to the places of skin contact in the allergen (with allergies on the decorations - on the wrist or fingers, on a deodorant - in the area of ​​the armpits, on cosmetics - on the eyelids or around the mouth);
  • Blood test shows an increase in the number of eosinophils;
  • Biochemical blood test remains unchanged.

The most common form of rash with allergies - urticaria. In appearance, it resembles pink spots that appear on the skin after contact with nettle. The urticaria is a reaction to pollen, cosmetics, dust. It is often localized on the bends of the elbows, knees and wrists. Accompanied by a strong itching and peeling of the skin.

Depending on the allergen, the rash has the following types:

  • Allergy to food . It is a erythematous rash in the form of rough spots, towering above the surface of the epidermis. The characteristic feature of food allergies is a strong itch.
  • Cold allergy . It occurs when the open areas of the skin with cold (air, water) occurs. At least, the cold does not directly provoke an allergic reaction, it is a starting mechanism for an allergic reaction to the incorrect functioning of the thyroid gland, spleen, etc. Cold allergies are accompanied by tearingness, discharge from the nose, as well as the appearance of whisen and pink, similar to calculations, spots on the skin, which disappear by themselves some time. If a person at least once happened to the allergies to the cold, he needs to appeal to a doctor to find out the true cause of the malfunction in the work of the body.
  • Allergy (atopic dermatitis) for dust / animal wool . It is often diagnosed in children. It is manifested in the form of itchy rash, accompanied by increased dry skin. In some cases there are wet ulcers. The easiest test on identifying atopic dermatitis: Take an ordinary school line and push the rash area for 20 seconds. If a few minutes later, a white stripe is saved on the skin, it is atopic dermatitis. If the skin restored the former shade - this is a rash of different nature.
  • Allergy to alcohol . Alcohol has a vasodilatory action. Accordingly, more substances are absorbed into the blood, including toxic. The more components in the composition of the alcoholic beverage, the stronger it is allergic. The most "dangerous" drink is the absinthe, which includes wormwood, anise, fennel, coriander, Melissa. The skin is covered with red spots, both from burns. In chronic alcoholics, daily consuming cheap wine, red, as if the weathered person is a consequence of constant alcoholic intoxication of the body. If such a reaction occurred at an ordinary person, he needs to find out the source of allergies and consult a doctor. The greatest danger is an edema of Quint when they swell the lungs and a person dies within a few minutes.

Allergic rash is 4 species: food, contact, respiratory and respiratory. The biggest allergies are. It should be remembered that not all products used by adults are suitable for children.

It is impossible to leave a rash with a child. The most dangerous is the rash caused by meningococcal infection. Outwardly, it resembles food allergies, but at the same time the body temperature increases. It is better to be restrained, and with any rash at the kid, you must contact the doctor.

Infectious rash: characteristic features and differences from allergic rashes

Distinctive features of an allergic rash - vesicle (capsules with liquid inside), papules (grain seals) and empty (bubbles with pus). In infectious rash, these symptoms have.

Various infections and viruses, getting into the body, damage, first of all, the mucous membrane, as well as skin. Unlike allergic rash, infectious rash is always accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

Also characteristic signs of infection:

  • Intoxication of the body, vomiting, headache
  • fast fatiguability
  • Stage, distribution of rashes on other parts of the body with each new day
  • Increased lymph nodes
  • rashes have a view of Papul, Vesikul and Pustus
  • The skin dries and peeling.

The rash during infection does not cause itching, but touching it causes pain. The cause of rash are the following diseases:

  • Herpes: Depending on the type of virus, the skin of the face (lips), or genitals (penis head, sex lips) are affected. The rash has the form of bubbles that are gradually opened, and in their place are formed ulcers. Upon completion, the crust is formed, which cannot be touched;
  • Scab: The causative agent is a microscopic tick that leaves the thinnest moves under the skin. There is an unbearable itching;
  • Windshore OPE: Rama resembles a mosquito bite filled with serous fluid. Vesiculi extend throughout the body, including the scalp. Soles and palms remain intact;
  • Scarlatina: rash has a view of roseol - point pink spots of various shapes. A few days later, the rash pale and becomes brownish. After normalizing temperature, the skin is peeling and stirled. Characteristic feature - redness of the tongue and increasing the papillars;
  • Corge: rash has a view of papules that are localized on the inner side of the brush, the gum. The rash spreads from the neck down the back, last turn turns to the limbs. The mucous membrane of the eye is inflated;
  • Rubella: The skin is covered with red spots, localized in the field of hip and buttocks, there is ailment;
  • Infectious mononucleosis: lymph nodes increase, adenoids swell. Rash is observed throughout the body, including NEB;
  • Meningococcal infection: This is an extremely dangerous infection, leading to the death or disability of a child. It is in the appearance of the rash that the symptoms of the disease can be noticed in the first day of infection. The rash for meningococcal infection is a consequence of the effects of toxins caused by the vital activity of meningococcus, which increase the permeability of the vessels. The rash has a hemorrhagic character, that is, has the form of small hemorrhages. Basically localizes on buttocks, limbs.

There is an effective test that allows you to distinguish meningococcal rash from other rashes. You need to take a glass, turn it over, put pressure on the place of rash and turn a little while the skin does not bother around. If the skin pale and raises, it means that it is not a matter of meningococcal infection. In the case of preserving the same color, rash should immediately cause an ambulance.

Rash caused by diseases of blood and blood vessels

The rash for blood or blood vessels is caused by damage to the walls of capillaries, as a result of which petechia appears on the surface of the skin - small bright red dots. Unlike conventional hemorrhages, rash with blood disease does not change the colors when pressing. Other signs indicate the disease:

  • Sustains (knees, ankle);
  • Black chair, diarrhea, sharp pain in the stomach as in poisoning;
  • Rash covers the whole body.

To diseases causing hemorrhagic rash include:

The idiopathic thrombocytopenic purple (Verlgood's disease) is a blood disease in which small arteries and capillaries overlap with blood closures. Basically meets in children, especially newborn. The disease has autoimmune causes of unclear etymology. Those. Own immune cells perceive platelets as a foreign body and attack them. The rash is painless, arises as a reaction to the introduction of any medication, is localized at the injection site.

Hemoblastosis. This is a malignant tumor that arises very often in childhood. Rash has several types:

  • Red-brown hemispheres covered with crust;
  • bubbles with serous fluid inside;
  • Similar to the bruises of rash as large sizes and in the form of bloody points that appear without any foundations.

In all cases, rashes cause the strongest itch. Blood tests in hemoblastosis shows a significant increase in the number of leukocytes due to the decrease in immunity. Hemoglobin falls, lymph nodes increase. Platelet indicators fall, the child is quickly tired. The main reason for the rash for blood diseases or blood vessels is a decrease in the number of platelets and a disruption of the synthesis of a protein involved in thrombosis. Such a rash occurs in the reception of drugs that contribute to blood dilution (aspirin, warfarin, heparin).

Diabetic angiopathy. This is a violation of the bandwidth of the vascular vessels of the lower extremities, provoked by diabetes mellitus 1 and 2. Because of the disease, the walls of the vessels are thinned, become fragile. This causes dystrophy of the skin. Oral and erosion appear on the skin.

Rash caused by problems with digestive bodies

The condition of the skin largely depends on the operation of the internal organs. Using the rash card on the face can be determined in which organs there are problems.

  • acne on the forehead indicate problems with the intestines;
  • The rash on the growth line of hair speaks about problems with a bruel bubble;
  • Acne on the nose - troubles with liver;
  • Jews at whiskeys - problems with the spleen;
  • rashes over the lip - disorder of the intestine;
  • acne on the nose - heart disease or endocrine disorders;
  • Rash on the chin - gynecological problems.

Rash for liver diseases

In the early stages of the liver disease, there are practically no self. The earliest symptom is specific skin rashes. They are caused by the amount of bile acid in the blood, which causes general intoxication of the body. The skin acquires a yellow tint.

When cholestasy (blockage of the biliary tract), rash is localized at the feet and palms, has the appearance of traces as if from the burn. Cirrhosis dies liver cells, the whole body is covered with stains. Parasitic liver diseases cause rashes resembling urticule. They are localized in the lumbar region and on the stomach.

It is also characteristic of the combination of rash and vascular stars, which cause a strong itching, which is intensified at night. Acceptance of antihistamines (drugs against allergies) does not cause relief. The increase in bilirubin gives the skin a yellowish tint.

Rash for intestinal diseases

If the contents of the intestine are poorly removed from the body, then some of the toxins will begin to penetrate the blood. The body begins to get rid of poisons through the selection system. Because of this, the skin of the skin deteriorates, it becomes characteristic of it:

  • Increased fat
  • Dusty color face
  • acne rash, and not only on the face, but also on the back, abdomen, chest
  • Noticeable "black dots", similar to volcanic crater
  • The skin becomes dry, dehydrated
  • After healing, scars remain scars.

After the New Year holidays, many noted the deterioration of the state of the skin, there are minor rashes that pass by themselves. They are associated with the pollution of the body toxins caused by the reception of a large amount of heavy food.

Rash with pancreas diseases

Pancreas regulates secretory functions, so the violation of the organ affects the skin of the skin. With the exacerbation of pancreatitis around the navel, hemorrhoidal (similar to bruises) of rash, the skin itself acquires a marble shade. The urticaria is located all over the body strips, and red "drops" on the skin are also noticeable - vascular aneurysms. The more red protruding points on the body, the more intense the disease passes.


Stresses, nervous overvoltage often cause skin rash. Under the influence of stressful situation is oppressed by immunity. The body spends its resources to maintain the normal state of the internal organs. For this reason, previously hidden diseases are exacerbated. Also, the weakening of immunity provokes the urbin - a small rash, similar to the reaction of the epidermis on the tap of nettle. In a different way, this pathology is called nervous eczema. It, in contrast to the usual allergic reaction, is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Strong itch that is not removed by antihistamine drugs
  • Pulse is studied, the tremor of the hands is felt
  • Restless sleep, night sweating
  • Panic attacks, feeling of anxiety and danger
  • Faculty of face and limbs.

Usually, the nervous eczema occurs after a traumatic situation or strong stress. Skin cereal treatment with creams or drugs does not help. Improvement occurs only after the normalization of the life situation. Itching urticaria on the nervous soil soothes the baths with sea salt, which also act well on the nervous system.

Sweeping on the skin in gynecological problems

The state of childbearing organs in a woman is closely dependent on the hormonal background. Many diseases (uterine momas, ovarian cyst, endometriosis) are caused by hormonal imbalance, in particular, the ratio of androgens (male sex hormones) and female sex hormones, which first suggests specific rash on the skin. Androgens, in particular, testosterone and DGT (Digidotestosterone), are produced in women adrenal glands and testicles. Cells, lining the scene glands, have androgen receptors. With increasing the number of hormones, the receptors react, and the skin highlights more salted, creating a nutrient base for bacteria. Moreover, DGT begins to be made by adrenal glands even before the start of puberty, therefore, adolescents, especially in girls, rash have been observed from 10-12 years.

When the ovarian polycystic disease, a woman falls the number of female hormones of estrogen and progesterone and the level of androgens is sharply increasing. In a woman, strong "teenage" acne on the face and chest appear together with a disruption of the menstrual cycle. In the groin, armpits and around the neck are noticeable skin darkening. Also, a woman notes the hypership of the legs, hands, above the lip. All this is due to hormonal imbalance.

Increasing the level of female hormones also affects skin condition. In addition to acne on the face and body, the surplus of estrogen makes the skin sluggish and dim. It seems to lose tone. There is also a decrease in blood sugar levels and an increase in the number of platelets.

Increased progesterone also does not pass without a trace. The skin has progesterone receptors that react to the growth of the hormone by an increase in the production of the skin slide until the oily seborrhea appears. The hair part is covered with crusts, pink spots appear on the face and body, the skin on which is peeling and peeling. In adolescent, the face is covered by the fights, which, when pressing, highlights a liquid scent.

The babies also have a hormonal rash that can greatly scare a young mother. This is the so-called neonatal cefalic pustula. He arises because the baby begins to live separately from the body of the mother, and for him it is a serious hormonal shock. The secretion of the sebaceous glands increases, the ducts are cleaned, which creates favorable conditions for microbes.

Also, the organism of the newborn is getting rid of the hormones, which he supplied the mother during pregnancy. In addition to the rashes on the skin, the girls swells the chest, there are allocations from the vagina. Boys swells scrotum and penis. All these symptoms pass by themselves several days. Mom should be followed so that the baby does not sweat so that the bacteria do not multiply on the skin.

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Try to avoid asphalt tracks while walking with a dog, the road surface is very heated.

For a long walk, take with you the pet for a pet to avoid dehydration. Houses in the bowl should always be cool water in sufficient volume. In especially hot days, leave the bowls with water in several rooms so that the animal has always access to the cool fluid.

To make the dog easier to carry heat, you can moisten your paws and stomach with a wet towel. A couple of times a day, rub your pet's head, but so that the moisture does not get into the ears.

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