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About the benefits of ice cream for the body

Ice cream is considered one of the most

delicious delicacy all over the world, as well as a good means in the fight against summer heat. According to nutritionists and other specialists, ice cream is not only a favorite sweet delicacy, but also useful to the body product.

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In the tragic forty-first, the legendary GOST 117-41 "Ice cream creamy, ice cream cream, fruit-berry, aromatic" was adopted.

According to the strictest standard, the delicacy was preparing exclusively from solid milk and fatty cream, the freshest eggs, the natural gelatin or agar-agar served the thickener. It was unthinkable to replace the creamy oil with a vegetable spread, however, how to add any preservatives of a dash chemistry or retreat from classical formulation.

The era of the legendary Soviet ice cream ended in the ninety year, it was then that the technical conditions were entered into force, or that by which ice cream could contain anything. Each cold processing plant now determined the composition and approved a wide variety of ingredients (from dry milk to cheap palm oil).

If today you twist at a truly filling from childhood for 20 kopecks, then you do not read this article in vain. Prepare the legendary Soviet ice cream in our recipe, the very taste is guaranteed!

So what is important

The quality and taste of ice cream depends on the quality of products, exclusively fresh cream and eggs - the key to a beautiful dessert. The greater cream, the more tender will be the structure of ice cream.

Everyone says that without ice cream, which whips and at the same time freezes, nothing will work. It is not true. If the ice cream whips continuously, until complete freezing, the output suggests itself: we need to cool the seal in the freezer and beat the mixer or blender than more often, the better. About once per hour.

And at the very end, a thick mass is mixed with a tablespoon, because the mixer it only scatters in our kitchen.

Now about the products that we need

Cream for seals are needed the biggest fat content, 38%.


Before whipping, they need to cool well, not less than 10-12 hours. The bowl and whine of the mixer should also be cold.

Many cream recipes are whipped with the rest of the ingredients, but in this case the mass is not very magnificent, but if the cream beaten separately, then the ice cream will turn out more lush and gentle.

It is important not to be reversed, otherwise we get the oil and the poch.



It is better to use white small crystalline sugar or sugar powder.

Small sugar, like a powder, dissolves faster in creams and cream.

Pod Vanilla

Vanilla is a dried tropical orchid pod. A wand length is 15-20 cm, dark brown, evenly dried.

The more intense the oily flare, the one is fragrant. As a rule, vanilla seeds are used in cooking. If you do not have a vanilla stick, you can use vanilla sugar or vanillin. But for authentic taste, we recommend using the vanilla pod.



For confectionery and desserts you need to use fresh eggs. You, of course, know that before use, they must be washed with soap and wipe dry.

When cooking ice cream, you need to follow the recipe and do not retreat from the proportions specified in it: if the yolks put more, then the ice cream will be an unpleasant taste and not a snow-white color.


We use the fattest milk, 6%. It should be fresh in order to avoid coagulation when heated.

It is important to know that if milk pour more than indicated in the recipe, then ice cream will be watery, with plenty of ice. And it will quickly melt.

Products decided. Now let's start preparing seals according to GOST.

Recipe Ice Cream Swab Photo:

What do you need:

  1. 4 yolk

    Products decided. Now let's start preparing seals according to GOST.

  2. 90-100 g of small crystal sugar

    Products decided. Now let's start preparing seals according to GOST.

  3. 1 pod of Vanilla

    Products decided. Now let's start preparing seals according to GOST.

  4. 250 ml of milk 6%,

  5. 350 ml of oily cream 38%

  6. Container - for cooling

    Products decided. Now let's start preparing seals according to GOST.

  7. How to prepare ice cream Savir:

  8. Yolks to confuse with the sugar of good.

    Products decided. Now let's start preparing seals according to GOST.
    Extract seeds from vanilla sticks.

  9. In the scenery boil milk with vanilla seeds.

  10. Pour the thin jet of hot milk into yolks, continuously stirring.

Return a dairy-yolk mixture to fire and warm, constantly stirring, up to 80-85 ° C. In no case should no case boil, otherwise milk will turn out with egg flakes. Cool First to room temperature, then in the refrigerator at least an hour.

Chilled cream whipped to pomp, then neatly combine with a cold yellow-milk mixture. Beat literally minute or two. There should be a magnificent, but not a thick mass (the mixer does not hold on the whitewash, "slides").

Ship ice cream to the container and put in the freezer for 40-60 minutes. After the specified time, get from the freezer and beat the mixer. Remove again into the freezer for 50 minutes. Do all the same in this scheme 3-4 times.

The last time the mass will be solid, frozen, do not be scared, everything goes according to plan! Thoroughly "break" the ice cream with a spoon, actively stirring.

Send one more time to the freezing chamber.

After 30-40 minutes to get, mix, finally remove to the freezer to complete freezing.

Classic Soviet Savier ready! It will be much easier to decompose it in the creams if the container stands for several minutes at room temperature. Enjoy your meal!

No one can argue that this sweet delicacy was so loved to adults and children that he was ready to eat in the heat, and in the cold. The time of year has already ceased to be a determining factor when choosing ice cream as a dessert. It can be confirmed and always complete freezers in stores, where even in the middle of winter there is a good choice of a variety of ice cream. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the taste of the dessert at any time, but it is not all. When you learn how to cook ice cream at home, which will be tastier, easier and more useful to shop, for you there will be no obstacles on the way to the real bliss of taste.

  • Honestly, I will say that I have been skeptical enough in this opportunity long enough, prepare my own ice cream at home, believing that it could not be so simple and tasty. I thought that no large-scale production was such complex, probably, and recipes are awesome and inaccessible to a simple one.
  • Of course, this is of course the truth, the recipes of the shop ice cream are not available to us, but are they needed? I was convinced that you are not needed. After several successful experiments with attempts to prepare ice cream at home, I understood - the homemade recipes of ice cream are incredibly simple, and the delicacy itself turns out to be more tastier and more useful, without chemistry, additives and all kinds of substitutes. All my households choir abandoned the shop ice cream in favor of the cooked house, and even began to take part in his cooking, adding their ideas, tastes and decorations.
  • I will tell you what recipes I tried on my own experience and put solid fives!
  • I will start with the fact that I tried to cook the simplest creamy ice cream with your own hands. Or as it is also called a seal. I think this is a classic that is relevant at all times and loved by almost everyone. Add fruits in it, syrups, chocolate and no deeper dessert at least for a holiday, even on a regular day. Fresh berries with a garden, jam from stocks, syrup from the store, chocolate chips - that's what can be added to the most common creamy ice cream made at home.
  • How to make ice cream flub at home

I call this recipe for my home ice cream for myself "GOST Saving". I can not vouch, that this is what the recipe is presented in Guest, because I could not find the original document on the Internet, only his reprints and interpretations on a variety of various sites. But the most important thing that was learned, all products should be natural and no vegetable fats and substitutes.

The recipe for GOST from recognized Internet culinary entrance includes:

Cream 30-35% - 500 ml,

Milk - 150 ml,

Sugar sand (or powder) - 150 grams,

egg yolks - 3 pieces,

Vanilla extract / vanilla / vanilla sugar for vanilla taste.

Cooking ice cream with your own hands, step-by-step recipe:

1. The secret that I understood over time and strictly now he follows - cream for cooking ice cream at home must be cooled. Therefore, put them in the refrigerator in advance.

2. Separate egg yolks from proteins. In case, do not remember how it is done, I remind: split the eggs for two smooth halves and open so that the yolk remains in one of the halves, and the stack of the stack into another capacity (cup, plate). Protein stalks, but not completely, so continuing to keep the egg above the cup carefully pour the yolk from one half the shell to another, another part of the protein is alive. Repeat again if the protein remained and so while in the shell there will not be one yolk. Put separated yolks in another cup or saucer, do the same with the other eggs.

If such a "grandmother" is complicated for you, then now in stores you can buy special devices for separating yolks. Most of them look like a spoon with slots in which the protein flows, and the yolk remains inside.

3. In a separate bowl, overtake yolks with sugar to homogeneity. Sugar will not disappear completely, so many use sugar powder. But even if you have ordinary sugar sand, it is not scary, later you will understand why.

4. Pour into a bowl with eggs and sugar milk and stirred by a wedge.

5. The resulting yellowish mixture is transferred to a saucepan and put on the stove on a small fire. It is necessary to heat the mixture, but not to give it boiling, otherwise the eggs are welded. In order for ice cream at home, it is thick, this mixture must be heated to a maximum of 80 degrees and constantly interfere.

Gradually, she will begin to thick. Egg yolk yolks will help her. If you are not aware, then the chefs use the chefs to thicken anything from creams, to sauces and gravity. This is a long-known way in all over the world using natural products.

Do not worry that raw eggs in ice cream are used, it is such heating that will save them from bacteria, being a homemade pasteurization version. This heating will help to finally dissolve the sugar. Our home ice cream criste on the teeth will not.

To understand that the mixture is ready, it is necessary to dial to dip the blade or a wooden spoon. The mixture should remain on a spoon, and if you carry a finger or knife, the groove does not blurry and does not stalk. About so.

6. Now this mixture must be cooled to room temperature. To do this, take a saucepan more and pour ice water from under the tap into it, you can pour ice cubes. Then put a saucepan in it with an egg mixture, as if you are going to prepare in a water bath. Still the mixture of the mixture for a few minutes so that the lower cooled layers be mixed with the upper warm until the whole mass is cooled.

While it will cool, the mixture will become a little more thick. Egg yolks continue to work!

7. When the egg mixture is ready, get from the cream refrigerator and beat them in a big bowl to the state of a good thick cream. The main thing is not to overdo it so that they do not thicken before the state of the oil. This is unfortunately another problem that may occur when cooking ice cream at home.

I check the readiness of whipped cream by the fact that they do not flow from the bowl if it is good to tilt, but remain motionless.

8. The next step is to mix whipped cream and egg mixture. At the same time, add vanilla sugar (1 whole bag) or vanilla liquid extract (teaspoon) in order to give ice cream vanilla taste.

Stir everything carefully with a spoon or spatula, so as not to knock down the creamy foam. The mixer in this case is better not to use. It is necessary to achieve homogeneous texture and colors. It should turn out to be a gentle-cream-colored thick cream (it tastes, by the way, is simply amazing. Tested by all households controlling the process).

9. Now ice cream must be frozen. But this should be done with the fact that it will have to get it several times from the freezer and beat the mixer to break the crystals of the ice and saturate with air. Only so it will turn out to be real tender ice cream at home.

For freezing, any large container is suitable, in which it will be convenient to be repeatedly poured. It may also be the same bowl covered with a food film (we do not want extra smells of freezer in ice cream), and a plastic food container with a dense cover is suitable. Even plastic jars from shopping products that are already eaten, suitable. The main thing is pregnant to wash them.

Close ice cream and put in the freezer for an hour.

10. In this recipe, I cook ice cream at home without the use of special ice cream, so exactly an hour we take out a container with ice cream and whipped with a mixer again.

An hour later, it only thickens slightly and beat it simply. Pretty mixing ice cream from the edges with a middle. Cover again and remove in the freezer for another hour.

An hour later, repeat the procedure. Ice cream will become more suitable and on the edges of the container will turn into lumps. Still to uniformity with a mixer and again remove in the freezer.

In my experience, it is necessary to beat the ice cream so much less than 3-4 times, then it turns out to be airlike as a present. If this is not done, then its texture in the frozen state is so dense that get it from the bowl even with a special spoon will be very difficult. Without whipping it turns out an excellent creamy brick.

11. After a few whipping, leave ice cream in the freezer of the clock by 8-12. Ideally for the night. In the morning you will be waiting for a stunning delicacy.

  • To get it from the bowl, use special round spoons heated in boiling water. You can do it with a regular spoon. Just hold the spoon in a cup with hot water literally a couple of minutes.
  • This is so easy to prepare ice cream at home, and not just ice cream, but a real creamy cream! Thug yourself, treat guests and enjoy incredible yummy!
  • If this recipe seemed too long and complicated to you, go to the second, the easier of which is already difficult to come up with.

The simplest ice cream at home from cream and condensed milk

I can not tell you about this interesting recipe for home ice cream. On the one hand, it can be called a recipe for the lazy, since it is simpler to prepare a creamy ice cream at home simply not invented. But on the other hand, the result is very worthy.

The only feature of this recipe that I don't even think about the minus is that ice cream is very creamy and sweet. That is, absolutely not dietary. But if you are not a supporter of strict diets, it is just unimaginable yummy. Of all the acquaintances, whom I have sought these ice cream, everyone was satisfied, and the children were so singing from delight, because the delicacy is better than any candy.

What is the secret of such a recipe for home ice cream? The fact that only 2 ingredients is used, plus vanilla for taste.

Natural cream 30-35% - 500 ml,

Condensed milk - from 200 ml.

Vanilla sugar or vanilla essence to taste.

Why relative to condensed milk indicated the measure "from". Everything is simple, the more condensed milk, the sweeter will be ice cream.

After several tests carried out with different quantities of condensed half of the recipe, the combination of products was revealed by me acceptable to our taste: 1 part of condensed milk to 2-piece cream.

I started my tests with the simplest proportion of a standard half-blooded package of cream and a standard condensed milk bank in 380 ml. It turned out just amazing, but much sweeter than the usual store ice cream or ice cream on the recipe above, of milk and cream. Sugar came out clearly less.

Another feature of cooking: the taste and quality of ice cream at home will depend on taste and quality of cream and condensed milk. Bad cheap cream with suspicious unnatural makeup from little-known manufacturers all spoiled. Condensed milk with vegetable fats and powdered all spoils. No, we did not themselves, but the taste very seriously suffered. There was a strange mildness in the language or unpleasant herbal fat sunned on the lips.

Therefore, the most important principle of choice: Always take proven delicious and high-quality cream and condensed milk with good homogeneous consistency and sufficient density. 30% cream cannot be liquid like milk, it simply will not be in the air mass. A condensed milk not from whole milk can spoil the taste and consistency. Choose everything with the mind and get very tasty.

Preparation of ice cream at home from cream and condensed milk:

1. Before cooking ice cream, cool and cream and condensed milk. A couple of hours in the refrigerator, no less. This is necessary in order for the products well whipped in a foam.

You can also cool the whiskers of a mixer that you will beat.

2. Chilled cream to take a thick air mass until it is lush so as not to flow out of the plate. Good whipped cream look like cream.

3. Add vanilla sugar (1 bag). Then, without ceasing to beat at low speed, pour condensed milk. You can mix condensed milk with cream with a wooden spoon or a spatula until you get a homogeneous consistency. The mass in this will be slightly more liquid than it was before this cream, with a pronounced vanilla smell and a delicate cream tint.

4. Pour the future ice cream in the freezing container. To do this, a large bowl is suitable, which can be covered with a food film, a plastic food container with a dense cover or, for example, boxes and containers from shop ice cream, which you have already eaten for a long time.

In fact, the main thing is that the container can be closed tightly and put in the freezer. Foreign smells are very easy to stick to this creamy mixture.

5. Now the most important thing is that turns our delicacy to real ice cream - every hour it must be mixed or hit at the low speed of the mixer.

Why do you need and why is it so vital? The thing is that the secret of ice cream is that the creamy mass is filled with air. According to GOST Soviet ice cream, up to 200% of air in the mass of ice cream was allowed. Imagine which aerial yummy was obtained.

From my own experience I will tell you that when I did not beat ice cream at home at least three times, it turned out too hard and it was extremely difficult to remove it from the form. One tablespoon was bent almost irretrievably, despite its preheating in boiling water. Yes, and eat ice cream melting, much more tastier.

The entire process of mixing / whipping is reduced to the fact that ice cream must be removed from the freezer, open the cover and beat it right in the freezing tank. Make it several times until you realize that it has become too thick for whipping.

The frost rate depends on the volume of the tank and the power of the freezer, so everyone can have different. Small flat trays freeze much faster than a big bowl. For small containers, it is advisable to beat the mass after half an hour, and not an hour.

6. Folden at home from condensed milk will be ready on time after 8-12 hours. Can be served on the table! Creamy ice cream at home with Kit-Cat and Oreo

You can apply a dessert and simply without everything. And you can decorate it with fresh berries or fruits, chocolate chip, nuts, jam. By love. Here already as a fantasy prompts you.

And so you can diversify this simple recipe for the preparation of homemade ice cream, adding the most beloved chocolate cookies of Oreo and Waffels Kit-Cat.

And in conclusion, I want to say that our dessert is obtained as in Soviet times. Now this is no longer buy. He is so tasty that those who try him refuse to believe in his home origin.

For children, this is a real holiday, as for any other real sweet bowls. This yummy can be replaced by a cake in a children's holiday or just enjoy as a dessert.

And this is without any special ice cream and without special equipment. Just with a mixer and refrigerator. And of course, through your hands.

Now that you are armed with knowledge, how to prepare a delicious and natural cream ice cream at home, there is a chance that you will for a long time forget from store analogues with dubious ingredients and terrible e-additives. Take care of your health and health of your children!

Salter with strawberries

Enjoy your appetite and more festive mood in the kitchen!

Prepare a seal necessarily. It is not difficult. Prepared at least once, you will do it quite often. My blog has other recipes for cooking ice cream, also very tasty. There is also a presented option and many others. And what a strawberry delicacy! Mmmm ..., just download. Baskin Robins is resting!

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1. Yolks are well stirred by a whisk and add milk, sugar. Put on fire and boil to the consistency of condensed milk, constantly stirring.

2. Remove from the fire, pour into a bowl and completely cool at room temperature, interfere with it. In the cooled bowl, take the chilled cream using the mixer. Friends, I hope that you liked the recipe. Write about it in the comments, as well as share there with your favorite recipes. Let everyone be delicious!

3. Whipped creams gently mix with cooled syrup. Pour into a wide container, cover the film and put in the freezer for 1 hour.

  • 4. Gently move away from the edges of the bowl of ice cream and take the mixer for 1 minute. Cover the film and put in the freezer for 1 hour. Then mix the ice cream again and move to a lower container.
  • 5. Cover the film and put in the freezer for 4 hours for full pouring. Enjoy your meal!
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  • Ice cream is a product that everyone loves, especially children. Such a delicacy any hostess can do in her kitchen. Ingredients to create seals will need a little, so such a dessert will be cheap. The ice cream includes cream, eggs, sugar and milk. People who have allergies for dairy products, you can prepare a delicacy without milk.
  • Today there are many options for creating a delicious dessert. You can, like in former times, make a seal in an ordinary freezer. The created masterpiece with their own hands will not only be delicious, but also useful. It has natural fats, proteins that are necessary for the human body. So how to make a crew at home?

Flome, who did our moms and grandmothers

In the summer you always want to try something cold and tasty. Therefore, many moms indulge their children with delicious homemade seal. Make it very simple. The main thing is to remember some nuances of cooking. To do this, we need to take:

  1. 2 cups of rustic cream, high fatty;
  2. 2 glasses of good milk;
  3. 3 yolks;
  4. 200 grams of small sugar or sugar powder;
  5. Package Vanillina.

Important! All products should be cold to make them easier to beat.

Cooking method: Enjoy your meal!

Milk is first boiled, and then cold to a temperature of 35 degrees.

  • Yolks are thoroughly mixed with sugar or powder, as well as vanilla. Then the homogeneous mass is necessary to beat the mixer well. When it turns out a dense foam, it is gently mixed with milk.
  • The saucepan with a mixture put on a preheated plate, heated until a thick mass is obtained. Be sure to mix everything so that the products are not burned. Then the container should be removed from the heat, to withstand to the complete cooling at room temperature, and then put it in the cold.
  • While the dairy mixture is in the cold, it is necessary to beat the fatty cream thoroughly. Then they are added to the frozen cream and mix well with a mixer.
  • The resulting mass is applied to a container with a lid and sent to the freezer.
  • Now it remains only to be patient, as the full preparation of the seal will take about four hours. Every half an hour it is necessary to remove the container and mix well content. Only after these manipulations, home cream will be ready. You can feed it with any filler: chocolate, berries, jam.
  • Silver with chocolate and vanilla
  • If you add berries or cocoa to ice cream, it will acquire a completely different taste. For example, for the preparation of vanilla chocolate seals it will be necessary to take such ingredients:

In the summer you always want to try something cold and tasty. Therefore, many moms indulge their children with delicious homemade seal. Make it very simple. The main thing is to remember some nuances of cooking. To do this, we need to take:

  1. 150 grams of cocoa powder;
  2. 150 ml of milk;
  3. 100 grams of pistachios;
  4. 200 grams of high fat cream;

one pod (wand) vanilla;

200 grams of sugar powder; Salter at home - Photo Step 1

Three egg yolks.

  • Milk is poured into the saucepan and reflux cocoa. Both products are very well mixed. Vanilla's pod gets all seeds and also go to the pan. Then the container is put on a small fire. It is necessary to bring the mixture to boil, do not forget to constantly interfere with a spoon. After boiling the pan is removed from the fire. The content is needed to cool to room temperature.
  • Cream is now added to the resulting mixture and quickly a mixer for half a minute is whipped with everything. Pistachios finely chopped with a knife, yolks with sugar powder are also mixed.
  • Then both mixtures are mixed between themselves in a homogeneous mass, which is poured into the ice cream along with pistachios. Whobing is necessary all hour.
  • The finished seal is sent to the freezer for 60 minutes.
  • After that, you can eat a seal, sprinkling it with pistachios.
  • Delicious homemade seal without milk

In the summer you always want to try something cold and tasty. Therefore, many moms indulge their children with delicious homemade seal. Make it very simple. The main thing is to remember some nuances of cooking. To do this, we need to take:

  1. Swabs are made on the basis of milk, but now you can cook delicious delicacy without this product. The taste of such ice cream will be completely different, but also very original. To prepare such a seal, you will need:
  2. 130 grams of lemon juice;
  3. protein of three eggs;

300 milliliters of oily cream; Salter at home - Photo Step 2

100 grams of sugar;

  • pinching vanilline;
  • 2 apples.
  • To begin with, mix the sugar with cream in a saucepan, and then put on the fire. Cook such a mixture is half an hour at low temperature. After typing, you give to cool the mass. Then the mixer is whipping it to foam for a minute.
  • Lemon juice, sugar and proteins are also embarrassed in a foam, and then they are connected to sweet cream. After everything is stirred until the homogeneous mass is obtained, which is put in the freezer for several hours. After each hour, the container is removed and the contents are well mixed.
  • Apples stay to decorate future ice cream. From their pieces will be a good stand under the dessert.
  • Domestic seal with an apricot taste

In the summer you always want to try something cold and tasty. Therefore, many moms indulge their children with delicious homemade seal. Make it very simple. The main thing is to remember some nuances of cooking. To do this, we need to take:

  1. Often, children love eating ice cream with various fruit tastes. But on sale ice cream comes with various dyes and additives, so it is better to prepare such a treat at home from high-quality products. For an apricot dessert, it will be necessary to prepare such products:
  2. Fresh lemon juice 50 ml;
  3. half a kilogram of apricots;
  4. 100 grams of sugar and 80 grams of powder;

proteins from three eggs; Salter at home - Photo Step 3

cream 300 grams;

Vanillin to taste.

  • First you need to wash apricots and remove bones from them. Some fruit halves leave, and the rest are finely cut.
  • Pour cream in a bowl and pour sugar. This mixture should be boiling about half an hour on slow heat before thickening. Then the resulting mass is cooled to room temperature.
  • Now add other components and quickly whip in the foam.
  • Ice cream is almost ready, it remains to send it to the freezer for two hours. Then take out and mix the mixer and again put for 1.5 hours in the freezing chamber. When you eat the received delicacy, do not forget to decorate the halves of apricot.
  • Savir for the State Standard

In the Soviet Union, all products were made qualitatively according to a certain standard, including ice cream. And the swab was very tasty, today many dreams about such.

  1. The product includes such components:
  2. 1 liter of 35% cow cream;
  3. 3 tablespoons of sugar;

Package Vanillina;

  1. 1 jar of condensed milk;

7 grams of gelatin.

The cooking process of the seal:

Gelatin flood with a spoonful of cold boiled water and leave to swell.

By connecting all the remaining ingredients, mixer on weak turns mix them. Then a minute whipping in fast mode. Salter at home - Photo Step 4

Prepared Gelatin put on a water bath to melt. And then slowly pour into the creamy mixture.

  • Important! Because of the dessert need no more than two minutes, otherwise the oil will turn out instead of the seal.
  • The prepared mass is placed in the container and put in the freezer for 3 hours. But every half hour it must be taken and interfered. Only after these manipulations you will have a real seal.
  • Ice cream from the past
  • As you have already noticed, the main ingredient seals are cream. Therefore, we will stop a little on the preparation of a creamy ice cream, which is always happy to eat both children and adults. First, it is necessary to prepare 1 liter of fatty cooled cream and 200 grams of condensed milk, also a mixer with high capacity, as the products during the beating will be increased twice.
  • Cream pour into the bowl of the mixer and begin to beat until they thicken. Further poured into them a condensed milk, but the mixer is not turned off. There should be a homogeneous mass, which is laid out into the container and sent to the freezer. Within three hours, the mixture must be intermitted periodically. When the seal will be ready, it can be decomposed into the creamy or wafer cups.
  • Ice cream with currant
  • Ice cream with the addition of berries is always delicious delicacy. In order to make a wax seal, such components must be prepared:

In the summer you always want to try something cold and tasty. Therefore, many moms indulge their children with delicious homemade seal. Make it very simple. The main thing is to remember some nuances of cooking. To do this, we need to take:

  1. sheltered cream;
  2. yolks from 7 eggs;
  3. 230 grams of roasted peanuts and as many fruit candies;
  4. Sugar glass (200 g);
  5. 100 grams of honey;
  6. 400 grams of currant, better black;

130 ml of water.

  1. We start working with mixing of the zucats and nuts.
  2. In the container, pour water, honey and raw up 100 grams of sugar. The mixture is adjusted to a boil on slow heat, boil for about 10 minutes.
  3. Proteins are whipped into lush foam, and then slowly introduced into the resulting syrup. When the whole mass be cooled, add a nut mix into it.
  4. The final stage is the cream whipping and mixing them with the rest of the components. Further, the seal declines into the molds and goes 8 hours in the freezer.
  5. It remains only to prepare a currant fill. To do this, it is necessary to make a syrup of 100 grams of sugar and 80 grams of water. Currant is crushed in a blender and mix with the resulting sugar syrup. Then strain it.

Ready seal before serving with currant syrup.

Tips from cook

So that when adding canned fruit or berries in the seal, liquid consistency was not obtained, it is necessary to merge completely juice. And the aroma of berries or fruits can be enhanced by increasing the amount of fruits. The most difficult seal in the preparation is its periodic beating in the process of freezing. But without frequent mixing, you will get a dairy icy. Therefore, it is easier to use the ice cream that will facilitate your work. There are cases when the mixture, standing on the fire, quickly boils and yolks are simply folded. This error can be corrected: I miss the whole mass through a sieve, and then add raw yolks, whipped with sugar powder.

All components that will be added to ice cream must first be cooled in the freezer.

Important moment - preparation of mass in a water bath. For milk, the container must be taken glass, refractory. By the way, for the freezer, such a dishes will be the best option, because it does not give products of extraneous tastes. Of course, ice cream is not quite simple. But if you have a desire, you are fond of cooking, you can always try. After all, food prepared at home is considered much more useful and tastier purchased. Each mother wants her children to receive as far as possible from products of various additives, so it is definitely worth trying to cook a delicacy at home!

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About the legendary taste of real cream seams heard many. No wonder, according to many authoritative sources, Soviet ice cream deservedly considered the best in the world And at one time was filed in the best restaurants in Europe and the United States.

In the USSR, it also enjoyed very popular, and all who had a chance to catch Soviet times with nostalgia recall his unforgettable excellent taste.


Today, "that" seal in the store can not be bought.
Today, "that" seal in the store can not be bought.
  • No matter how trusted manufacturers to go to tricks, pointing out in the title that their product is made according to GOST, from the Soviet seal today's ice cream is different as the sky and the earth.
  • That is why I decided to try to make it myself.
  • As a basis, I took a recipe from the 1953 culinary encyclopedia
  • which a couple of years ago I bought on a flea market.
  • Running forward will say that the result has surpassed everything, even the most bold expectations. If you also want to return to the past and remember the familiar taste of childhood, my today's post will be extremely useful.

First, let's figure it out with the ingredients. Based on the 1948 recipe, we need to prepare the creamy seal:

Ingredients that we need Milk cow - 130 ml

Cream 30-35% - 300 ml

Sugar - 100 gr
Sugar - 100 gr

Chicken Egg - 3 pieces

Vanillin - 1/2 teaspoon
Vanillin - 1/2 teaspoon

The process of cooking ice cream is not very complex, but rather laborious.

Strictly follow the instructions

And as a result, get a stunning creamy cream. As they say, verified personally.

To begin with, pour the right amount of milk into the pan.
The pot is better to take a small
The pot is better to take a small

Next, we put a saucepan on fire and bring milk to a boil. As soon as the milk boiled, immediately remove it from the burner and add sugar and vanillin.

After milk boiled milk add sugar and vanillin

Mix everything thoroughly, to complete dissolution.

We give milk to cool to room temperature.
We give milk to cool to room temperature.

After the milk is cooled, we introduce three egg yolks.

Be careful, add the yolk, not the protein.

Proteins We will not need, only yolks We all thoroughly mix up to a homogeneous mass, and put a pan on a very slow fire. It is better not even for fire, but on a water bath. So less risk that the substance is firing and everything will be spoiled.

Constantly stirring to bring the mass until thickening. It took me for 15 minutes. As a result, a consistency is similar to condensed milk.

The photo is not very clear, but the substance turned out one to one as a condensed milk
The photo is not very clear, but the substance turned out one to one as a condensed milk

We remove the saucepan from the fire and re-give the resulting mass to cool.

In a separate container, with a mixer, you need to beat the cream.
In a separate container, with a mixer, you need to beat the cream.
As already wrote above,

Fatty cream must be no lower than 30%,

Salter at home - Photo Step 5

Otherwise, nothing will happen.

We add whipped cream into a saucepan and thoroughly mix two of the resulting mass.

Cream you need to beat up to dense mass

Domestic female childhood
Almost all on it. It remains to remove the whole thing in the freezer for 4 hours. At the same time, it is necessary every hour to get a saucepan, and it's very carefully mixing our seal.

Practically finished seal. It remains only to freeze it

It is necessary so that ice cream is the most gentle as possible and there are neither ice pieces.

That's all right. Even despite the fact that the products from which I did ice cream are now not at all those that were before, the taste of the seal turned out to be otned. For more than thirty years I did not try it, but today I remembered.

I hope my today's recipe you liked and you will definitely try to realize it in life. I'm sure you will not regret.

We are accustomed to perceive the seal in relation to your favorite sweet product of our time. And now few people already know that this word is obliged to the French city of Swombier-le-Bain, where it was invented during Napoleon. It was there that for the first time it was made of oily cream, whole milk, eggs and taste additives. Mega has become popular with us in the time of the USSR, they began to produce it according to GOST 117-41.

Chocolate Savir do it yourself
It was of the most delicious in Moscow, and Leningrad. And we always, when it happened to be in these two capitals, already at the station first, I was bought ice cream briquette. Selling it, of course, everywhere, in any city and village. But apparently it was here that all the technical characteristics of the cooking process and most importantly, the necessary proportions were observed. Due to which it was truly magical.


Currently, GOST is changed to 31457-2012. Such a product, as before buying in the store is not so simple. If you read the composition on the briquette of a modern dessert, then there you can meet stabilizers, emulsifiers, and taste amplifiers, and milk fat substitutes. The taste is not at all such, even in Moscow it is bought, at least anywhere else.

  • But you can prepare a real seal from Soviet times at home, as well as other varieties of beloved delicacy. To taste it will be exactly in exactly, as the very, from childhood. And for this you will not need a lot of time. Costs of course will be not small, but they will be prepared entirely from natural products of the right quality and fatty. And without any extra additives.
  • Home Soviet Time Flumber according to GOST 117-41
  • This recipe has some variations in the number of ingredients, but the ingredients themselves are strictly regulated. Fat cream, fatty milk, fresh egg yolks and sugar should be present in the composition. Vanilla is added to aromatize.
  • There is no condensed milk as a thickener. They will be cooked independently cream. Cooking technology should also be fully respected.
  • Real Salter for GOST USSR

In today's recipe, I will tell you how it all is done. And also I will try to explain why this is done this way, and not differently. When there is an understanding of the process as a whole, the errors are less allowed, and the main result always pleases!

We need:

Cream at least 33% - 500 ml

Milk fatty at least 3.4-4.5% - 200 ml

Sugar powder - 150-200 gr

egg yolks - 4 pcs

Vanillin - 0.5 h. spoons

Please note that the sugar powder is indicated two values. Someone loves more sweet foods, someone less. Personally, I add the average number, namely 170 grams. Ice cream is not too sweet, and for us optimal to taste. But you can experiment, and later choose the most acceptable option for yourself.

For convenience, we divide the entire process into four parts.


1. Fresh eggs divided into proteins and yolks. This can be done using a special separator. Or just use the old way, where the yolk rolls out of one broken shell into another. In this case, the protein under the influence of its own gravity merges into the prepared bowl.

2. Place them in a bowl convenient for mixing.

In it, pour fat milk (2,5 fatty and not suitable) and pour sugar powder and vanillin. If it was not found, then vanilla sugar is suitable, but in this case, consider the sweetness in it. And if you add 10 grams, then reduce the amount of sugar powder to this value.

You can also add vanilla on the tip of the knife, or a few drops of vanilla essence.

3. All components are mixed with the helical. It will not need to shoot down here. It is just important for us to mix everything into a single mixture.

4. Move it into the scenery and put on a small fire. Arming silicone, or better than a wooden blade and with constant stirring to bring a mixture to such a state while bubbles will not appear on the edge of the scenery.

Here you will need to be patient, as the cream needs constant stirring.

5. The next action we will need to respect the cream. The desired condition when it becomes not so liquid. To do this, you may need from 20 to 25 minutes of its cooking on minimal fire, and during this period of time, it will need to almost constantly interfere so that it does not affect the bottom and did not burn.

The task of the cream is not only given taste color, it will also be a thickener. When you make ice cream on a condensed milk, then she herself is. Here we use fresh milk to bring to the desired condition.

6. Be sure to withstand a small fire. If you do not follow this, the cream will go "grains", which then go into the finished product and will interfere with the perception of gentle taste.

The preparedness of the cream can be defined as follows. On the shovel, which was stirred by a mixture, with a finger to spend a transverse strip. If the edges do not connect, it means that the desired thickness is obtained and the skeleton can be removed from the stove. It is to shoot, and not just turn off the fire under it.

7. Now the cream must be quickly cooling. To do this, you will need to score cold water into a large bowl and put a cake with cream in it. Let stand, periodically mix the contents. When water in a bowl becomes warm, pour it out and pour cold again. So you can change it two or three times.

For faster cooling, you can add ice cubes into the water.

Last time to leave it to cool and proceed to the second stage.

Prepare ice cream

Previously, I was always afraid of recipes, where it was necessary to use whipped cream. They rarely got the right quality. So far I did not understand for yourself that the cream for knocking should be necessarily fat, and the dishes in which the process itself is cold.

Now the cream is always knocked out just once or twice.

1. And so to begin with, we should cool them. If they have already been lying in the refrigerator before, it's just fine, if you just brought them from the store, then leave in a cold chamber at least an hour.

There, send the whites and a bowling bowl. They will need 40 minutes to cool.

2. Then pour cream into a bowl, armed with a mixer and start shooting them on small revolutions. When large bubbles appear, add speed, and so gradually, go to maximum speed.

It will be necessary to shoot down from 3 to 7 minutes. This is depending on the speed of your mixer. In this case, it will be necessary to be equal for a while, but to the appearance of the product.

Finished creams become dense so much that if you flip a bowl in which they were shot down, they do not break out of it. Also on the surface there will be no fallen peaks. And if you make a finger to the grooves on them, then the line will remain in the form as it painted.

It is also important not to kill them in order not to turn into oil. Therefore, follow the right state.

3. And so, we have two mixes - whipped cream, and completely cold cream. We need to connect them. It is correct to do this, it means that in several techniques add cream into whipped cream and moving movements clockwise, from the edge to the center mix both mixes into one.

I have already adapted to knock them down with a mixer. It even seems to me that at this moment both mixtures are better drilled by oxygen molecules.

I do it at the minimum speed, gradually in several parties adding cream in cream. In my opinion, the advantage of this method is also in the fact that if the cream still formed "Crupins", they will all betray and will not be felt.

I told you about two ways, choose more convenient for yourself. In general, the mixture must be made homogeneous on consistency.

Right freeze

Proper freezing as well as the first two stages, plays an important role. Have you ever tried ice cream in which ice floes come across? This is just because it is not free to frozen. I will tell you how to avoid it.

1. Place the resulting fragrant mixture into two approximately the same bowl of bowls. It can be left in the one that they shot down, but then there will be somewhat more free to freeze. In a smaller volume, the mixture is frozen faster and better. Preparing because at home, in the usual refrigerator.

It is not necessary to share exactly exactly.

2. Cover covers and put in the freezer. If there is a timer, then use it. We will need to cool the mixture three times to 40 minutes. If they left it in a large capacity, then three times a half hours.

After 40 minutes (1.5 hours), the bowls get and mix the contents using a wooden blade. Then put in the cold for another 40 minutes. Stir again and withstand another 40 minutes.

This procedure will not give the formation of ice crystals, and ice cream will be very gentle, drove, without a hint that it was so long in a cold chamber.

3. I do not use the timer, and therefore I can skip the time period of 40 minutes, sometimes I mix the mixture and an hour later. It is nothing terrible. The main thing is not to forget about it for a longer period, and it is necessary to mix three times.

We have a completely natural product, therefore, if only get from the cold, it will be quite solid, and it is beautifully spoons not to dial it. If only cut into a knife. But if he stands on the kitchen table for 15 minutes, then it will be easier to do it.
Troika is a magic number in Russian traditions. Apparently, therefore, the favorite delicacy for these three times turns into such a delicious dessert!

4. After three stirring, put the bowls again to the cold and leave them there at least 5-6 hours, but it is possible for 10-12. After this time, it is finally cooling and will be ready to delight us with its impeccable taste.

Fishing ice cream

To pretrately file our dessert need a special spoon. It picks the mixture and the ball is formed in it. Then the ball is simply laid out in the creaman, or a plate.

If you do not have such a spoon, you can dial with a simple tablespoon. Also forming her beautiful curls.

But both in that, in another case, the mixture must be given a little standing on the kitchen table, so that it will slightly move away from the cold. We do not have a store product, where the mass of all stabilizers and other non-desired components, where ice cream is originally mild and pliable.

Apple home seal
We have a completely natural product, therefore, if only get from the cold, it will be quite solid, and it is beautifully spoons not to dial it. If only cut into a knife. But if he stands on the kitchen table for 15 minutes, then it will be easier to do it.

Real Soviet Time Fishing

Also for the convenience of formation, a spoon can be hushed into hot water. And for each new chopped ball, to upheat again.

By the time I wrote the article, I had not had the desired spoon. Yes, and no one wanted to wait when it fell slightly, so we simply laid it in Kremyki pieces.

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