How to cook beets - recipe and tips from the chemicalmarket

Red beet - autumn vegetable, a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. It has a magnificent color - from pinkish to dark purple. The taste characteristics and shade depend on the grade of beauty-vegetable, but the benefits of its consumption are indisputable.

With all the advantages and excellent taste characteristics, only experienced hostesses know how much cooking beets to readiness so that it keeps all vitamins, the color, remains elastic and tasty.

The easiest way of cooking beets

How to properly cook the beets in a saucepan so that it takes the minimum time interval? To do this, take only 3 components:

  • Water - 5 l;
  • Vegetable oil - 50 ml;
  • Ice - as needed.
  • Beets - 3 large pieces.

Next, let's tell how to make the beet properly, so that it remains delicious, elastic and did not fall apart after cleaning:

  1. Pour water to a large pan and bring to a boil.
  2. In boiling liquid pour oil.
  3. Put the washed beet (in leather).
  4. Exactly after half an hour, boiling water is drained.
  5. Hot vegetable ship into ice.

If you do not add oil into the water, it will evaporate very quickly. In a similar combination, the process of evaporation goes much slower, in addition, after a sharp drop of temperatures, the skin with vegetable is easily removed. This is the easiest way to cook beets quickly.

How to cook a red beet for Vigret?

Vinaigrette is a delicious and useful autumn-winter salad, which loves absolutely all children and adults. However, not every hostess knows how to cook beets for lettuce so that it is sweet and elastic, while maintaining all the beneficial properties and painted the vinaigrette in a unique, pinkish color. To do this, take the following components:

  • Water - from 3 to 5 liters;
  • Lemon juice or 9% vinegar - 2 table.;
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp.
  • Beets - 1-2 pcs.

Method of cooking simple:

  1. Cold water pour into a deep saucepan.
  2. Add lemon juice to it (vinegar) and sugar.
  3. Put beets.
  4. Enable medium fire.
  5. Cover with a saucepan with a lid.
  6. Spit 2 hours and cook vegetable.
  7. Check availability, pushing the beets with a match. If it is easy to pierce the skin and enters the flesh, turn off the fire, drain boiling water and pour the rooted water.

Several useful tips on how to brew fresh beets

For vitamins are fully preserved, it is desirable to first put cooking vegetable on a strong heat, after boiling to swinging weak. How long boil in this mode beet? It is enough to lean it under the closed lid to 4 hours.

A few more useful recommendations:

  1. To reduce the cooking time of the vegetable, you can pour a tablespoon of salt into the pan in a pan, let the solution boil once again, only after that put the beet, a tablespoon of sugar and the same than 9% vinegar.
  2. How to cook the beets of recipes with the photo There is a great set, but for this you do not need to be a chef. For example, to remove the characteristic beet smell, it is enough to put in half an hour until prepared in boiling water with the root crust of rye bread. Agree, simple and useful.
  3. You can store boiled beets for no more than 2 days. Even in the refrigerator and crude form, it loses ascorbic acid and many trace elements over this time period.
  4. If the raw beet lost moisture, became wrinkled and dry, it must be scolded with boiling water, then put in warm liquid for an hour so that the vegetable began to be elastic and attractive.

Methods of cooking beets weight. You can bake it in the oven, grilled, in a microwave or multicooker. It is enough to read the recipes carefully.


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Nutritional value boiled beet

How and how much boil beets

In the cooking beets, an indispensable vegetable for the preparation of salads, first dishes, drinks and desserts. Each method of cooking beet depends on what kind of dish and how you cook. Beetle boiled in water (in a slow cooker or pan), prepare for a pair in a double boiler or rush into the microwave or oven. The finished beet is clean, cut with straw or clutch on the grater, and then added to the dish.

There are rapid ways of cooking beets when raw purified fruits are cut into cubes or straw and prepare in crushed form. Also, for the preparation of borsch or beetter, you can grate purified raw beets on the grater and stew with the addition of vinegar or lemon, and then add to the soup.

Beet cooking time

In a saucepan: 30-40 minutes.

In a slow cooker: 35-40 minutes.

In the steamer: 1 hour.

In the oven: 30-40 minutes.

In the microwave: 10-12 minutes.

In a multicooker pieces: 15 minutes.

Methods of cooking

How to clean beet before cooking

Pre-soam the beets in cold water, and then wrap it thoroughly under running water with a brush.

Separate tubers from the tops, because Tubers and beet trees are always prepared separately.

How to cook beets in a saucepan

1. The beet is necessary to wash well under running water, not cleaning and without removing the tails - only leaves are removed.

2. Place in a saucepan, pour cold water so that the tubers are completely covered, put cooking.

3. Cook beets on average 30-40 minutes. You can check the readiness you can stick a vegetable for a fork - ready peeled beets soft in the center.

4. We drag the water, the finished beets to clean hot - under the jet of cold water, or before cleaning it is placed in a cold water saucepan for 10 minutes. Then clean, removing the skirt.

How to cook beets in a slow cooker

We choose the fruits of the medium size, as well as for cooking in a saucepan.

My beets, separate the tops, put in a multicooker's bowl, fill with water.

Cook a vegetable in the "Baking" mode. The cooking time of beets in a multicooker is 35-40 minutes. For large beet, time is increased to one hour.

You can bake beets in a slow cooker, as in this recipe: "Iber from beets in a slow cooker"

How to bake beets in the oven

In the oven, beets can be baked, wrapped in foil or placing in a package for baking. Prepare approximately 30 minutes at a temperature of 190-200 degrees. The time depends on the size of the beet and the individual characteristics of your oven.

1. Wash beets, separate the tops.

2. Tubers Wrap foil or put in a package for baking.

3. Stay on the baking sheet.

4. Bake beets in a warm up to 200 degrees Celsius oven.

5. Copping time: 30-40 minutes.

6. Opening a foil or package, give a cool vegetable.

7. Clean the skin.

Fast Food Methods

Beets in microwave

Washing fruits pierce in several places, put in a special dishes for the microwave or food package. Prepare in microwave 10-12 minutes at a power of 800 watts.

Fast beet in a slow cooker

You can quickly prepare beets in a slow cooker - pre-cutting with pieces or straw. For this, the beets must be cleaned from the skin and chop.

Pour in the bowl of multicooker vegetable oil, add beets, mix well and cook in "Baking" mode for 15 minutes.

Such beets can be added to the salad, to borsch, or prepare a beet caviar from it.

Beet dishes - recipes

Beets firmly entered our diet and without it is simply impossible to imagine our daily and festive menu.

In cooking, beets are used to prepare cold snacks and salads, and not, only from the root, but also from the tops. It is difficult to imagine without beets of borsch or beetter, Botvinnik or beetroot, not to mention the vinegar or famous and useful "brush" salad. From beets make useful and delicious drinks, and even desserts and sweets.

* A simple raw beet salad.

It is very useful for the preparation of salads from raw beets, because all the vitamins and nutrients are preserved in crude beets. So we bought, washed and dried out beets. Clean a few tubers and squeeze them on a large grater or a grater for Korean carrots. Prepare exactly as much as you can eat for one sitting because, even storing in the refrigerator, the dish of beet loses all its magic properties.

200 g beets grate and mix with 1 tbsp. l. Lemon juice.

Add a pinch of red burning pepper. Little grains of coriander lies in a mortar, salt to taste and fill with olive oil, add 1 tbsp. l. Green finely chopped onions.

* Boiled beets with olive oil and lemon.

A very popular snack in Greece, which is served to baked on the coal or under the grill of greasy dorada or salmon.

200 g of crude beet tubers and beet bucks prepare in a multicooker in a "pair" mode. The tops get to get much faster than the tubers, so I will get it in 15 minutes. We check the readiness of tubers, piercing them with a fork, which in the finished tuber enters easily and gently. Clean hot tubers, cut into circles and beautifully laid on the dish. Nearby you need to decompose the tops, pour 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and 2 tbsp. l. Lemon juice, sprinkle oregano to taste.

* Beet caviar with walnuts and prunes.

Tubers Beet (200 g) Wrap foil and put in the oven. Bake, ready to clean the beets from the skin and grate on the shallow (carrot) grater, you can break through the blender.

Small bulb finely cut and slightly fry in two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Drier and very soft prunes 5-6 pcs. cut in small pieces. Dried nuts chop knife. Mix everything together and fill 2 tbsp with lemon juice. l, adding a little ground in the coriander, salt and black pepper to taste.

* See also other beet recipes:

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Beet juice is an excellent natural dye and is used when cooking desserts and baking: "Multicolored strawberry cookies"

Useful properties of beets

Beets are a valuable food product, which contains vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium, iron, etc., as well as organic acids and coloring substances. This is a real food source of copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin "C". Its leaves contain a lot of vitamin "A", and the presence in the beets of folic acid contributes to the formation of new cells and rejuvenation of the body. Vitamin "In 9" prevents heart disease, because it is responsible for the production of hemoglobin organism. The presence of pectin in beets helps to derive salts of heavy metals and radiation from the body, lowers cholesterol.

Despite the content in the bag of sugar, it is recommended to people with obese and fluid delay. It cleans the liver and kidneys well, stimulates the work of the brain, lowers blood pressure, but at the same time, the beets are not recommended for people with a weak stomach and increased acidity.

Red beets saturated with useful substances is important and need to all. It helps women in critical days, and cope with the climax, in men, it stimulates sexual and muscle activity, and for children is a source of vitamins, iron and iodine.

Energy value of beets

Energy value per 100 grams. Fresh beets 43 kcal 180 kJ.

Proteins - 1.6 gr., Fats - 0.2 gr., Carbohydrates - 9.6 gr. - Including sugar 6.8 gr.

Variety beet

All types of beets occurred from wild, which grows in India and the Far East. The most common and known types of beets: sugar, aft and ordinary, rather unpretentious, grow and occur everywhere except Antarctica. We are talking about ordinary beets that we use to prepare our dishes, we buy in stores and in the bazaar, as well as grow on our summer cottages. So, the beets are ordinary, has many varieties: Ataman, Bordeaux, Detroit Cadet, Captain, Aelita, Cylinder, Commander, Cadet and Red Ball. The most popular and love, for your saturated burgundy and sugarity

Bordeaux beet variety.

Choice, purchase, processing, storage

When buying beets, try to choose the tubers of the middle and the same size, with thin skin and saturated burgundy color.

If the beets with the top, do not rush to throw out - it can be used to prepare salad, borscht and beetter.

Separate tubers from the tops, carefully dry if you do not use beets immediately. The tubers are better stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in special containers for vegetables or in a dry and dark cool place. The tops can be frozen and placing to freeze in the food bag.

Interesting Facts

• To cut the remaining ingredients sliced ​​for mixed salads, you need to add a couple of vegetable oil spoons to it, and give to stand for a few minutes.

• In antiquity in the Mediterranean, only beet leaves, and the roots were used only for medicinal purposes.

How quickly and correctly cook beets - a question that is asked not only "kettles" from cooking. In the preparation of beets, quite subtleties and tricks. Their knowledge will facilitate the achievement of the result, make it delicious and helpful. So how to cook beets quickly and easily?

How long is the beet breed?

Beets are cooked from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the method, size and age.

What is there: Cook 2-3 hours If you put it in a saucepan with cold water and just put on the stove, the cooking time will be 2-3 hours (depends on the size).

Quickly cook beets

It will not work, but they say nutritionists, the vitamins of some will persist.

Cook for 1 hour

If in boiling water - then an hour. But the process can be accelerated.

Professional approach to cooking beets

Professional cooks are booined: after she quit for about 30 minutes, drain the water and put under a stream of cold water (the colder, the better) for 15 minutes. The temperature difference brings beets until readiness. So, the whole process takes 40-50 minutes.

Cook beets for 15-25 minutes!

If you want to cook the beet even faster, put it on a large fire, without reducing and without covering the pan with a lid. (True, nothing will remain from vitamin C in this case). But then the water should be a lot, it should cover the cornesthers of centimeters 8 above, otherwise it comes out earlier than the vegetables are welded. After 15 minutes - for ice water for 5-10 minutes. Everything, beets ready.

Boiling 40 minutes +

"Long-playing" method: Big Fire (if they threw it in cold water) to a boil - medium fire (40 minutes) - quiet fire (until readiness). The water is pouring centimeters to 5 above the beet level.

Always end the process with cold water. Then beetted, besides what "reaches", it is easy to clean.

  • Not fast, but tasty - in the microwave

Not the fastest, but delicious method of cooking beets - do not cook, but bake in a microwave or oven at a temperature of 200 degrees, placing in a package for baking. It will take 25-30 minutes; If the temperature is not as high or beet, large and old, then it will take more.

Boiled beet

Important! Vitamin C is destroyed at 190 degrees C.

By the way, beetted baked sweating beet boiled. And it is precisely it recommended to use in the recipes of salads and vinegarets.

More about the nuances of fast cooking beets:

Choose small flame roots with a thin skin of Bordeaux's grade, they are tastier, more beautiful and boiled faster.

To boiling water together with beetle pour a spoonful of vegetable oil (I found a recommendation on the Internet, I did not try it myself).

Barbarian method: Clear beets, cut into parts, word, go, like with potatoes. In the pressure cooker, it is boiled in 20 minutes, having finished straw. 10 secrets how to boil beets properly, and not only

1. Clean not clean. Firmly, with a brush, mine. The peel is not removed, cook with it. Tailing do not cut off. If you break the integrity of beets, the juice flows out of it and it will turn out to be water and whites. Beets are purified from the skin if it is intended for extinguishing.

2. Solo-not shed. Beets are not salt at the beginning of cooking, because the salt will be evaporated anyway, and there is no point. In addition, salt will make a solid vegetable, which means it will increase the already for a long time cooking. Solita directly beetrootous dish. But not all the mistress will agree with this. Some believe that it is necessary to salt at the beginning of cooking, otherwise it turns out to be tastefully.

3. How to save color. If you want the beet to save your beautiful bright color, then after boiling to it ½ h. vinegar, or h. l. Sugar, or a little lemon juice.

4. How to neutralize the smell. Not everyone loves smell beet. To neutralize it, throw a crust of bread into the saucepan.

5. How to check availability. Beet's readiness is checked for a fork: it should be gently and easily enter into a vegetable.

6. If you cleared fresh beets, It can not be kept in the air, so as not to destroy Vitamin C.

7. If dry beets. If your beetroot dried, do not hurry to throw it away: scold with boiling water, pour the room temperature with water and let it swell. Then put it on fire without changing the water.

8. How not to "paint" vegetables in a winegree. FROM Are you helping to cook a winegree? Cut the boiled or baked beet to pieces and immediately sprinkle with vegetable oil, then other vegetables (potatoes, for example) do not paint.

9. On the benefits of beet beam. Do not pour the beet decoction, which will remain after the cooking beet! It is better to add to it in equal amounts of lemon juice, cinnamon and ginger (how much - adjust yourself, depends on the amount of decoction). It turns out a delicious and medicinal refreshing drink, no worse than beet kvass, whose preparation is stuffing. With a diuretic, laxative, antihypsive and lipotropic effect. 10. About the beet buck. Be sure to learn how to prepare meals from beet tops,

Booth booth


, for example, add it to borshs and beetters, because the beets are useful, and the beet tops are even more useful - in it a shock dose of vitamins. Only in food will go young tops, the old one is not suitable.

Booth booth

Beets - unique in taste and beneficial properties of vegetable. To preserve the vitamins that are included in its composition and prevent the color loss, it is important to approach the cooking process: to know how much cooking beets, in what kind of it is to cook and how to achieve excellent taste.

  • Traditional methods
  • You can cook beets in several ways, the cooking time depends on its size and age.
  • Korneflood is boiled 2-3 hours in a saucepan. To do this, it must be pouring it cold water and let it boil at the maximum temperature. After boiling, cook with moderate heat.
To make a lot of time left, you can immediately pour vegetable boiling water and add 3 spoons of vegetable oil. Beets will be ready in an hour.

You can boil the product with the addition of oil for about 30 minutes on the maximum heat, and then remove from the plate and pour ice water beets for 10 minutes. Such a sharp temperature difference is able to bring the vegetable until ready. However, vitamin C in this case will completely collapse.

Tip: If you add a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice to the water, you can cook beets for the vinegar: it will not lose saturated color.

Booth booth

To prepare the product faster, you can pre-cut it with straw. After 20 minutes of cooking everything will be ready, but the color will significantly sweep, and vitamins will practically disappear.

  • Alternative methods
  • How much and how to cook beets to keep in a vegetable maximum vitamins? In the brass cabinet, the vegetable is prepared as:
  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees.
  • Wash vegetable thoroughly. It is important not to crop the sheet socket and tail, to prevent the flow of juice through the cuts.
  • It is quite tightly wrapped the root in foil.

Big vegetable Bake 35 minutes, medium - about 20.

Finished beets deploy and leave to cooling. To cooled faster, you can lower it into ice water. The finished root plant will retain an appetizing color and will retain a juiciness.

Food prepared in multicooker practically do not lose useful elements, especially if they were prepared for a couple. To determine how much cooking beets in a slow cooker, you need to take into account the cooking method. So, in the "soup" mode, the average largest rootpode will be welded until readiness after 60 minutes. For this, the washed vegetable is put into the container with water and set the corresponding mode.
Booth booth

In the pressure cooker, the products are boiled under pressure, which significantly reduces cooking time. To calculate how much cooking beets in the pressure cooker, you can safely reduce the cooking time in a multicooker twice, that is, in 30 minutes the vegetable will be completely ready.

Tip: No need to salt vegetables at the beginning of cooking, otherwise you will need more time, and the rooted roots will become solid.

  • If the product is prepared for a pair, then it is behed first, the tail is cut off, then lay down in a special bowl of the section up and prepare in a multicooker in the "Couple" mode for 40 minutes.
  • How much do you need to cook medium size beets in the microwave? In the microwave ovens, vegetables are prepared quite quickly like this:
  • Take the root and wash well, without damaging the peel.
  • Given the internal pressure in a vegetable, still you will have to break its integrity and make deep holes with the help of toothpicks.

Wrap the product in the package, put it in the dishes adapted for the microwave and cook for 10 minutes to the power of 800 W.

The process should turn over the package on the other side once.

  • The instruction to the furnace will help choose the required power and decide how much time to cook the beets in this model of the device. As a rule, about 20 minutes. Key point: the bigger product, the longer it will prepare.
  • General recommendations
  • It is not recommended to cleanse vegetable culture before cooking - it is important to save juice inside.
  • Readiness you need to check the toothpick or knife tip. It is not necessary to do it often - a juiciness is lost.
  • To make it easier to clean from the skin, it is necessary to leave after cooking for some time in cold water.
  • So that the ingredients in the salad are not painted, the cut pieces can be sprinkled with vegetable oil.

Boiled vegetable need to be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 4 days, otherwise it will dry up and will not be so tasty.

Beet decoction has diuretic and laxative properties. If you add lemon juice or cinnamon in it, it turns out a toning drink.

Located beets together with onions and carrots can be used as a refueling for borscht. Then the vegetables are reroyed for 5 minutes, and then tomatoes with tomatoes for another 7 minutes. The propeller beet is put immediately into the broth and boil 15 minutes with the addition of lemon juice.


Beets - a product of universal use, but non-compliance with the rules of thermal processing can spoil not only the appearance of the product, but also make it just tasteless.

Beets - loved by many root root with bright color and pleasant taste. Most often it is served in boiled form, add to salads, make vegetable smoothies. From the method and time of cooking, the taste and vitamin composition of the vegetable are dependent. How to properly cook beets in a saucepan to save her useful properties and color?

In a pan of whole

  1. It is best to cook the beets of the whole. So it will remain juicy and bright.
  2. Cooking:
  3. Choose small tubers with fine burgundy skin.
  4. Thoroughly wash the vegetables, leaving the bottom of the top and root.
  5. Fold in a saucepan, fill with cold water.
  6. Put on the stove, after boiling, install the middle fire.
Add 1-2 tbsp into the water. l. vegetable oil.

Time cooking - from 2 to 3 hours.

  1. This process can be accelerated. Instead of cold water, use boiling water. In this case, cooking time is reduced by almost 2 times.
  2. To quickly prepare beets and save the maximum of vitamins, use the following recipe:
  3. Fill the tuber boiling water.
  4. Put a saucepan on fire.
  5. Turn off the slab after half an hour after boiling.
  6. Drain boiling water and substitute hot root roots under the rush of cold water.

Wait 15 minutes: the temperature difference will quickly bring the rootpode until readiness.

  1. The whole process lasts 40-50 minutes.
  2. If at your disposal is only 20-30 minutes, the following method will help to quickly weld the beet:
  3. Pour the tubers with boiling water so that water is 8 cm covered.
  4. Put a saucepan on a large fire, do not cover it with a lid.

Boil 15-20 minutes without reducing the fire.

Drain boiling water and pour vegetables with icy water for 5-10 minutes.

  1. The disadvantage of this recipe is that with its use in the tubers Vitamin C is destroyed.
  2. The next way is longer, but it prevents the disintegration of the useful substances:
  3. Fill the beets with cold water by 5 cm above its level.
  4. Put a saucepan on a large fire and bring to a boil.

Dog fire to medium.

After 30-40 minutes, install the minimum fire and bring the root up to readiness.

The cooking process finish with boiled beets in cold water. Thanks to this, the peel is easier removed.

Cooking pieces

  1. Quick beet quickly cooked. This method is relevant when cooking salads.
  2. Recipe:
  3. Clean the root root from the peel, charge the cubes or straw.
  4. Pour water into the pan, bring to a boil and add a small amount of lemon juice or acid.
  5. Send beets to dishes.
  6. When everything boils, select a minimum fire.

How much and how to cook beets: secrets of cooking

Out a little lid.

Boil vegetables until readiness for half an hour.

It is possible to quickly cook the beets for salad, pre-cutting it with cubes.

How to cook in package

  1. If you do not like the smell of cooking beets, use the package.
  2. Cooking method:
  3. Place the root in the plastic bag, release the air and tightly tie.
  4. Put in a saucepan with cold or warm water. The liquid should be covered with 5 cm tubers.
  5. Install the fire to the maximum, after boiling to the minimum.

Press a little bit.

Boil for an hour.

Some hostesses are suspicious of this method. It is believed that polyethylene during heating can be distinguished harmful substances.

How to save color when cooking

  • For cooking a beautiful dish, it is important to correctly cook the beets to save the color.
  • Here are some recommendations:
  • Try not to damage and not cut the tubers in the process of cleaning;

Do not allow strong boiling during cooking;

Add 1 h. l. Sugar, 0.5 h. l. Apple vinegar or lemon juice.

How much cooking

  • Beet can be cooked from 20 minutes to 3 hours.
  • The following factors affect the time:
  • cooking method;
beet size;
Age: Young vegetables are boosted faster than old. Approximate cooking time depending on the weight of the root
Weight (g) Cooking time (minutes)
fifty thirty
one hundred 45.
200. 75.



Long-term cooking is due to the high content of fiber in the root.

  • Useful advice
  • Recommendations for hostesses:
  • Wash before cooking beets thoroughly, but do not remove the peel and do not cut off the root.
  • Do not solit water during cooking. It slows down the preparation of the root. It also becomes tough and can lose taste.
  • To neutralize the smell in the cooking process, add a crust of bread to the pan.
  • Check availability with a plug: it should be easily logged in a vegetable.
  • Boiled beets for the vinegar, cut separately and fill with vegetable oil. Thanks to this, other vegetables will not paint into its color.

Do not store the purified crude vegetable: Vitamin C is destroyed at contact with air.

If tubers dried, do not throw them away. Initially, scold with boiling water, fill with water, wait until they are swept away, and put cooking.

Depending on the desired result and amount of free time, boil beets from half an hour to 2-3 hours. From the proposed recipes and recommendations, choose the optimal way to prepare this utility and delicious root.

Cooking coarse must be medium in size (no more than 10 cm in diameter), with thin dark red leathery, without damage and rot. One of the best is the Bordeaux grade.

Regardless of the method of cooking, the cooler need to flush well, cut off the tops (if any) and a little shorten the tail.

The coat before cooking is not cleaning.

If you remove the peel, the juice flows out of the cooler. The vegetable will become pale and tasteless.

How to cook coat on the plate Method 1. Classic

Time for preparing

: 2 hours.

Put the coat in the pan and fill with cold water. Water must cover vegetables completely. It is not necessary to solit water. Sodium will make the cooler firmly and slow down the already non-burst cooking process.

Put a saucepan with a swamp on the middle fire. When the water boils, reduce the fire, cover the saucepan with a lid and leave for a couple of hours.

The coat before cooking is not cleaning.
In order for the cooler to save bright red, lemon juice can be added to the water: ½ teaspoon per liter.

Readiness you can check for a fork. If the swabs easily skews, you can merge water and cool.

How to cook coat on the plate The coat before cooking is not cleaning, water is not solid

Method 2. Express Cooking

: 45-60 minutes.

To speed up the process, some hostesses launch a coat in already boiling water and do not reduce fire to a minimum. And so that the water temperature is even higher, 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil are added.

When the swallow leaves about 30-35 minutes, it is removed from the fire and sent under the rush of cold water for another 15-25 minutes. The temperature difference brings the vegetable until readiness and at the same time turns out.

How to cook coat on the plate How to cook cooler in a slow cooker

Method 1. In the "Cooking for a couple" mode

To speed up the process, some hostesses launch a coat in already boiling water and do not reduce fire to a minimum. And so that the water temperature is even higher, 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil are added.
: About 40 minutes depending on the multicooker model.

Wash the cooler and lay out on a special grille for cooking. At the bottom of the Multivarka bowl pour a glass of water. Close the device, set the steamer mode, and 40 minutes can do your affairs.

On the bottom of the bowl need to pour water

How to cook coat on the plate Please note: so that this method worked, the coarse should not be dry. If the root is applied, it is better to soak it over several hours in cold water. When the swamp will again defele moisture, you can boil. But it is better on the stove or in the following way.

Method 2. In the "quenching" or "cook" mode

: 60-80 minutes depending on the multicooker model.

Everything, as in the classic way, do not only need to regulate the fire. Just put the flushed bed into the multicooker's bowl, fill with water and turn on the "quenching" or "cooking" mode (sometimes it is called "soup") for 60 minutes.

How to cook coat on the plate An hour later, check the readiness of the coarse with a fork. If still harsh, turn on the same mode for another 20-30 minutes.

Method 3. In the "Baking" mode

: 60 minutes depending on the multicooker model.

This method is good for young vegetables when they are tender and juicy. The cooler need to be washed, dry with a paper towel and wrap in foil with vegetable oil (each root plant separately).

Then fold it into the multicooker's bowl and prepare in the "Baking" mode for about an hour. How to cook coat in the oven

Time for preparing:

20-25 minutes.

This method is good for young vegetables when they are tender and juicy. The cooler need to be washed, dry with a paper towel and wrap in foil with vegetable oil (each root plant separately).
In the same way as in the previous method, wrap each root in foil and bake at 190 ° C.

In the oven, the bed is comfortable to cook when it needs a lot. For example, immediately for the vinera and searer under the fur coat.

Do not forget to lubricate foil from the inside with vegetable oil

By the way, for the preparation of salads with a swamp there is a small lifehak. If you want, not painted other ingredients, cut it and sprinkle with vegetable oil, but only then connect with other products.

How to cook coat on the plate How to cook cooler in the microwave

In my family boils in the microwave. This is the easiest and fastest way.

: from 8 to 20 minutes.

Time depends on two factors: the size of the coarse and microwave power. In microwaves with a capacity of 1,000 and more watts, the coat is welded in 8-10 minutes. If you have a less powerful model, increase the time twice.

Do not forget to lubricate foil from the inside with vegetable oil
The coarse need to wash (not clean!) And put in glass dishes. At the edges, try to put large root roots, and the center is the smallest. At the bottom of the capacity you need to pour 3 tablespoons of water, and from above - to cover with a glass or special lid for the microwave.

To reduce the cooking time in a low-power microwave, put a coating in a plastic bag for baked and tightly tie it. In this case, the lid is no longer needed.

This method is not only saving time, but leaves clean dishes

It is not necessary to pitch or cut off the bed: it will not explode. It is not necessary to interrupt the process and turn it off with side on the side. It is also not worth pouring vegetables after cooking with cold water. Better let it be cooled at room temperature.

The taste of the coat of the microwave is exactly the same as with conventional cooking in a saucepan.

The finished cooler can be stored in a refrigerator no more than two days.

In our article, we will look at how to cook beets in a saucepan, microwave, a slow cooker, and how much to cook beets to readiness. We hope our tips will be useful to you.

Beet can be called universal vegetable. It turns out a delicious garnish, borsch, salad, and how to cook the beets, so that it does not lose color, not everyone knows. We will look at the basic rules for the preparation of this vegetable, and also learn how to cook beets quickly.

How to cook beets

Preparation does not require any effort. It is enough rooted roots, trim tails, check for the presence of rot and other problems. It is not necessary to clean the beets, otherwise it will digest and pale.

  • How to cook beets in a saucepan
  • We will need:
  • Beet;


Lemon juice.

How to cook beets in a saucepan:



We select the root plates that we will cook for salad, borscht or another dish.

Beets of cubes


My beets, if the nose and tails are very long - cut them off.

Photo 1 How to cook beets in a saucepan


If the vegetable is healthy, there should be black spots on the skin, signs of rot or mold.

Photo 2 How to cook beets in a saucepan


Put prepared vegetables in a saucepan.

Photo 3 How to cook beets in a saucepan


Add cool water. Do not put salt! It is important because the salt makes the beets of solid, the vegetable is preparing longer.

Photo 4 How to cook beets in a saucepan


We put a saucepan on fire and expect boiling.

Photo 5 How to cook beets in a saucepan


When water boiled, the fire can be slightly reduced.

Photo 6 How to cook beets in a saucepan


So that the bright color is preserved, in the water we pour 1/2 teaspoon of juice from lemon approximately 1 liter of fluid. Cook on a small fire under the lid.

Photo 12 How to cook beets in a saucepan


Readiness to check easily, the finished vegetable is easily skewed. If the water has flipped, and the vegetable is not ready yet, you can add some boiling water from the kettle, so that all the vegetables were necessarily covered.

Фото 10 как варить свеклу в кастрюле


Cooking time will take about 1.5 - 2 hours, repel from the size.

Фото 11 как варить свеклу в кастрюле


Boiled beets can be cleaned and used to prepare other dishes - lettuce, red borscht, caviar, carpaccio, etc.

Фото 12 как варить свеклу в кастрюле


Beets are not only a useful vegetable, but also very tasty in the bar, in salads.

  1. How to cook beets quickly
  2. This express method will delight hosts, as the cooking is reduced to 60 minutes.
  3. Boiling water and only after the start of the boiling, we throw the beets into the container.

Fire do not reduce, and to make the temperature even higher, add 2 tbsp into water. Spoons of sunflower oil.

Boil the beets of half an hour, then put a saucepan under the flowing cool water for 10-15 minutes. A sharp drop in temperature will help the beets "reach" to the finished look.

  1. How to cook beets in the microwave fast
  2. This method is the fastest, it will take from 10 to 20 minutes. Similarly, repel from the size, as well as from the power of the available microwave.

My beetle, but not clean. We put into glass dishes, choose dishes with a lid, add 3 tbsp. Water spoons. If there is no lid, you can wrap the beet to the polyethylene package for baking, it is advantaged well.

If the power of your microwave is 1000 and more watt, then your beet will prepare after 10 minutes.

  1. How to cook beets in a slow cooker
  2. The cooking process itself is very similar to the method of cooking in a saucepan.
  3. My vegetables, without cleaning them, you can trim the tail. We put the beets in the multicooker's bowl, pour water so that it covered the vegetable for a couple of centimeters above.
  4. Select the "quenching" or "cooking" mode and put to prepare for 1 hour.

Check the availability of vegetable if the beets are damp, you can continue the program for 10-20 minutes.

  1. Next, throw vegetables in cold water "reach".
  2. How to cook beets for salad
  3. We choose the method of cooking, usually beets for salad cook in a saucepan.
  4. My beetle under running water, we remove the tails, but not clean.
  5. We lay out vegetables in a saucepan and pour water until it covers beet.
  6. Cook is approximately 1.5-2 hours, it all depends on the size of the vegetable. If the water rolls out, you can add hot.

Readiness you can learn using a toothpick or fork if the beet is well spinning - it is ready.

When the beet was welded and cooled, clean it and you can prepare a salad. For the Vinegret - to nourish the cubes, for the fur coats - grate.

  1. How to cook a young beet
  2. The cooking process of young beets is no different from the above methods.
  3. If you have chosen the traditional method - a saucepan, then first prepare vegetables to cook: wash, remove the tails and leaves.

If the tubers are small, you can take a smaller pan. We put the beets in the saucepan and fill with water. It is not necessary to saline.

Cook is about an hour, as usually a young beet is small in size. If you doubt ready, you can check the toothpick, a knife or fork. If it skeins well, then cooking can be completed.

  1. How to cook beets for borscht
  2. For borscht, beets can be cooked in different ways, the most popular - in broth and in the pan separately.
  3. If you wish to cook beet with meat or ribs for borscht, first wait for the bulb boiling to remove the foam that was formed from meat.

When the broth is clean, you can clean and throw the beets in the entire saucepan.

Thus, the meat and beets are welded. But one minus - beets can digest, then the color of the borscht will not be so bright.

  1. If you prefer to cook traditionally in a saucepan separately, see the process is slightly higher.
  2. How to cook peeled beet

Purified beets are usually boiled for borscht in the broth itself. For any other purposes, it is better to boil in the peel, so the color of beets will remain.

Purified beets throw in broth or water, cook until readiness. If the beets are large and not young, cooking time can take 1.5 - 2 hours.

How much cook beets

How much boil beets to readiness in a saucepan

As mentioned, the preparation time beet depends on the size. Usually, if you cook on a small fire, it takes from 1.5 to 2 hours. If you use the express method described above, the time will be reduced to an hour.

How much can boot beets in the microwave

In the microwave cooking is very convenient and mega quickly. If your microwave has a power of 1000 watts and more, beets will be ready after 8-10 minutes, it will take about 15 minutes at a lower power. Check availability, pushing a vegetable for a fork or toothpick.

How much cook beets in a slow cooker

Multicooker will really help in any life situation, even cook beet. We will need an hour of time at cooking beets, if this was not enough, you can continue the program for another 10 minutes.

How much boiling young beet

Usually, young beets have a small size, so it is boiled not so long as we used. Came up about an hour, check the readiness of the toothpick. If the toothpick is well entered into a vegetable, then the beets are ready.

How much cook beets for salad, vinegar, fur coats

The cooking time of beets for salad is no different. If you cook in a saucepan of medium-sized tubers, then we will need 1.5 to 2 hours. If you cook a quick way in a saucepan, time can be reduced to an hour, cooking in the microwave at high power and will take up to 15 minutes at all.

How much to cook the beet

A whole young beet is boiled in a saucepan for an hour if the tubers are not young and quite large, then on a small fire will have to cook from 1.5 to 2 hours. Check the readiness toothpick. If the toothpick is well entered into a vegetable, then the beets are ready.

How much boil beets for borscht

For borscht, beets can be cooked in different ways, the most popular - in broth and in the pan separately. In the broth, the beets are boiled in purified form 1.5-2 hours, in a saucepan, the cooking time is exactly the same, but you do not need to clean the beet.

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