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In this article, I will tell you how to paint the glasses . Yes, now it can be done in Minecraft! I consider it as well as in the article on creating two cases: 1. with glass blocks 2. with glass panels When staining glass, they take according to the corresponding color, but the texture of the glass itself remains unchanged. I.e When staining glass blocks, they will look something like this: Prank3 (1)

And the glass panels will become such: Pranks3 (2)

I think everyone who plays or playing Minecraft will agree that such glasses look much better. Now let's turn to the most important matter. How to paint a glass in Minecraft? To do this, on the workbench you need to post a frame of glass blocks, so that one empty slot is left in the middle for the dye. Put the dye, and ready! We get 8 painted glass blocks. Prank5 (1) Prank5 (2)

Screenshots show two possible colors, but You can use any dyes with any shades! But some players, such as I like the glass panels more. For such people there are good news, glass panels can also be painted! In order to paint the glass panels, you need to make them of colored glass blocks: Pokras6.

That's all, now you know how to paint a glass. But in order to understand it better I recommend watching a video on this topic.

Hello dear site visitor! If you suddenly wanted to paint the glass in the game Minecraft, but do not know how to paint the glass, then you are then here, from this detailed and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to paint the glass in minecraft.

And so to paint the glass in the Minecraft game, you will need a workbench and dye, the dye can be yellow, gray, black, pink, blue, red. And so to paint the glass into one of the colors, you will need to go to the installed workbench and press the right mouse button once. Please note: you can paint the glass in minecraft in different color - red, blue, yellow, gray, green, brown. To paint the glass in minecraft, you need a color you will need the color of the color you need. How to make a red dye, how to make an orange dye, how to make a pink dye, how to make a gray dye, how to make a purple dye, how to make a light gray dye, how to make a yellow dye how to get a black dye.

After you come up to the installed workbench and press the right mouse button once, the meniculture mencraft will open in the game of the workbench in which you can paint the glass into the color you need. And so to continue and paint the glass you will need a dye, if you do not have a dye or you do not know how to make a dye in the game Minecraft, then you can familiarize yourself with the instructions on how to make the dye in the game Minecraft. If you already have a dye, then you can proceed to painting glass. And so we bring the mouse over the glass and press the left mouse button once, after which we set the glass in the first, second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth cell. After you install in the first, second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and the nine glass of glass will remain on the fifth cell. Put the dye of any color for the example, I install a gray dye to the fifth cell.

After you put the dye you need from you, the glass in minecraft will be painted in that color that you installed on the fifth cell, in the case of the glass, the glass was painted in a light gray color, since I installed a gray dye on the fifth cell. For example, I will put a yellow dye to the fifth cell.

As we can see the glass turned into a yellow color, after you painted the glass. You will be left to transfer the painted glass into your inventory, for this we bring the mouse cursor to the colored glass and press the right mouse button once, after which it is transferred to the glass into one and cells of your inventory.

After you transfer painted glass into your inventory, you can complete the work with your workbench by pressing the English key E. This is the simple way to paint the glass in any color.

On this I have everything, everyone has a pleasant game to you, to new meetings on the website.

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Everyone finds something to "minecraft". Someone likes to climb the caves and dig precious materials, someone is fond of construction, and someone is engaged in pixel art. All directions are very different, but most of them can not do without design skills. Therefore, one of the main issues when creating an object can be: "How to paint the glass in" minecraft "?"

First steps

First, decide what you need. The game has two types of glass materials - panel and block. They differ mostly sizes and are used for more convenient storage. The main thing, remember that the glass panel is impossible to paint. The only way to make it color is to scream from already colored colored blocks. Therefore, we will disassemble the process of changing the color of this subject.

how to paint glass in minecraft


Before painting the glass in the "minecraft", it needs to be created. And not less than 8 pieces. Why, see later.

  1. Therefore, armed with a shovel, go to the nearest beach and accumulate as much sand as possible.
  2. Then go to the stove and spend the firing of the entire accumulated one. You will have to get glass blocks. Now you can paint the glass in the "minecraft".
  3. Go to the workbench. We lay out 8 blocks "square" on it, and in the very center put any dye. Depending on the type of dye, the painted glass will be obtained.

Having understood how to paint the glass in the "minecraft", you can create colored glass panels. To do this, in the two bottom lines of the workbench put painted blocks, and your color panel is ready.


Of course, when considering the question: "How to paint the glass in" minecraft "?" - It is impossible to do without an indication of where you can get dyes for this process. In the "minecraft" a fairly wide color palette, in which all the colors of the rainbow are present, as well as some adjacent shades. Total present 16 colors. Below, we give a list of possible colors and methods for their preparation.

paint glass in minecraft
  1. Red. You can create from any colors of the appropriate shade.
  2. Orange. As in the drawing lessons - red + yellow or tulip of the same color.
  3. Yellow. Dandelions and sunflowers are the necessary plants for the recraft.
  4. Green. It turns out from the cactus. ATTENTION, it must not be crafted, but burn.
  5. Blue, he is light blue. It turns out of blue orchids, or when mixing blue and white dyes.
  6. Blue. It is mined when roding a lazurite ore.
  7. Purple. Blue + red or repaft onion.
  8. The black. It is mined when killing spruits.
  9. White. Bone flour from skeletons and with bone crafting.

There are 7 more colors, which we offer you independently. This will help you know the knowledge of drawing basics, as well as some logical principles. Mix the paints and experiment.

For the diversity of the gameplay, the glass painting function was added to the game developers. However, players do not always know how this function is to use correctly. In this manual, the process of painting glass in the game will be considered in detail in the game. For this you need to have four components. This, in fact, the glass, workbench and dye. The dye is several colors - yellow, red, blue, gray, black or pink.


To start the process, painting should be approached to the workbench, and then click on it with a right-clicking mouse. Then opens the interaction menu with the workbench. Next, you need to click on the glass and put it in any cell, except for the fifth. In the fifth cell should be put the dye of the required color.


After that, all the glasses in the cells will be painted in the selected color. Thus, using one dye, you can paint a few glasses, for this you just need to take them the required number of cells of your workbench.

Next, the painted glasses must be transferred to the player's inventory, for which you should click on the right click on the glass. To complete the work with the workbench, you just need to click on the I key.

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