Robots of Lego do it yourself: photo

In this article we will look at how to assemble a robot of Lego with your child.

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  • How to make a simple robot for children and beginners designer: Instruction, Scheme, Description
  • Video: Collect a simple robot from Lego
  • How to make Lego Little Robot Designer: Instruction, Scheme, Description
  • Video: Collect a little robot from Lego
  • How to make a Largo Robot designer: Instruction, Scheme, Description
  • Video: Collect a big robot from Lego
  • How to make a lego fighting robot designer: instruction, scheme, description
  • Video: Collect the combat robot from Lego
  • How to make from the designer Lego Space Robot Transformer: Instruction, Scheme, Description
  • Video: Assembling Robot Transformer
  • Robots of Lego do it yourself: photo
  • Video: Lego robots

The designer lego loved everything - "from Mala and to Velik". Details are so thought out that you can easily make any shape, a car or a robot. True, parents rejoice in their own way, when they come to the leg on the lost item. But the process of folding is dragging so much that it is hard to tear away even adults. In this material, information will be provided, how to make a robot with a robot from the Lego designer without a special series.

How to make a simple robot for children and beginners designer: Instruction, Scheme, Description

Children sometimes want to collect a robot, without having suitable details. After all, each series is calculated to the smallest detail. Each color and each form of details has its own strict purpose. But here you have gathered several such series. They will surely find suitable parts for the robot. Color is desirable to take one shade, but no one forbids to make a multicolored robot.

So begin to build a robot!

  • First of all lay down the torso (Fig. 1). Take the detail into two blocks of 4 cubes. Two high cubes are attached to the back side of two squares. And the part is fastened from the front for the entire length, the same height. But the attachments should be from above, and in front.
  • On the second tier, the high cube is fastened behind one square, again the high cube, but for two parts and one more single cube. Note that these single cubes should have holes that will look at the sides. Hands will be attached to them.
  • A long detail of 4 squares with fasteners front and above is put at the front.
  • Top of all the two plates are stacked, closing the entire surface. How to do it in detail indicated in Fig.1.


  • We build legs , More precisely, their base (Fig. 2) . Detail is taken on three blocks of 2 squares. That is, only 6 squares located in two rows.
    • Neither them are attached three plates with one fastening in the center. They are perpendicular to the main part.
    • Now do the feet and legs themselves. Take the detail of a red or other distinctive color to three squares. From above it is the angular item. That is, it is designed for two cubes, but the top of the first cut at an angle of 45 °. As a result, you should leave the part, resembling the shape of the sneaker.
    • This detail is put on one square to align the shape of the "tubing". There is a high double cube for the remaining place (it is designed for two squares). Height will be slightly higher than the transfer of "sneaker".
    • Connect legs with a torso that has been done a little earlier. See Fig.2 in detail.


  • Go to K. Hands and shoulders (Fig. 3) . Insert round items into the holes on the sides, resembling headlights. And they already attach a narrow piece of 4 squares. Due to this round, the hands can be moving. Consider in more detail in Fig.3.
    • On top of this base, attach black details on one square. Consider, at the end there must be a grabs!
Fig. 3.

Fig. 3.

  • Go to my head (Fig.4) . The body is mounted on top of the body, which will resemble the head of the robot. If you want your head to rotate, take a round rotating mechanism. If you search, then you will definitely find something like that. See the instructions in more detail.
Making the head robot

Fig.4 Make your head robot

  • At the end, the chest robot can be decorated at its discretion (Fig. 5). Attach the lattices and multicolored "plugs", as if the buttons. Can be closed with flat plates. Add weapons in your hand. See the instructions (Fig. 5), how can this be done.
Arye robot

Fig.5 Armed Robot

Complete the assembly of the robot, collecting and attaching the right hand (Fig. 6).

Complete work

Fig.6 Complete work

Robot ready!

Video: Collect a simple robot from Lego

How to make Lego Little Robot Designer: Instruction, Scheme, Description

You can make a small robot, yes "delete". And you can arm a similar master class to create a quick robot of small size. Details You can choose those that have been found with you, just pick it up so that they meet the requirements.

We start the assembly of the robot.

Making feet (assembly shams in the figure below) .

  • Take two fragments that will resemble and play the role of the feet. Attach the high cube to them, highlight the knee and on top. Attach a small square.
We start work

We start work

Making legs

Making legs

  • Torchish is put on his feet , fixing them. If you have in stock Detail, which can bend, then use it at the beginning.
We form a torso

We form a torso

  • The torso must be massive. It should be gradually increased to the chest, choosing large details. You can decorate a torso with lattices and multi-colored "plugs".
It should be massive

It should be massive

Krepim torso to the legs

Krepim torso to the legs

  • Make hands from the connected cylindrical details . You can at the end to attach a cone-shaped part. Do not forget to set a grabs. (Assembly scheme in the figure below)
Create a hand

Create a hand

  • Any little man from Lego is there, so they can be abundant from each collected robot. This item is not mandatory, just then the child will not be able to insert weapons.
For the robot, the hand is important

For the robot, the hand is important

After all, it will be a weapon

After all, it will be a weapon

  • Head can be done in the form of a cube Having imposed one on one square details. Alternatively, you can insert the head of the man from the little man. If you wish, you can install wheels or other adorning elements near the head and on the limbs.
In each hand, create a different weapon

In each hand, create a different weapon

Video: Collect a little robot from Lego

How to make a Largo Robot designer: Instruction, Scheme, Description

The big robot is not so difficult to create, because there are no special details in this matter. You can do it according to the scheme described above, using a simply more detail. But you can arm a fantasy stocks and create an unusual robot. By the way, in this matter, trust the thoughts of the child. They still look at the world a little different eyes, drawing a lacking details.

Getting started - legs.

  • Take a cube with fasteners on each side. Three round "plugs" of gray and one square of blue. It must be cut on the front side. That is, have a smooth surface at an angle of 45 °. Place all the details on the sides of the cube.
Start with her legs

Start with her legs

  • On the sides you need to put another "plug". And now you will need two rounded, elongated parts, with two holes and through fastening at the end. They connect them along the edges, attaching to the "plugs". The upper holes can also be closed with them. That is, in this point you will need 4 "plugs".
  • We need a long bayonet, which inserts into the through hole of the previous part, connecting the cylindrical part with it. The end of the bayonet is closed with a round "plug".
  • Follow below by continuing the leg of a gray cube. But keep in mind, the item must have a mount at the front side.
  • Next, we put a square with a circle at the end. That is, the fastener. Behind the fixation is attached another simple square and triangular on the front side. That is, cut at an angle of 45 ° square.
  • To this round fastening element, fasten the suitable part, which will consist of two cubes. For additional sustainability, add another plate below.
Complete the creation of the leg

Complete the creation of the leg

Go to the body.

  • Top feet place a circle with four squares. In the middle secure the plate of two squares. On the sides build high cubes, and between them one cube should have an additional mount or hole on the front side.
  • Next, lay out the part from two squares on the sides, on top of another circle.
  • Now, on top, secure a plate of 6 squares, and the back is a detail of 2 squares with a handle. That is, the detail must come back a little. Under it you need to put a trapezoid detail with a cut at the end. It is located topped down!
  • On the opposite side, another same detail is attached. But only one circle is placed in the middle. It is covered with a gray item of the same size.
  • Nearby are sliced ​​gray cubes, close up.


Go to your hands.

  • Take a small strip on 2 mounts. At the top, attach one square with a grazing part.
  • Next, fasten a small detail with a plug at the end. Since it is indicated in the figure we make two units, because the hands of the robot will be two.
Hands robot

Hands robot

In the hands of the robot we create a weapon. You can create it according to the instructions that are presented below.


Weapon for robot

Weapon for robot

Robot completed

Robot completed

Video: Collect a big robot from Lego

How to make a lego fighting robot designer: instruction, scheme, description

If your baby asks to make a robot with you, do not be lazy and postpone the case aside. The process itself will be so exciting that you will definitely want to repeat the evening. But the robot must also be able to shoot, defend and attack. Dont be upset. Weapons can be reached from their reserves. After all, it is mandatory at some samurai or a military man, he will be found.

What will take for a military robot:

  • white or transparent cut triangle cube - 1 pc.;
  • White single squares, one must be smooth from above - 2 pcs.;
  • High single cubes - 2 pcs;
  • Double cubes - 3 pcs.;
  • Cylindrical high details - 2 pcs.;
  • "Krints" of gray and black color - 2 pcs.;
  • cone-shaped parts with cut riding - 2 pcs.;
  • Single cubes with "invigs" - 2 pcs.;
  • Round "squares" of black - 2 pcs.;
  • Gray cubes with cut triangular riding - 2 pcs;
  • Flat dual gray cube - 1 pc.;
  • Cubes that have five places of fastening, black - 3 pcs.

We proceed to work (the assembly scheme in the figures below).

  • Work begins with a head. And gradually go to the body of the robot. Take two parts of a high cube, which has several ways to fastening (or rather, on all sides).

Important! Details to fix it, not sitting on top one by one, and on the side. That is, the bottom of one cube is attached not to the upper part, but on the side mount.

  • Now on the upper cube, the "squares" need to wear on the side mounts. It will be shoulders. You need to add an exciting element to them.

Taking into account! You can take simple squares instead of round details, but then your hands will not be able to rotate in different directions!

Option of a combat robot from Lego

Option of a combat robot from Lego

  • Now come to your legs. Feet, by the way, can also move! We fasten the items as shown in the picture instructions.
  • Finally, it remains to attach feet. And this will help cubes with a cut end, which are attached to the legs.


  • Now you need to continue the formation of hands. In them we will put the weapon.
  • For weapons, rectangular parts are used that need to be combined with each other as indicated in the picture.


Hands just take to the side so that they do not interfere and do not break.

The battle robot is ready!

We present another version of the combat robot .

Watch its assembly in pictures below.






Video: Collect the combat robot from Lego

How to make from the designer Lego Space Robot Transformer: Instruction, Scheme, Description

Transformers conquered all boys! What is there, even the girls will be interested in making your hands the robot, which is transformed into the car. To begin with, prepare the required details to reduce the assembly time. Although sometimes in search of the same desired details is the same intensive time. After all, the whole family turns into the process!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions in the pictures in order to independently assemble such a robot. This work is not out of simple, so carefully look at the pictures presented below and collect the desired number of details.

Beginning of work

Beginning of work

Assembling robot transfirmer

Assembling robot transfirmer

Put the robot on your feet. You can collect it in the opposite scheme. Your robot transformer is ready!

Video: Assembling Robot Transformer

Robots of Lego do it yourself: photo

If you understand the principle of working with the Lego designer, then you can make any robot. You can combine colors, add details. The main thing is to get inspiration. And so that you visited the muse, we bring to your attention a photo of robots made by your own hands.

Bright robot

Bright robot

Robot Lego

Robot Lego



Modern robot

Modern robot

Collect a robot with a child

Collect a robot with a child

Video: Lego robots

How to make from lego robot

How to make from lego robot

Models of modernity allow you to independently create a robot. However, many are lost even at the stage of solving what and how to make a robot. There are many ways, but one of the easiest and most accessible remains the use of the LEGO design, additional controls and drives. The task is simplified if there is an instruction on hand, which allows you to do this at home or with the help of instructors on specialized circles.

What will be needed to build a robot from Lego

Robots from Designer Lego.png

Before making a robot of Lego, you must prepare all the required components for this. Among other elements will require such:

IT courses in Minsk.pngSet of constructor with a maximum amount of diverse parts;

IT courses in Minsk.pngLEGO EV3 controller or cheaper ARDUINO version;

IT courses in Minsk.pngSome additional details;

IT courses in Minsk.pngFree time and desire.

It will be enough to make a mini-robot of Lego. If there are a large number of details of the designer, time and desire, you can create a large robot, a transformer or even a small copy of the terminator.

Collect from Lego little robot is really easy. There are several ways at once, one of which is the acquisition of Lego Mindstorms: a set of a designer in which everything you need has already been collected for performing the necessary work. You can also assemble yourself and equip everything yourself, which will allow you to get the original version of the robot.

Robot Transformer from Designer

Optimus Prime from Lego.PNG

Large selection of details in the designer, a little diligence and creating a miracle


It does not require a lot of time. First of all, you can use the set of Lego technique, in which all the necessary components have already been prepared.

If you want to do everything yourself, you will need a set of different details.

You can consider the example of the Prica Optimus from the film "Transformers". To do this, you will need:

IT courses in Minsk.pngDifferent details of blue, white and red colors;

IT courses in Minsk.pngparts of wheels, exhaust pipes and glass from sets, where there are components such;

IT courses in Minsk.pngYellow parts for optics.

After fulfilling all the necessary actions, the famous robot from movies in Lego version will be obtained. Detailed instructions for its assembly can be viewed on video. If you equip the design with the controller and the necessary items, it will also be managed.

Video: Optimus Prime from Lego

Transformers from Lego - Optimus Prime

Controlled robots

Managed machine from Lego

The robot machine is a fairly interesting option, especially for boys. To create such a design, it is necessary to have a special defeat, because the creation of moving units will need, which makes a little complicate work. In addition, there is a need for a hidden installation of the engine and the controller. It pushes the model to be created large size. Managing such a technique can be carried out using two NXTS devices.

Make a robot to a child with your own hands, especially when it comes to cars. With due diligence, you can achieve a big result and create a typewriter with the help of Lego technician presented on the video.

Machine on Lego Control Panel

Combat Robot LEGO.jpg.

Battle robot

There is nothing better than the creation of your own combat robot, which is capable of moving. It will take a large amount of time and details. However, the result will be much more effectively. A combat robot made on the similarity of the Terminator will not leave an indifferent child even at high age, which is important for each parent.

Having collected all the necessary details, carefully reading the instructions, preparing the controller and other required additional elements, you can start assembling such a managed combat robot.

Video: Coma Mini Robot

Video: Mini robot of combat type

Robot Spider LEGO.jpg.

Creating a spider robot with control

Creating a spider robot at home is a rather complicated process that is best solved using a special set of Lego technician. It contains all the necessary parts for creating such a design, as well as bringing it into action and management of all processes.

An independent manufacture of such a device is problematic, so we present the video with the instructions from the first steps to the completion of the assembly of the entire robot.

Video: Robot Spider from LEGO TECHNIC

Video: Robot Spiderman from Lego Scorpio

Modern children always have the opportunity to choose various toys, and their diversity increases every day. Very often kids love to play with a variety of designers. Designers are especially popular with many small parts, which are called Lego or their analogues.

Each set has a scheme for assembling a particular item and all the details are accurately designed for assembly according to the scheme. But in the case when the designer was already assembled and had enough with him, it becomes no longer interesting.

Especially this happens if some detail are lost and the set of recruitment is no longer possible.

In the event that many sets remain without use, the details of them can be combined into something new. For example, if your kids or you yourself love robots, then make it from Lego easier.

For your convenience, how you can make from Lego Robot, we will describe in more detail in this article.

All about robots from Lego

Lego designers, as mentioned, provided in the form of ready-made sets for the assembly of a particular object or hero.

Such sets of finished type are very not cheap, and buy them for a child every time he wants something new - it is not entirely appropriate. There are, of course, numerous analogues that will be cheaper, but it is also not always beneficial.

There are also sets that already involve the manufacture of robots of various types.

There are even models that are on radio control and have electrical circuits in the composition. But much more interesting will create a robot not according to the scheme, but independently from the remaining parts from old sets.

Even the electrical circuit for a managed robot can be made independently. But for such a robot, a detailed master class and specialized tools and materials will be required.

It is much easier to make a simple robot of Lego, with whom the child will be interested in playing. Well, or just add such a product to your collection that you get away and start from this robot.

Algorithm for creating a robot

First of all, you will need to choose all the necessary details for the assembly of the robot. If you have not yet decided what you may need, mix multiple sets and choose what it may be necessary.

So, we will proceed to fulfill the instruction on the manufacture of a robot of Lego. To begin with, it should be made of two rectangles of the feet for a robot, from which the whole body will climb.

Further, kpripim to rectangles three squares, raising legs. We make cranks from rectangles, or rounded parts that are suitable as knees.

Now we attach to the already finished legs on a pair of cubes and connect the legs with a rectangular detail. From this place you can begin to make a torso. In the way you can make a mini-robot of Lego.

It is not necessary to do to the chest torso to the chest, even better if it is already the chest.

In addition, to make breasts more like a part of the robot, it is done not only wide, but also dense.

The head is attached to the chest that you will collect yourself or find in any set. Next, you should consolidate your hands in the form of rectangles. If you want to make a combat robot of Lego, then you will need to attach to the hands of the gun.

Robot Transformer

Many children and adults are familiar with the heroes of the Universe of Transformers. These are alien beings that have a feature to turn from robots in means of movement and back.

Make such a robot of Lego is easier than simple. However, if you want it to function and folded, for example, in the car, you need to think about the construction carefully and choose the details for it.

Please note that in order for the details just folded into a robot and easily created means of movement, you will need special round parts.

Such details are called hinged and they should directly rotate and scroll during rework. This action occurs due to the connection of hinged parts with the recesses intended for rotation.

That's how it turns out to make a transformer robot from Lego.

Stock Foto Robot from Lego

Source - portal of masters and homemade.

How to make a robot from Lego?

Designers for teaching children Robotics

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A child dreams to make a robot of Lego? There are old designers, and not specialized mindstorms? The article will help to find new ideas, breathe new life into old plastic parts, make it yourself an automatic device.

How to make from lego robot

How to make from Lego Robot. YouTube Piotrek839.

What robots can be made of Lego?

Using plastic cubes, you can create many different designs. Even the terminator.

When it comes to to independently build a robot of Lego, remember the expectations. Many dream of creating a terminator, but do not forget about resources. This is the availability of details, and patience, and the desire to go to the end :-).

The robot cyborg from Lego may look different:

On the Internet a lot of video with Lego robots. And c created from specialized robotic designers, and from the details of other sets.

Robot or not a robot?

Of course, the case is not in the amount of and the number of lego bricks used. A small robot with interesting features will surprise a child at least than harsh, if he is ... "smart."

In robotic constructors, in addition to the parts for assembling the case and the mechanisms of the robot, there is a controller (mini-computer), sensors and engines and software.

Programmable EV3 Block and LEGO MindStorms Sensors

Programmable EV3 Block and LEGO MindStorms Sensors

With these components, the child will gather a robot, and not an externally similar to the toy. Using sensors and programmable block, you can implement feedback principles, put the design of LEGO "Intellect".

Details for the assembly of the robot from Lego

What if you have a lot of lego-details and an irresistible desire to build a robot of them? Obvious decision - Buy the Lego EV3 controller is too expensive, because The cost is approaching the new LEGO MindStorms set. Purchase the controller and sensors of other manufacturers are more expedient.

Budget option - use Arduino. This inexpensive fee will become a "brain" of the eloorobot created, will allow connecting sensors and engines of different manufacturers, implement ideas and develop a home-made robot project. The Arduino platform is popular and learning how to work with it in circles, and independently using online resources. When developing a robot of Lego using Arduino, it is necessary to decide how to fix a structurally incompatible controller and sensors. For example, make from the details of LEGO housings for electronics.

Case for Arduino Uno from LEGO

Case for Arduino Uno from LEGO. Photo

Case for Arduino from Lego details

Case for Arduino from LEGO details. Photo

Mounting electronic components to the elements of the LEGO designer can be created using 3D printing.

Lego-compatible servo holder made using 3D printing

Holder for servo drive, made using 3D printing.

Examples of robots made from LEGO

Argo - Robot car from the designer LEGO TECHNIC and ARDUINO:

Read more about this project here.

Robot tank from Lego details with Arduino on board, which is managed by Wi-Fi:

Read more about this project here.

Six-legged walking robot beetle, made of LEGO and Arduino fee. Mounting servomotors, levers, feet nozzles and Arduino mounting to Lego printed on a 3D printer.

Made a cool robot? Add it to our project catalog! Tell you about your success readers of entertaining robotics.

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Robot transformer from Lego

Sometimes you feel difficulties - to collect from Lego. Not so easy to find something suitable. The exercise should be quite complicated, interesting and at the same time available. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to find something worthwhile.

Like many adults, I often suffer laziness and lack of motivation. But my 7-year-old son does not give to relax! Hunting for Lego ideas, sorting cubes firmly entered my daily routine. Fortunately collects seeds without my help. Makes mistakes, analyzes, reworking ...

This robot transformer turned out to be more difficult than seemed at first glance. Correct for the evening did not work. But the child had serious motivation on Saturday morning to get up early, and not to sleep until dinner

When all the minor details were found, and the parts of the robot were collected, it turned out that they could not collect them together! Semyon was upset and even for a while decided to leave his venture. But reflected, I found my mistake. It turns out that he collected his legs the same, and not symmetrical 🙂 were other shortcomings that interfered.

After working on errors, it turned out like:

Lego Transformer from old cubes in the form of a robot
Lego Transformer from old cubes in the form of a robot
Lego Transformer from old cubes in the form of a typewriter
Lego Transformer from old cubes in the form of a typewriter

Transformer, which from the machine turns into a robot. Since we do not have enough details of the same color, it turned out to be so colorful. Semyon does not bother, although when there are details of the same color - he prefers them.

Collected on this video instruction:

Instructions for the transforming robot lego

I like Lego for what it teaches, not sitting at the desk. If you make a mistake - it does not put a twice, but simply shows. Want - learn, you want - leave this idea. Everything like in life! Looking at what kind of persistence, my child collects a lego model or learns the plays on the piano, I study too.

For such a craft, it helps a lot when parts are sorted. How to store and sort details - in this post.

You may also be interested

Greetings friends

During the summer holidays - you need to take children with some interesting and desirable developing affairs. Moreover, in 2020, many trips to the sea canceled due to quarantine. LEGO and the designers similar to it are an excellent choice. It is somewhat confused only the cost of original sets - but Aliexpress comes to the rescue. In this little review, I will tell about a good option for the construction of a Wall-E robot from more than 400 parts that can ride and managed by a radio.

Bought on Aliexpress - Price at the time of publication $ 28.87


I drove the parcel quite long, though it was in the midst of the spring quarantine. In the end, I received a rather bulky buckthorn. There was no boxes for the designer - everything was packed in a bubble film. If for yourself - then without a difference, but for a gift it is necessary to keep in mind.

Under the film, a simple package was found in which the designer was complicated. Details are decomposed and sealed in a smaller cricks, although not everything is happening, it facilitates the search for the desired detail

Separately packaged control panel and the main unit in which you want to install power items. By the way, there is no them. Before assembling a robot - I recommend to find some kind of box, preferably with partitions, and decompose the details from the bags.

The instruction is multilingual, even Russian is present, but on the fact - for the assembly itself it does not matter. Each step is illustrated in more detail - how many and what details are needed, in which sequence and in which direction to connect them.

In the description, I did not forget to specify and how the part of the robot will move after the assembly, we look at the end - the video version of the review. It is in the instructions and a list of all complete details, running forward - I will say that they were enough, one even turned out to be superfluous, although everything was done strictly according to the instructions.


The assembly begins with a frame on which engines are installed. There are two of them - one for each caterpillar of the robot. We continue to build a frame of a future robot, up from the engines go gears to control hands and eyes

Cables from engines ending with contact pads are fixed on the back of the robot. The assembly process completely takes the attention of the child - the main thing is not in a hurry and do everything carefully, to carefully check.

Finally, the hands of the robot appear, they will rotate when the robot will ride. Wheels to be installed caterpillars. Engines cool one wheel on each side

Assembling the caterpillars, each element is separately, in all of them 52, 26 for each caterpillar. The latches are quite tight, I had to almost completely make them myself. Before connecting the caterpillar into the ring, you need to install it on the wheels and snap the weight.

It holds three wheels whose teeth fall into the grooves passing in the inside of the caterpillar. It holds everything reliably, does not fall.

Go to the central module. It is set to 6 batteries of AA sizes, three to each of the parties. But for the remote control - you will need smaller batteries - AAA. Included, they do not go, you need to purchase separately.


We set the latest - the eyes of the robot. Each eye is the LED. The power switch is on the "breast" of the robot.

Eyes will shine and move when the robot goes. Also, when driving, his hands rotate. All this falls on the shoulders of two robot engines - through the gear system.

Rear view - multipato wires of course, but if you wish, you can try to secure carefully.

The height of the collected robot is just over 22 cm. Fully large, perfectly performs the role of toys on radio control.

After the machines on the radio control - to the peculiarities of the robot you need to get used to, since each caterpillar is controlled by a separate joystick on the remote. Principle like a tractor. Joysticks can be reversed - how it is more convenient. Robot rides pretty quickly, better on smooth surfaces - tiles or laminate, in the carpets is harder.

Video version

In general, for its value - an excellent developing designer, and an interesting toy, I am pleased with the purchase. In this store there are other similar sets, I do not exclude the purchase of some other.

How to make a robot

How to make a robot

It is always nice to create anything with your own hands. For this, in fact, the designer of Lego. If you suddenly want to build something from these wonderful details, but you will not know that you can do some of them, you can safely look into this article. For us we will tell and show you how you can do the real (this is not a joke) Robots. We will give you visual examples, looking at which you can further create your own, more ambitious projects.

Here we go. Let's start with a simple.


At first we will try to make a small, about 10-15 centimeters, a human-like robot. To do this, you will need some non-standard details, but since you wanted to make a robot, you can't do without them.

Kyborg is human-like robots, they own weapons and know how to stand up for themselves.

Robot in heavy armor

By troping on a simple robot model, you can move to the task of more difficult. For this you will need additional details. If you pay attention to our video attached below, most likely you will understand how you can collect a more interesting robot than our first experience. This sample is equipped with several weapons at once, which are mounted directly into hand.

His armor is painted black, using yellow-green inserts.

Terminator skeleton

This example is the highest class product. The creation of this robot has gone a huge amount of not only details, but also labor.

Please note that all its limbs move, which means that he is not just a toy. If you did not know in these gray outlines of the terminator, then it is probably because in the film this metal skeleton found the look of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here we only see a pure metal, well, or rather plastic.

More complex models will help you to collect the designer of Lego Mindstorm. Thanks to the electric motors and remote control units, the fantasy space is practically unlimited. You can assemble any device, not just a robot and program it to perform various actions.

That's what people do with this set:

Trenoga Robot:


Video work:

The robot created in the image of the monsters from the book and the film "War of the Worlds".

How to make this robot: You can download the instruction and program for the construction of the model.

Dongy robot


Video work:

You can collect it according to the instructions from the book "Create cool robots from Mindstorm"

Robot Mukholovka


The robot with a huge mouth, reacts to the movement and bites the attacker.


To collect a robot, you can use the instructions:

Here such wonderful robots can be collected from the designer of Lego, good luck in your work.

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