How to remove the smell of cigarettes from the apartment, with hands, hair and clothes?

Almost every person was brought in such a situation: a smoking person came to visit, and with him the caustic smell of tobacco. The smokers themselves practically do not feel the "aroma" from them, although in fact everything is impregnated with them: curtains, leather furniture, clothing, leather, hair. It can significantly ruin the impression. If there is a smoker in your nearest environment, it will be useful to know how to remove the smell of cigarettes.

What is the harmful smell of tobacco?

Smoking has many negative consequences: from chronic bronchitis to cancer. Splashing freshener in the room

"Passive smokers" also suffer from a detrimental cigarette: dizziness, fatigue, weakness and nausea. Many people suffer from allergies to a cigarette smoke. They begin to cough, sneeze, as well as experience other unpleasant consequences. Inhalation of tobacco smoke, as well as smoking, leads to the development of oncology.

How to get rid of smell in the apartment?

To understand how to remove the smell of tobacco from the apartment, you should find out the reason for its appearance. There are several of them:

  1. If anyone from the family smokes, without going outside, the smell will be the faithful companion of the apartment. Even a small pitch, so that the tobacco smoke leaked into the room and stayed in it for a long time.
  2. Sometimes the tobacco "amber" is transmitted "by inheritance" from the past owner. There are cases when people do not even go to the balcony and smoke right in the apartment, so absolutely all the rooms are impregnated with the opposite "aroma".
  3. Even if there are no smokers in the family, but the neighbors often come out with a cigarette on the staircase, smoke cigarettes can leak into the apartment.
  4. Often, a person throws smoking, and the smell remains with him and his things for a long time.

How much the smell of cigarette from the room is weathered?

The smell from one thing is just a dropped cigarette will destroy from the room in 15-30 minutes, provided that all windows are open. However, the non-smoking person will notice him in a few hours. Cigarettes in ashtray

If smoking in the apartment regularly, the stench will not evaporate and for several years. In addition, all clothes, curtains, furniture in the room are also soaked with the smell of cigarettes, and get rid of it will be very and very difficult.

Important! If you smoke near the open window, all smoke will not extend in the window. The apartment still puts up tobacco.

Take the smell of cigarettes from the room is difficult, but maybe. Will help make these the following ways.

Express methods

Express methods are effective when tobacco has not yet had time to absorb interior and furniture. You can spend a test to find out if they will help. For this you need:

  1. Wash hands with baby soap. Not antibacterial and not very smelling!
  2. After the hands are dried, spend them on the walls, carpets, curtains and furniture. If the smell of tobacco does not remain, you can safely use fast ways.


Immediately open all windows and doors by creating through ventilation. It will help to remove the recently emerged smell. Air ventilation

Wet towels

Swim wet towels (preferably terry) indoors, they absorb the remains of smoke. Curtains, carpets and clothes, which was in the smoked room, should be wrapped, and then hang onto the street.

Natural flavors

You can cut the orange and decompose the slices and zest around the room. The citrus will absorb the unpleasant smell and refresh the room, adding juits and brightness.

In the same way there are coffee grains. Coffee beans mug

Aromamasla and candles

Essential oils and aromatic candles will help to cover the tobacco, as well as create a cozy and even romantic atmosphere and aromatic candles. They are sold on any pharmacy and in most supermarkets in the range. It is necessary to light the candles and place them in the apartment, and a few drops of essential oil pour into a bowl with a sea salt. You can use salt separately. This method will be able to kill the smell of cigarettes for a while, but it will not be completely removed.


Spice has a very pleasant aroma. To block her tobacco, you need to warm up the brass oven and put in it 2-3 cinnamon sticks, wrapped in a foil for baking. A few minutes later you can open the door and enjoy the fragrance. Cinnamon

Bay leaf

Keep the smell of cigarettes can be a laurel sheet. To do this, you need to set fire to several leaves and immediately extinguish so that they are torture, and not burning. After you need to walk with them all over the room and ventilate it.


Vinegar very well overlaps the smell, including tobacco. Mode of application:

  1. Mix vinegar with water in proportion 2: 1.
  2. The resulting solution to wipe all surfaces in the apartment: furniture, shelves, walls, if they are not saved by wallpaper.
  3. Carry the room. Vinegar

Air freshener and perfume

Freshener and toilet water are indispensable attributes of any smoker. They will help disguise the smell for a while. But there are nuances, knowing that you can most effectively remove tobacco amber:

  1. Perfumes worth sprinkling on a cold light bulb. When the light is turned on, the room will be filled with a thin fragrance of his beloved perfume.
  2. The freshener is better to purchase automatic, as you can set the timer with which the splashing will be made through the desired time interval.
  3. There are air fresheners that are created specifically in order to remove the cigarette smoke. Before buying, pay attention to the label of the canister.

Dripe Granules or Special Ashtrays

Such granules need to pour into the ashtray, and they will absorb the smell of tobacco.

Also there are ashtrays with built-in filtration. This is a very necessary thing if smoking people are not uncommon in your home. Dryer granules


This method is considered the most efficient in the fight against tobacco odor. Soda must be poured on the floor, preferably for a day. If there is no such time in the reserve, leave the tool for several hours, then speaking.

Methods from breathless smell

Fresh scent of cigarettes can be removed easily and quickly. But to remove an unpleasant "flavor", which stood in the room months, years or even decades - the task is very difficult, because the cigarette smoke in this case is impregnated with everything in the apartment.

Tip! Curtains and carpets are better replaced, but the blinds are well rinsed with a cleaning agent. Light bulbs It is also advisable to buy new ones. Books that stood in the jammed room should be taken out on the fresh air, the rest of the paper that is not needed, throw out.

There are several ways to eliminate the solar smell of tobacco with the help of improvised and vocational money.


Acid of dilute in water in the proportion of 1: 1, then wipe with this solution absolutely all surfaces in the house: cabinets, shelves and other furniture, windows, floors, mirrors and TV.

If you press the rag well, you can also wipe wallpaper and tiles.

Then wash away with clean water and open the windows to air the room from the smell of vinegar.


Powder soda must be scattered on the floor, and after 24 hours, remove the vacuum cleaner. For carpet coverings, a mixture of soda and shampoo can be made and rinsed with a sponge or washing vacuum cleaner. After the carpet is driving, spending it in the usual way. Baking soda

Coffee, rice or coal

Conduct with the solar "aroma" in the apartment will help coffee. It is only necessary to pour the grain into a vase or plates and arrange an apartment. The same can be repeated with rice or activated carbon, because they perfectly absorb different odors.

Washing powder

Remove the cigarette smell from any small things - toys, bed linen, pillows and blankets - you can use a washing powder. It is necessary to wash them with the most odor tool, which contains many fragrances and flavors. You can dry them right in the room: So it will reign the atmosphere of freshness.

Ammonia, vinegar and soda

Surfaces that are resistant to moisture can be cleaned in the following way:

  1. Take 0.5 tbsp. ammonia, ¼ Art. vinegar, ¼ Art. Soda and 3 l of water.
  2. The resulting solution to moisten the sponge and wipe the surface.
  3. As soon as the mixture becomes dirty, pour it out and make a new one. Ammonia against smell cigarettes

Sink air

Special instruments are sold, which clean the air, passing it through special filters. Such a device will be needed only in particularly launched cases.

Cleaning service

The easiest, but financially costly way to cause clining. Experts will be able to completely remove outsiders using professional detergents.


As a last resort, you can make a small repair. It is necessary to remove all things that smell cigarettes, as well as cross the wallpaper and swap floors and ceilings. It requires large investments, both temporary and labor and cash. However, the repair is the most effective way to eliminate the smell of cigarettes in the apartment.

How to eliminate the smell in the car's cabin?

Many smoking car owners face such a problem: the interior of the car to the tobacco smoke. There are several tips that will help bring the smell of cigarettes from the car salon:

  1. It is necessary to ensure that the car is always clean: clean the cigarette and ashtray. So the likelihood that the machine will be powder, it will decrease at times.
  2. Pour in a plate vinegar and leave in the cabin for the night. The tool will destroy the cigarette "amber", but in the morning you will have to ventive the car.
  3. You can pour into a small jar of coffee grain. They will cope with tobacco, and will also please their aroma.
  4. Fresh green apple should be cut on the slices and leave in the car. Fruit will greatly absorb smells.
  5. An interesting option, suitable cat lovers, is a filler for a tray. A small amount should be poured into a wide container and leave in the car. The filler will help remove all the smells, and also absorbs excess moisture.
  6. Aromatizer for cars. This light and affordable method does not guarantee complete getting rid of the smell, but will help if the cigarette is recently recently. Cleaning in the car

How to remove the smell from hand and hair?

  1. You can try to beat off the stench from cigarette perfume. It is desirable that the perfumes are persistent and strongly smelling.
  2. The easiest option is to wash your hands with soap under cold water.
  3. Antiseptic gel for hands or ordinary wet wipes - beautiful helpers in the fight against the smell. It is desirable that they have a bright resistant fragrance. If you do not have makeup, wipe your face with napkins, and then lubricate the moisturizing cream.
  4. Citrus well absorbs odors. It is necessary to be confused in the hands of an orange or lemon. Coffee thickness also helps.
  5. Recently, special gels are sold in pharmacies that save the smoker from the unpleasant "amber". However, it is difficult to find them, although such funds are very effective.
  6. Refreshing hair will help dry shampoo or veil. This relatively new tool is applied to the hair and feeds them, and also helps get rid of an unpleasant tobacco loop. Cleaning hands from smell

How to bring the smell from clothes?

If your things smell smoke from cigarettes, do not worry. There are several methods that correct this problem:

  1. Soak clothing in vinegar solution.
  2. Wash the thing with powder or gel. If the first wash did not remove the problem, repeat the procedure.
  3. Dried clothes should be on the street or balcony with an open window.
  4. Dry cleaning. Those things that do not get rehabilitate at home, as well as clothing from delicate tissues go to dry cleaning, where they will be returned to freshness.

When the apartment has a very stagnant smell of cigarette smoke, this is a problem. It is impossible to get used to such an aroma not only non-smoking, but also to avid smokers, since one thing is to smoke, and another is to live in a room, impregnated with characteristic tobacco amber. If a person who has nothing to do with cigarettes, at least once gets into a strongly punched apartment, then after a few minutes his skin, hair, clothes will also smell unpleasantly. Why does it happen, as far as it is dangerous for people and how to get rid of smell of tobacco and cigarettes, consider further.

What is dangerous tobacco smoke?

Tobacco leaves are filled with oily resins. It is these substances that have excellent penetrating ability. In the smoking process, smoke with a rich composition is allocated: nicotine, resin, carbon monoxide, blue acid and a number of toxic compounds. The health of smokers and those who are nearby are suffering from such a bouquet. A relatively small part of harmful substances falls into the body of people, and the rest of the amount accumulates in the room and absorbed into different surfaces: carpets, walls, curtains, clothing, upholstered furniture, etc.

If you do not take any measures, the concentration of the smoke already settled in the apartment will grow, and the result will be not only a disgusting smell, but also the possible development of such diseases from residents as:

  • Allergies of different species.
  • Various pathology of respiratory organs.
  • Problems with vessels and heart.
  • Infertility.
  • Oncology.
  • Depression, etc.

It has been established that harmful substances from cigarettes, downloaded in the apartment for more than a month (30 days) back, continue to continue to destructively act on human health

There is no doubt that with the presence, and, consequently, it is necessary to fight with the smell of tobacco smoke. Make it is not always so simple as it may seem. But, first, it is necessary to find out how smoke cigarettes falls into the apartment.

How cigarette smoke falls into the apartment

The reasons for the appearance of an unpleasant smell can be several. And it is not necessary that the avid smoker lived in a specific apartment. And still:

  • Smoker in the apartment . If one live on the housing, or even several lovers to smoke, the smell of tobacco indoors is provided. And it does not matter where it happens: in the kitchen or on the balcony - even through the smallest slit, the fragrance lights up in the room and falls on things.
  • Neighbors. As for smokers living nearby, for cigarette smoke, all the ways are open. The neighbor smokes on the balcony - smoke falls through open windows, windows, balcony doors or poorly sealed joints and seams; Lives the floor below or the floor above, and I decided to smoke in the kitchen or in the toilet - smoke penetrates through the ventilation mines in the kitchen, in the bathroom and toilet; Locard in the entrance or on the landing - cigarette "incense" comes directly through the entrance doors.
  • "Legacy" from previous tenants. Renting or buying an apartment, you can purchase and stagnant smell of tobacco smoke. Perhaps the previous owners abused smoking in the rooms, not strongly driving themselves to enter the street or staircase. In this case, even the walls will be punched.
  • Guests. Did not put in advance the conditions of the party or did not warn guests that they do not smoke in the apartment? Then get the result - clothes, curtains, the upholstery of the furniture will accurately smell the cigarette smoke.
  • The one who does not smoke This is an interesting fact that sometimes takes place. It happens that a person throws smoking, and after a while he hears the stagnant, unpleasant smell in the apartment and cannot understand where he came from. Everything is explained very simple. The smell of smoke from his repurchased cigarettes was so much in the surrounding situation, which does not disappear independently.

Now we know the reason for the emergence of the problem and its possible consequences. It's time to figure out how to liquidate it.

Tips for the elimination of tobacco odor

You can get rid of unpleasant smells of cigarette smoke using:

  • Home remedies. This series is: fragrant herbs, spices and seasonings, essential oils and adsorbing substances and compositions.
  • Specialized funds. The finished preparations (aerosols, gels, etc.) were taken to this category, created for the processing of premises for the injury or complete elimination of the smell of tobacco smoke.

To eliminate unpleasant "incense" use various methods and means, but the methods themselves can be:

  • Masking Which help at a certain time get rid of the smell.
  • Fully destroying Cigarette SMRR.

We will get acquainted with the most popular and efficient ways.

Methods of getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in the apartment

When declaring the war, the smell of tobacco and cigarettes in the apartment, first of all, it is necessary to determine the "freshness" of smoke: how much he managed to penetrate the surface, and is it possible to use fast ways. So that the conclusion of the examination does not make a long time to wait, there is a mini-test. It is necessary to wash your hands well with baby soap (without a strong fragrance and not antibacterial) or economic. After their drying, spend your palm in the carpets, furniture fabric and walls. There was an unpleasant tobacco sorts in her arms - there are no quick-action methods, no outsiders - we can safely begin to work. And the faster, the better. Therefore, let's start with the so-called ambulance.

Express methods

№1. Ventilating (draft)

After expanding smoking comrades, we immediately open the windows and leave them for half an hour. If possible, turn on the air purifier or air conditioner.

№2. Wet towels

This method is known to many, it can even be called Dedovsky. Actively absorb tobacco smoke wet towels. Several cotton products need to be well moistened and decompose in different places of the room. For a stronger effect, a terry towel and a vinegar solution (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water) are needed. Textiles, moistened in acetic solution, hangs in the room where they smoked. If there were a lot of guests, the procedure can be repeated several times and add wet room cleaning. After using a towel, you need to wrap well.

Number 3. Floral bouquets

This method is valid similar to the previous one. For flowers such as daffodils, roses or lilies, a strong fragrance is characteristic. If, after a good ventilation, put a vase in the room with a fragrant bouquet, about the smell of tobacco smoke can be forgotten.

Folk ways

№4. Citrus

The citrus cake (orange, mandarin, lemon or grapefruit) is cut into small slices and fill with them somewhat, which is then placed around the rooms. The smell of the zest is perfectly neutralized by the smell of cigarettes. In addition, the Citrus Juice is also a freshener. To prepare a refreshing mixture, you need to take the flesh of any fruit, squeeze the juice from it, add the same amount of water out of it, and the solution for refueling the pulverizer is ready.

№5. Coffee

Coffee can be taken in grains or freshly ground, decompose it on dry vases. Capacities put in different corners of the apartment and leave the week for two. An unpleasant tobachap will gradually disappear, but to achieve full getting rid of the smell of smoke, the procedure must be repeated several times.

№6. Fig

Rice perfectly absorbs fragrances, and it can be safely used to eliminate the disgusting smells (a barbell in the plots and - to place the last room). But for those who want to try this method for the first time, we note that rice should be wet. As cereals dry out, it is necessary to moisten it in a timely manner and regularly change rice in plates.

№7. Cinnamon

Spicy scent cinnamon likes many. If you add to him, it will reveal, blocks tobacco stench and fill the room with a pleasant smell. Make a spice to work in two ways:

  • Several cinnamon sticks wrap in foil and put in the oven, which is heated to 180 ° C for 10-15 minutes. Then open the door, and the room will be filled with an amazing aroma, drowning unpleasant tobacco amber.
  • Cinnamon sticks are boosted in a saucepan with a small amount of water for 30 minutes. The cover of the dishes must be open all the time, then the aroma of spices will confidently fill the entire apartment. By analogy, you can use oregano, sage, mint and other fragrant herbs or spices.

It is believed that a good neutralizer of the consequences of smoking is the aroma of freshly prepared meat or vegetables (in the oven)

№8. Bay leaf

This is the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of the smell of tobacco. The bay leaf is available in the arsenal of each mistress. To activate it, you need to take several leaves, put them in the ashtray and set fire. The laurel should not burn immediately, the leaves must be smoldering. With such specific "enormous", they bypass all the problem areas and no other smells are no longer heard.

№9. Apples

All beloved fruits are great for cleaning air indoors with a small area. 2-3 ripe apples (green) are cut in half, removing the core. Slings of fruits lay on a tray or dish cut and leave in the room. Apples work and adsorbent, and the flavor at the same time.

№10. Vanilla

Extract (alcohol tincture) Vanilla is well known for all confectionery products. To get rid of the steady smell of tobacco, take water tank and add a few drops of vanilla extract there. You can moisturize with a solution of towels, cotton swabs, napkins or other products, which can then be twisted or decomposed around the rooms, and also periodically change them on fresh. Vanilla's charming smell will cause cigarette smoke.

Interesting to save the apartment from the obsessive smell of cigarettes can electrical heaters and electric furnaces. If the devices for a while, turn on the high temperature, the smell of smoke will disappear

№11. Room Flora

All plants breathe. Here, some home garden representatives are capable (in the process of breathing) to actively purify the air from the unpleasant, specific cigarette smog. In the field of air purification can be attributed to:

  • Ivy ordinary and chlorophytum.
  • Jericho rose.
  • Aglaion and Chrysntem.
  • Ficus Benjamin and Philodendron.
  • Palm tree palm and nephregepsis.
  • Spatiliem, Szindapus, etc.

If these plants are present in the apartment, the smell of tobacco will not stay in it for a long time.

№12. Soda

In any house there is a soda or, at least, the bakery breakthrower (and its composition is also present soda). The substance (sodium bicked) can actively absorb foreign smells, including a cigarette smell. If friends-smokers come to visit, then they should be prepared to be prepared in advance: pour into a small capacity (for example, a plate) enough soda (you can be about half a gun) and add a couple of three or three drops of essential oil into it. Let such a mixture stand not only during the stay of the guests, but some time after their departure (about a day). Cardinal measures, after such a reception, it will be possible to avoid.

If the friends of friends dragged down and after their departure it became clear that Ambre from cigarettes was delayed on carpets and furniture, it is necessary to act quickly. Soda is scattered on the floor, on carpet coatings, if possible, some parts of the furniture and affordable surfaces are evenly distributed and left for a day. After the expiration of the specified time, everyone is cleaned, using a vacuum cleaner. If the smell is mesmer, then you can get rid of it for one or two cleaning.

№13. Perfume

You can use your favorite perfume to eliminate light fragrance. A couple of drops on a light bulb will not be difficult, but it should be remembered that it is necessary to apply perfume to a cold lighting element. When the light turns on, the light bulb will be heated, and the aroma of spirits or toilet water will increase under the action of heat.

The proposed method is masking and frequent application is fraught with consequences - a large concentration of perfume will make air in an apartment unpleasant and "heavy"

№14. Aromasveti and oils

These are masking means. Pharmacies and many outlets offer a wide range of such products, so there will be no problems with the acquisition of essential oils and aromatic candles. Their fragrance will block the disgusting cigarette smell for a while.

№15. Sea salt

Salt refers to a number of natural substances that actively absorb bad smells. A stronger cleansing effect has a naval salt. The adsorbent is dissolved in water to the state of the non-Russian Cashitz, in small quantities they scatter in containers (Muskam, banks, saucers) and put in rooms where they were going to cross. Gradually, the Smroch Spirit will disappear. You can drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil on salt (usually take 4 drops on 80 g of salt) and the house will be filled with a pleasant aroma. Many prefer lavender oil, carnations, pines, lemongrass or fir.

Along with masking essential oils, there are those that neutralize the smell of tobacco. These are citrus fragrances and coniferous (fir, juniper)

№16. Vinegar

Water vinegar solution (1: 1) surface surface, tile, washable wallpaper on the ceiling and walls. The acetic smell will disappear in a couple of hours and will take a tobacco stench with him.

№17. Bura

A mixture of sodium tetraborate (borants) and dishwashing agents are perfectly fighting with a cigarette stony. For the processing of different surfaces, a solution of 7 liters of water is prepared, 100 g of borants and half of the tablespoon of washing means. After the work performed, all things are washed again with clean water.

№18. spring-cleaning

When the apartment is strongly punched, inside the heavy, stagnant smell of tobacco, and the walls and ceiling darkened from constant smoke, may not be insufficient or handling with light agents. So you have to make cardinal changes, and the only way to solve the problem is the repair: replacement of wallpaper, flooring, recycling of doors and windows. But, in this case, there is an alternative. Not everyone does not always have the opportunity to change everything to change dramatically, but the general cleaning will help to manage to be able to cope with the situation.

Textile processing

Self-cleaning textiles is a rather laborious process, and if there is a possibility to use the services of dry cleaning, it is not worth neglected. If not, then with curtains, capes, curtains, bedspreads, blankets and other products you have to tinker. All things need to launch, rinse in Soda solution (2 art. L. Per 1 liter of water) and dry, if possible, in air. Light cotton or linen products can be pre-dunk in Glorki solution - 10 liters of water add 1-2 tbsp. l. facilities. After soaking - rinse in soda solution and washing.

Upholstered furniture and mattresses

Handling upholstered furniture water solution (5 l) and essential oil (10 drops). It is best to choose the aroma of eucalyptus, lavender or rosemary. For further action, you will need an old sheet or a piece of fabric. The prepared textiles is wetted in cooked water, well squeeze, we settle on the sofa and tapping the knocked out. The dirt aturning on the furniture will go out and immediately absorb damp cloth.

Many know that it is well picking harmful substances and unpleasant odors manganese. Therefore, to clean the furniture make Weak solution of mangartee : A few granules - one liter of water, a little wetting a soft cloth in it and processed the surface will fit and a mixture of apple vinegar and water (1: 1), which you can wipe the upholstery of upholstered furniture. Industrial funds are also in demand: "uncum", "Bugs", "Vanish", "Nordland", "Tuba" and others.

All listed actions can be made when cleaning mattresses. If the acquisition of the new is not possible, then produced "Wet" knocking, The removable cover passes all the required stages: washing, rinse with air conditioning, drying outdoors. A non-removable case is cleaned with a brush moistened to Soap or shampoo solution .

Acquisition of steam mop will help solve a considerable amount of problems, since the thermal impact destroys the tobacco odor


If the apartment has a bookcase or a whole home library, and the owner or his guests smoke, then the books will take a blow. It just always should be remembered that the paper is well absorbed by various flavors, and to get rid of the acquired dull, you will have to make all the printed editions there, where there is fresh air access, and ventilate several days. Then best place literature in the closet, which is well closed. Between books you can decompose Tablets of activated carbon which very successfully adsorb dirt from the air.

Cleaning of hard surfaces and toilets

Solid surfaces are subject to mandatory cleaning, since resinous and toxic substances are also sediated. High-quality cleaning should be the windowsills, floors, interior doors, tables and cabinets, walls (painted or with washing wallpaper), windows, shelves, etc. The most popular solutions:

  • Soda - 2 h. And the economic soap (crushed) - 2 h., dissolved in 1 liter of water.
  • Water vinegar - 1: 1 or 1 tsp. acetic essence on 1 tbsp. water.
  • 100 ml of ammonic alcohol (ammonia), 50 g of vinegar, 50 g of food soda, 3 liters of water.

The above solution is considered quite aggressive, it is necessary to work with it in rubber gloves and the respirator. In addition, the suspension can damage the coatings of wood, so it is better to test it in a small invisible area

  • Chlorine (30 g) and water (1 l) are mixed, the solution is relevant to clean the toilet and bathroom.

Remove stagnant cigarette could be mixed from 1 l of water, 1 tbsp. l. Shampoo and 15 drops of pine essential oil, spruce or juniper. This composition is well suited for cleaning walls and wallpaper.

Palaasses and carpets

2 tbsp. l. Food soda is bred in 1 liter of water (warm), 50 ml of shampoo is added . With the help of the brush, the mixture is applied to the carpet, then we work with a vacuum cleaner (detergent).

In the absence of household appliances, a certain species can be used by special detergents, which have already proven themselves:

  • "Vanish", "5+" and "VOX drop".
  • "Selena" and "Udalix Ultra".

After a wet cleaning, it is necessary to dry the carpet products to dry, so that instead of the tobacco smell it does not appear.

You can spend dry cleaning for carpet surfaces that are afraid of water. Palace needs to be evenly covered with soap chips or soda, give to stand the day, and then clean the vacuum cleaner. Unpleasant odors will go away. You can also enroll with upholstered furniture.

In winter, the most effective tool is Cleaning snow Freshly air. Both purity and frosty freshness aroma are guaranteed. Hard smell help remove Water and vodka mixture (5: 1). A solution from the spray spray carpets, tracks, can be clotted, and then remove from outside or to the balcony for weathelation. Similarly, you can use Children's powder or talc .


Winter things are better to pass in dry cleaning. The rest of the products, as well as toys you have to launch yourself and adding air conditioner. For outerwear, you can use Tea bags with mint . Clothes are pre-shaking, you can spend the supplement or slightly wipe with a napkin, moistened with a very weak solution of vinegar (then dry well). And so that the tobacco ugar is completely disappeared, tea bags with mint are put into pockets. They will melt unpleasant tobacco residues and add mint freshness.

We will have to work with things from the skin, because this material absorbs extraneous smells like a sponge. For cleaning leather things suitable aqueous . The rag moistened in it gently wipes the products, then the latter are well ventilated. With particular attention should be taken to things and toys that are undesirable to wash. In this case, you should spend "Dry" washing : In the washing machine, the machine is laid things and a small piece of fabric, on which 2-3 drops of essential oil are applied. Washing should work in the "Fat" mode.

Ready (industrial) devices

№19. Antitabachi aerosols

Such means can be found in many manufacturers. Most often we use manual spraying aerosals that are safe for people, have a pleasant fragrance and effectively neutralize tobacco smoke. You can choose automatic fresheners: they are installed in the right place and the timer (after a certain time) is launched an aerosol.

№20. Electric furniture

This thing has already been equipped with a built-in filter to capture smoke and fan. Smokeless devices for which the ionization function is characterized by a USB input and batteries.

№21. Mineral adsorbent granules (Dripe)

The popular decision today is not to give to spread the smell of cigarettes around the house. Such granules (may be flavored salt) are placed in an ashtray and immediately absorb smoke. The most popular among users of the granules aromatized - "Antitabak".

№22. Fresheners and flavors

Fresheners and flavors there are a huge amount. Devices serve to disguise tobacco "fragrances".

№23. Electricalizer

The device runs from the outlet. The built-in fan accelerates pleasant flavors throughout the apartment. Since in the device injection aromatic composition occurs automatically, it is advisable to include devices for the night.

№24. "Washing" air

The device that works comprehensively on cleansing and humidifying air. The device passes air through itself and, using drive filters, delays harmful particles with an unpleasant odor. Some models additionally perform the flavor function. Many users note the good work of the devices from Boneco, Venta, AIR- O- SWISS, etc.

№25. Ionizers

Devices destroying tobacco stench at the molecular level. The principle of operation of the electrical ionizer (there may be an air humidifier with an additional function) is based on the confluence of oppositely charged ions. Elements of tobacco smoke, in most, are positively charged, and the device forms ions with a negative charge when working. The particles are attracted and the resulting molecules have a much greater weight than air particles. Here are the first and settle on the floor, not causing anyone harm.

№26. Air purifiers

Designed to filter air indoors and withdrawing particles of cigarette smog. Always relevant technique under the brands of Panasonic, Timber, Mitsubishi, Neoclima, etc. Many new models of air conditioners have the function of cleansing air masses. The climatic equipment Toshiba, General Climate, Carrier, etc. has proven itself.

№27. "Dry fog"

Refers to professional tobacco combat professionals in the molecular level. Advantages - cleaning the most hard-to-reach places and a long validity period (up to month).

All substances that carry a danger to human health can be fully removed from the air, no air purification device for home can not. But modern devices can minimize the concentration of harmful substances in the air to safe values ​​(for humans)


If the apartment does not eliminate the reasons for the constant presence or penetration of tobacco smoke, then attempts to eliminate Cigarette SMRArad and its consequences will continue infinitely. It is absolutely clear that no one else will immediately leave the harmful habit. But you can:

  • Ask a home avid smoker after all on the crossing to go outside.
  • His, gloomy smoke, clothing immediately remove into a closet, which is tightly closed.
  • To avoine the room every day.
  • Regularly carry out wet cleaning of the whole apartment.
  • Install rubber seals on door openings and be sure that no shrinking "flavors" will not be fastened through the balcony or entrance doors.
  • Take the use of devices cleansing air.
  • If possible, decorate the apartment with a blooming gardens with jasmine-shaped, room lemon, pittosporum odor or other fragrant plants.


It cannot be said that there is some single, universal remedy that will help get rid of smell of tobacco and cigarettes in the apartment. If everything is strongly launched, then, as always, you will have to act comprehensively: both cleaning, chemistry, and "grandfathers" of smoking. In addition, you can always contact the cleaning company. The real pro would carry out the cleaning of the premises quickly and efficiently, using professional tools and special non-housing equipment, will help to get rid of not only from the smell of tobacco smoke but from other smells of Gary. And although the method is effective, the price of this method can be the problem. It is much easier - not to bring the situation to a critical point and not wait until the apartment can be logged in, and immediately remove the unpleasant smell after one cigarette. And what a means to choose - decide for yourself.

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Often there is a need to get rid of the smell of tobacco in the apartment, because it is the most unpleasant and eaten, which can only be. Especially heard the smell of cigarettes in the room where they are constantly smoking.

How to weave the stench from Kuro? Right now - 33 effective method which will actually help quickly and simply remove the smell of tobacco from the house with the help of folk remedies.

one. Wet towels

The most effective way to get rid of tobacco smell in your apartment are wet towels. This method is suitable for the room, where the smell has not yet eaten and is not strong.

  1. Take a few large towels, wet with cold water, look so that they are wet.
  2. After that, you drag them on the doors, spread them in different places in the room, in which there is an unpleasant smell of nicotine. Wet towels gradually absorb tobacco smell.

If necessary, the towels can rinse and rave once again. The result will be better if you make a wet cleaning all right, wash the floors with the addition of several drops of ammonia, put the curtains and the upholstery of the furniture, as the fabrics absorb and absorb the smell of tobacco smoke.

2. Bay leaf

The most famous people's ways to get rid of smell of tobacco smoke can also be attributed to the method using a conventional laurel sheet, which is available in every home.

  1. Take several laurel leaves and put them in an ashtray.
  2. Fit the laurel sheets, not allowing them to burn completely, but seeking them to the trel.
  3. With smoking leaves, go throughout the apartment, fumuring it.

3. Coffee

A good air freshener after smoking ordinary coffee.

  1. Take a small amount (approximately 300 grams) coffee beans.
  2. Spread it in a few small clean and dry vase.
  3. Arrange them around the perimeter of the apartment and leave for two weeks.

Two weeks later repeat the procedure. If it still smells unpleasant, then repeat the procedure again. Gradually, the tobacco smell will disappear.

Coffee has an absorbent effect and not only give a pleasant aroma, but also the unpleasant nicotine smell will absorb. In addition to coffee, we remarkably absorb smells of salt, fresh bread and rice grains.

four. Perfume

If the smell of smoking indoors is not very resistant, this light way can neutralize it.

Take a bottle with spirits and apply a few drops to the surface of all lamps that are in your home. Just do this procedure, of course, follows when the lamps are turned off.

Then, when after switching on the lamp heats up, the aroma of spirits will become stronger and spread throughout the room, eliminating you from an unpleasant tobacco odor.

five. Orange peels

This flavor will help temporarily eliminate the smoking problem.

Take the peel from 5-6 oranges, cut it into small pieces and fold into several bowls. Arrange them in the apartment.

The fruit peel will serve as a natural flavor and absorbent, absorbing the smell of smoke and tobacco. Instead of orange peel, you can use other citrus peel: lemon, mandarin, grapefruit.

6. Homemade chemical composition

Another option is to use one of the old methods. To do this, prepare a special chemical composition. All you need for this tool, for sure, is in any house.

  1. Take the capacity.
  2. Mix in it one fourth part of a glass of food soda, one fourth part of a glass of vinegar and one second part of a glak of ammonia.
  3. Add three liters of water to the mixture.

This means need to be well to wash the floors and all surfaces on which there is a tobacco raid. Before work, do not forget to wear rubber gloves.

When you work, be sure to follow that there are no divorces on all surfaces. If a divorce remains, the hated smell will remain in your apartment for a long time.

Cleaning solution change as contamination. As soon as it becomes dirty and unsuitable for further work, we make a new chemical composition and work on. The result will be better if you put the curtains to all other things, clean the upholstery of the furniture, wipe wallpaper and ventilate the apartment. All these measures will certainly save you from the boning smell forever.

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known for its pleasant aroma, which is capable of masking the smells of Kury.

  1. Take a few cinnamon sticks.
  2. Wrap them into pieces of foil and put in the oven.
  3. Preheat oven for fifteen minutes and open the doors.
  4. The aroma of cinnamon will quickly spread around the apartment, drowning all foreign odors.

The second use of cinnamon is to cook cinnamon sticks in a saucepan for thirty minutes. The pot of the pan is not to close so that the fragrance spread faster and interrupted the stench.

8. Shampoo

Everyone knows that textiles and carpets are mostly capable of absorbing all odors. And the tobacco smoke in the house where there are smokers, especially persistent, and it's not always easy to cope with it.

To get rid of this problem, you should thoroughly clean the carpet and carpet. There is an effective method of cleaning using a conventional hair shampoo.

Take a bottle of shampoo, pour the contents into the container, add a spoonful of food soda and mix everything. Use a special sponge for cleaning.

This tool can be cleaned with a carpet with any pile. Means, without damaging the pile, well cleans it from tobacco raid. After cleaning, you should rinse the product using the same sponge and clean water. After the procedure, the carpet needs to be carefully dry.

9. Baking soda

Carpet, carpeted floors can become a source of voni if ​​someone smoked in the apartment for a long time. You can eliminate this problem with the help of ordinary food soda.

  1. Take a pack of soda, crush on the carpet coating over the entire surface.
  2. In this position, leave the carpet for a while, for example, at night.
  3. After that, remove the soda from the carpet with a sponge. To remove the remaining soda particles, you can carefully knock out a carpet or use the vacuum cleaner.

After this procedure, the smell of nicotine from the carpet will disappear.

ten. Apple vinegar

Perhaps, some embarrass this method of getting rid of tobacco and cigarette odor. After all, vinegar itself has a resistant sharp fragrance. However, everyone knows that vinegar is able to quickly disperse from the room, so the method is quite effective.

To prepare a solution, you need a glass of apple vinegar. Vinegar pour into the tank and mix with half a glass of water.

This mixture will effectively help eliminate the solar and insight from smoking from various washable surfaces, it will not spoil the lacquered furniture coating.

The mixture can be cleaned up to the upholstery of upholstered furniture and even wallpaper. To do this, take a soft rag, moisten in solution, look good and wipe the surface.

After cleaning, open the windows and balconies and ventilate the room. Weathered the smell of apple vinegar quite quickly, and with it the smell of tobacco smoke.

eleven. spring-cleaning

Well, if the apartment lives non-smoking and tobacco odor temporary guest in the house. But what to do if the fragrance of Kuriev firmly entered the room?

Most of the tobacco smell is held in textiles and in carpets - up to seventy percent. Well absorbs odors tree, wallpaper. And, of course, the ideal way to get rid of this problem is repairs. But repair does not always have time and opportunity. Whatever ways to get rid of tobacco and cigarette smell offer, but it did not come up with better premises of the premises.

Carpets, textiles, upholstered furniture. Bedspreads, curtains, blankets need to be wrapped in dry cleaning. Pillows and mattresses better throw and buy new ones. If there is no such possibility, you can try to knock them out, ventilate and dry at least two days in the air. Especially good will do it in the cold.

Carpets thoroughly spend and clean specially intended for this tool. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly dry the entire carpet surface and let it over again. In winter, carpets are better brushing on the street using pure snow.

Upholstery of furniture should be cleaned, you can use the same tools as for cleaning carpets. Clothes and soft toys are better to wash or exercise dry cleaning.

Washing surfaces. All surfaces in the apartment, which will not hurt water, should be thoroughly wash. If there are washable wallpaper on the walls in the room, then they are best spent, and then wipe with a sponge, moistened with a weak acetic solution. If paper wallpaper on the walls, it is best to get rid of them and stick new ones.

Books. Paper can very well absorb all foreign smells, and tobacco fragrance is no exception. If in the apartment in which the library was smoked for a long time, then books, magazines, newspapers can become a source of vony, and it will be extremely difficult to remove it. In this case, that the smell is not, you can put the print editions in the box or a tightly closed cabinet.

You can also try to "venture" books, temporarily holding them outdoors or on the balcony. If the books are not very necessary, then it is better to throw them away.

12. Carrying

If the room has just been noded, then this is the most effective way to eliminate the nicotine smell. The very first thing is to open windows and balconies and arrange an airing for 15-20 minutes. If there is air conditioning, you can use it. You can moisten a large towel with cold water and wave them in the air.

After conducting, you can light the aromatic candle. And you can make some kind of dish on the stove or in the oven. Food fragrance finally overdue the smell of tobacco smoke.

thirteen. Oil burner

It will help in solving the problem of the aroma lamp. It can be purchased in the household appliance store. The lamp is a water container and a small candle tool.

  1. Before using the device, the room ventilate. After completing the ventilation, close all windows.
  2. Prepare an aroma. In the special capacity of the device, pour a small amount of water, add a few drops of any aromatic oil. In order for the flavor to be more saturated, it is better to take the usual salt instead of water.
  3. Under the container, place a burning candle. A few minutes later, water with essential oils will begin to evaporate slowly, filling the room with a thin aroma. Water in the bowl can be topped with small portions.

After the procedure, put off the candle, pour water and well wash the container with soap so that it does not have a drop of essential oil. Aromatherapy procedure will increase your mood and relieve the smell of cigarette smoke.

14. Charcoal

Back in ancient times, people noticed that charcoal is able to absorb unpleasant odors. In the modern industry, this property of coal is used everywhere.

Coal can be bought in specialized outlets. It includes charcoal, water, other substances. You can use the usual coal, which remains after the combustion of wood. Deodorizing coal is an excellent absorbent and is able to perfectly eliminate all foreign smells, including the remains of tobacco smoke.

Take coal than it is more, the better. Spread in the tanks, arrange them all over the apartment. Gradually, an unpleasant smell will completely disappear.

15. Isolation of the source odor

Sometimes it happens that in the family all non-smoking, and the smell of tobacco smoke penetrates your apartment from the neighbors of smokers or from the staircase. This problem is quite solved.

If your neighbors love to smoke on the balcony, and the tobacco smoke penetrates you through the window, then just close it. When the neighbors stop smoking, ventilate your apartment. The unpleasant smell will fly very quickly.

If smoke tobacco penetrates you from the staircase, you need to do your own doors and improve the isolation from the odor source. It is recommended if it is possible to make a redevelopment - install the door in the vestibule, extinguishing from the staircase.

The optimal solution to this problem is to install a new door that is most closely closed and does not let the smell of tobacco smoke. Another option is to improve the old entrance door by setting special seals. The apartment will be more pleasant, and the smell of cigarette smoke, penetrating you from the staircase, will cease to annoy you.

16. Fig

The usual rice can serve as a tobacco fragrance absorber.

Take one kilogram of rice, prepare some clean dry plates or shallow cans. Pour rice equally in all containers. When the capacity will be filled, arrange them all over the perimeter of the apartment. After some time, the smell of tobacco smoke will disappear.

17. Sea salt

Salt is also a good natural absorber.

To purify the air, make a bath salt package for baths. You can use the usual food salt. Put a salt in a few shallow jars, arrange them in the apartment in the place where the smell is concentrated. You can add a few drops of flavored oils on the salt. After some time, the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke will disappear without a trace.

eighteen. Fragravized candles

A good air freshener are flavored candles. They can be easily bought in specialized stores.

After checking the apartment, close the windows to avoid drafts. Light a candle in the room in which the smell is concentrated. It is known that the fire is able to neutralize unpleasant odors. And the candle, burning, will have a pleasant fragrance that masks the smell of nicotine.

19. Plants - air purifiers

Scientists have long proved that some plants are capable of purifying air from harmful impurities. In the process of respiration, the moisture droplets are highlighted. The moisture binds particles of harmful pollutants in the air. When the plant breathes, it absorbs the air along with these particles, it can be said, uses in its diet. Due to this, the plant mechanism is powered and cleaned air. A person needs only to plant a plant in his home and care for him.

Many plants are capable of purifying air from harmful impurities. The championship wreath received the following green helpers:

  • Szindapus,
  • Hamedoriya,
  • ivy,
  • Nephrolesis,
  • date palm,
  • Ficus Benjamin,
  • chrysanthemum,
  • philodendron,
  • chlorophytum
  • Spathiffillium.

Therefore, if the apartment unpleasantly smells tobacco, it will be quite reasonable to plant a plant from the above list.

20. Household air purifier

This modern and fairly silent way to deal with the smell is able to save your home even from the old smell of cigarette smoke. The device will not only clean the air, but also moisturizes it.

Place the air purifier in the room in which the smell is the strongest. If the smell is felt in the entire apartment, the device will have to move. When the device will work, all odors will quickly disappear, including the bored tobacco fragrance. The device has filters that will need to be changed as contaminated.

21. Alcohol vinegar

Vinegar is a wonderful assistant in everyday life. It is known that it absorbs unpleasant odors well, including the smell of cigarette smoke.

Take a bottle of alcohol synthetic vinegar and pour a small amount in a bowl. You can use other varieties of vinegar: apple, malt, balsamic, wine. Add a few drops of any essential oil to vinegar. Leave a bowl with vinegar per day. Cigarette smell will leave your home.

22. Soda or baking baking

Soda is one of the best absorbent available. She absorbs extraneous odors, including smoking. Instead of soda, you can use a baking disintector.

Before you will visit smoking guests, pour half a pack of soda to a plate, add a few drops of flavored oil. Do not rush to remove a plate with soda after the guests of guests. Let it stand another day. There will be no problems with an unpleasant smell.

23. Jericho Rosa

The Jerichon rose is an amazing plant, it is also called to resurrect. If there is no water, the plant dries out, but if it is poured, the rose continues to grow green again and grow. The unusualness of this plant is that it can moisten the air and clean it from harmful tobacco smoke. If this plant will grow in the house, there will be no problems.

24. Chlork

Especially firmly stench from cigarettes can sit in carpets, textiles, soft toys, pillows. And these items themselves become a source of smell, even if no one smokes in the apartment. Conduct with the solar smell will help the ordinary chlorine, or "whiteness".

Take the container, pour warm water into it, add a small amount of washing powder and a few drops of "whiteness". In the resulting solution you need to soak and then wash the bedspreads, sofa pillows, curtains, soft toys. After washing, you should carefully rinse the products in clean water.

25 Old newspapers

Everyone knows that paper has the ability to absorb the smell of smoke, including cigarette. Do not throw old newspapers or hide them into the storage room, if they smoke in the apartment. Spread these newspapers in the room where the tobacco smell is concentrated. Paper will do it. After a week, get rid of these newspapers, smell, and spread new ones.

A fully problem this method, of course, will not solve, but at least weaken the tobacco fragrance.

26. Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is an alcohol tincture of vanilla pods, which is applied in a confectionery business.

  1. Take Cold Water Capacity, add vanilla extract to water.
  2. Place a large towel in the tank, hold it there for 1-2 minutes and exit.
  3. Wet towel hang in the room where the smell of tobacco smoke is felt. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Lovely vanilla fragrance will fill all the space of the room.

27. Citrus

Citrus fruits: lemon, orange, pomelo, lime, grapefruit possess an excellent aroma capable of drowning tobacco odor.

Take any citrus fruit, pull out 100 milliliters of juice from it, mix the resulting juice with 500 milliliters of pure water. With the help of the spray gun, spray the surface of the room and in the air. The smell of tobacco temporarily will not take off, and a pleasant citrus smell will be felt in the room.

28. Special spray

In household chemicals, you can buy a special spray for the destruction of tobacco odor. It can be sprayed into the air or clothes, the taste of tobacco and is the source of smell in the room. A pleasant fragrance means will temporarily forget about the problem.

29. Tea bags with mint

It happens that the source of tobacco smell in the house is clothes. And yet do not take action, the smell will be annoyed. The best option in this case is to wash clothes. And what about the upper clothes?

  1. First, free the pockets from the contents, unbutton all buttons and lightning.
  2. Secondly, venture the top clothes. You can spend pressure. If there is an opportunity, then wipe it with a damp cloth moistened in a weak solution of vinegar. Carefully dry.
  3. Third, so that the smell from clothing is completely disappeared, put tea bags with mint in all pockets. They refresh the smell of clothing with a pleasant aroma and absorb the remains of tobacco odor.

thirty. Bouquet of flowers

Many flowers have a strong fragrance. This is, for example, roses, lilies, daffodils and others. If the room was nominated in the room, then after leaving the guests, where the resistant smell of cigarette smoke remains, the room should be well. After venting, put a bouquet of flowers in the room. Floral aroma will finally muffle the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.

31. Apples

This way you can use to clean the air from cigarette smoke in a small room.

  1. Take two or three ripe green apples.
  2. Cut apples in half.
  3. Remove the core of the fruit with a knife.
  4. Put the apple from the apple to the slicing tray so that the pieces do not come into contact.
  5. Leave the tray with apples in the room.

Hydish, apple slices highlights the aroma into the air. At the same time, fruits absorb the smell of cigarettes.

32. Smart technique

The modern industry offers technical means for cleaning air from different odors, such as such:

  • Ionizer. With the help of ionizer, small particles of tobacco smoke settle on the floor. Due to this, harmful substances of tobacco smoke do not fall into human respiratory organs.
  • Hood. Hood is installed in places smoking. The exhaust fans are often used as an exhaust, which are installed in the window or in the vent hole.
  • Air conditioning. Recent expensive models have air purification. The problem with the tobacco smell such a device eliminates very quickly.
  • Humidifier. The device not only creates optimal humidity in the room, but also cleans and flavors air.

To improve air quality in the apartment, it is enough to buy one of the devices and turn it on.

33. Drier

Drum is a special bag filled with minerals. The mineral includes an alumsilica gel. Place the bags in the room next to smokers. Dripe absorbs smoke cigarettes, neutralizing it and exciting harmful substances.

Foto28344-1.The smell of cigarettes in the apartment is one of the persistent and difficult to disappear. If smoking in a residential room, in the toilet or in the kitchen, often, the specific aroma literally absorbs into the surrounding items.

Understand the problem and return the freshness will help simple folk recipes and special technical means. About how to quickly remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment, tell me in the article.

Screw tools

Folk recipes will be especially good in the case when they are not constantly smoking in the room, and the smell of cigarette did not have time to fully absorb the situation. You can start from the simplest method - from ventilation.


If the problem with the smell appeared after the room only smoked, You can use ventilation . To do this, open all windows.

If possible, it is best to organize at least half an hour of draft, allowing air streams to carry an unpleasant smell. If there is no possibility to organize drafts, you can turn on the maximum fan.


Cinnamon refers to spices with a soft pleasant aroma, which you like almost everyone. To process the jammed room, you will need a few sticks.


  1. Include in the kitchen oven.
  2. Set the maximum temperature.
  3. Cinnamon sticks wrap in foil and put inside the oven.
  4. Get warm for a quarter of an hour.
  5. Open the door of the oven.
  6. Open the doors of all rooms.

Alternative option - Cook cinnamon sticks on the stove for half an hour. The cover on the saucepan is not lowered.

Bay leaf

Laurel leaf will help to cope with a cigarette aroma . An empty ashtray will need an empty ashtray for the air purification procedure.

There are several leaves in it, and they ignite them. At the same time, the Lavr himself should not be lit, but only to smooth, highlighting the smoke.

With an ashtray in his hand, it takes no rush to bypass the whole apartment so that the laurel smoke interrupted the smell from cigarettes. After processing, the room is ventilated.

Without supervision, the glowing leaves cannot be left, and at the end of the work, they are definitely quenched.


Vanilla fragrance like most people, and it is also possible to use to remove fragrance from cigarettes. We need a pelvis, vanilla in powder and a towel.

Foto28344-3.Procedure for conducting work:

  • in the pelvis to dial cold water;
  • puck the bag vanilla;
  • stir
  • dip in the water a large towel;
  • Leave it to lie down 2 minutes;
  • squeeze;
  • Cheat the towel in the room in which they smoked before.

Strongly punched room will require re-processing.


To eliminate the unpleasant smell, you will need a means for washing dishes and a bora.


  1. Dial in pelvis 6-7 liters of water.
  2. Pump ½ cup of borants.
  3. Pour 1 tsp. Gel for washing dishes.
  4. Stir.

The resulting solution is used to wipe the surfaces in a jammed room.

To walk the rag moistened in the solution, it is also necessary for upholstered furniture, without allowing its strong moisture. After that, once again go through all the surfaces with a cloth moistened in clean water.


Citrus grades contain a large number of essential oils And has a pronounced strong aroma. Corks are laid out on plates and placed indoors.

If the smell of cigarettes is not stagnant, the aroma of citrus it will take it quickly. With the old smell such a way will help to cope in a few days.


Foto28344-4The table vinegar has the property to neutralize the aromas due to the acid incoming in its composition.

For processing, vinegar is bred in half with water . This solution is used to wipe the surfaces.

The next step is to wipe the surfaces with a cloth moistened in clean water. Completing cleaning - venting.

Essential oils

For the aromatization of the room, you can use several ways. One of them is to use aromolamp. In its bowl, a small amount of water is poured and 5-7 drops of essential oil drip.

After the candle is lit, essential oils begin to evaporate , Filling the room with a pleasant aroma.

If the aromolamps are not, then several drops can be applied to a cold light bulb, after which it is turned on.

The cold way is also suitable:

  • pour 1 liter of water in pelvis;
  • Add 5 drops of essential oil;
  • dip the towel;
  • exhaust excess water;
  • Swim the towel in a crushed room.

In the cold season, when the heating batteries work, a wet towel can not be cheated, but to put on the battery.

So the evaporation of the essential oil will be even more intense. It is recommended to use natural essential oils.

Wet towels

If you need to act very quickly, and at your hands there are no special means, you can take more terry towels and wet them well. Wet fabric will choose aromas from air. After that, the towel will need to launch.

Soda, vinegar and ammonia

Foto28344-5An effective way to eliminate odor in the apartment is the use of a mixture of soda, vinegar, ammonia and water. To work, you will need:

  • Water - 3 liters;
  • soda - ¼ cup;
  • Vinegar - ¼ cup;
  • Amoymer - ½ cup.

All components are mixed. The resulting solution is used to wipe the surfaces.

Technical air purification in the room

In the house where the smoker lives, they will not be superfluous to eliminate the smell of cigarettes. Their use will solve the problem as they occur:

  1. Ionizer . When the ionizer is working, the smoke particles take place. At the same time, they do not stay long in the air, but settle. Supplement operation of the ionizer should be wet cleaning.
  2. Air conditioning . Air conditioning can be used to clean the air from the aroma of cigarettes in which a separate function is provided for this. Adjust the air conditioner's effect can be wet cleaning.
  3. Hood . The kitchen extractor will allow you to very remove the cigarette smell. In order for the smell to be faster, you should choose the "turbo" or "maximum" mode.
  4. Humidifier . The humidifier does not only increase moisture, but also contributes to the sedimentation of the particles of tobacco smoke. So that cleaning was complex, it is also necessary to wipe all the surfaces.
  5. Air purifier . Purifiers with the filtration system are removed from the room unpleasant odors. Many well-known companies produce devices, including Mitsubishi, Panasonic and others. Aggregates can have a different set of functions. The main principle of operation is to skip through the air filter system. By choosing a home use device, it should be borne in mind that the filters will require a regular replacement.

Even high-quality household cleaners do not allow completely cleaning air from all harmful substances, but significantly reduce their concentration.

How to neutralize fragrance from wallpaper?

foto28344-6Strongly punched room will not be enough just to ventilate. The cigarette smoke is firmly absorbed into the surrounding items, and wallpaper suffer more.

If wallpaper can withstand wet processing, it is worth walking with a sponge Mixed in aqueous solution of vinegar.

If the wallpaper is old, with the smell of cigarettes, they can simply be replaced with new, conducting cosmetic repairs.

How to get rid of the toilet?

Breaking the smell of cigarettes from the toilet has its own nuances. Despite the lack of carpets, and upholstered furniture, the smell of cigarettes can remain in such a room for a long time. Especially often this situation is characteristic of toilet rooms with a bad ventilation system.


  1. If the exhaust system is mounted in the outlet, it should be enabled.
  2. If the toilet is combined with the bathroom, the terry towels and the bathrobes left on the hook will have to launch, as they are very well absorbed odors.
  3. You can put the fresh apple cut into several pieces. This fruit is able to choose odors.

If the situation with smoking in the toilet is repeated from time to time, then You can prepare for it in advance:

  1. Take a spray to neutralize odors. You can buy it in household chemicals.
  2. Set hood.

The toilet room does not meet all the requirements of smoking.


Soviets of specialists will help to cope with air purification From the cigarette smell quickly and efficiently:

  1. Foto28344-7Carrying is the easiest way to remove odors. It is always necessary to use it if possible.
  2. For premises in which they smoke often, the optimal option will be the use of special equipment for cleaning - hoods, air conditioners, etc.
  3. You can not always remove the smell quickly. For premises with carpets, books, upholstered furniture, elimination of flavor from cigarettes will take a long time.
  4. You should not use several recipes at the same time, trying to disguise the smells. As a result, you can get an unpleasant caocophony of flavors.

Many useful and important information about the removal of various unpleasant flavors from items and surfaces will be found in this section.

Video on the topic

How to get rid of the smell of cigarettes with infirred means, tells the video:


Remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment will quickly help simple recipes and technical means. The most difficult thing to cope with the task in the case when the room is strongly joined and no longer ventured.

How to remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment, many are conceived. According to statistics, every second person smokes in the world. Tobacco smoke, which hovers in the air creates a feeling of suffusion, does not allow fully relaxing after the working day. It promotes the development of lung diseases, turns the house into a nightclub or smoking area. You can avoid such consequences. It is worth familiar with the smoke fighting measures.

Causes of smell and harm from it

How to remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment

To understand how to remove the smell of tobacco in the apartment, you need to detect the root cause of its appearance.


  1. When buying, renting the premises, it moved from hand to hand to people who abuse smoking, preferring not to go to the site, balcony, etc.
  2. The family has an avid smoker. Even smoking on the balcony will cause the formation of persistent odor inside the rooms. A sufficiently small slit so that the smoke penetrates in the housing and stayed there.
  3. The smell enters the house with drafts from open windows and staircase from smoking neighbors.
  4. Smoking households stopped long ago, however, in the house, furniture, walls and other surfaces still smell tobacco.

Based on such data, we can conclude how to remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment quickly and without consequences.

How and how to eliminate the cigarette smell in a residential room?

Remove the smell of tobacco in the apartment

There are many options that can effectively remove the smell of tobacco in the apartment quickly. It can be professional, folk remedies, etc. Everyone is distinguished by certain advantages, disadvantages.

Wet cleaning

The best choice is a comprehensive general cleaning. It is very difficult to eliminate the fragrance, which literally entered the fabric, bedspreads, curtains, bed, and also in porous surfaces. The essence of the procedure is as follows:

  1. The windows are swinging to provide fresh air access.
  2. Carefully washed floors, plastic products, furniture, if possible. Soft elements of interior items are treated by professional household chemicals.
  3. To maximally remove the smell of cigarettes from the rooms, do not forget about carpet covers.
  4. All fabrics are sent to washing as well with professional cleansing agents.
  5. Wash plumbing products, ranging from toilet bowl and ending with the sink.

Ideally, after the events held, it is worth abandoning smoking. Nicotine addiction is extremely dangerous to health.

Carrying - schedule and rules

How to remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment

If you need to remove the tobacco smell from the apartment that is not too intrusive, then you can use the ventilation method. It is effective if 1-2 cigarettes were scaretured. Rooms are ventured for 60-40 minutes. The windows open the lash. If the weather is hot, then it is permissible to increase this period to 2-3 hours.

When a tobacco fragrance is present in the air at home, it is almost impossible to weathelate it. Use special devices that remove unpleasant odors. They are used regularly as stationary equipment. This is products in the form:

  • ionizers;
  • ozonizers;
  • split systems;
  • flavors.

The cost of equipment varies within 5-35 thousand rubles. It can have different efficiency, service life, functionality. To remove the smell of tobacco in the apartment, save there fresh, clean air, it is worth choosing high-quality equipment. Only it will bring the maximum benefit, will last for a long time and will allow not to breathe nicotine to poisonous pairs.

Factory funds

Remove the smell of tobacco in the apartment quickly

When the recommendations described above do not bring due results, you should not lower your hands. It is enough to take advantage of professional chemicals that will help qualitatively remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment. Below is a list of the most sought-after, effective products that justify the stated characteristics:

  1. SanEx Antitabak. Spray universal destination. He copes with a cigarette smoke, removing it from the surfaces of walls, ceilings, upholstered furniture, leather products. After use, it is not necessary to leave the room. The room will be filled with freshness in 5 minutes.
  2. Odorgone smokebusters. A remedy for natural plant extracts. It is completely safe for human health, pets, plants. Allows the aroma after the first application, even if it entered the interior items.
  3. Smell Off. Eliminates the smell that hovers in the air. It helps to bring poisonous pairs from the structure of furniture, leather products, solid surfaces.
  4. Ambi Pur Antitabak. Excellent freshener. Application allows you to fill the room with a pleasant citrus fragrance. If you use it every day, the packaging is enough for 2-3 months.

There are other tools with which you can remove the smell of the jammed apartment. To get only benefit without consequences, it is necessary to carefully read the composition, recommendations for use. This will avoid burns of mucosa, other unpleasant situations.

Folk remedies

Remove the smell of tobacco in the apartment quickly

Smoking There are many millennia. Our ancestors thought about how to remove the smell of smoking from the apartment, at home. We reached us some folk recipes:

  1. Vinegar. He copes even with a solar tobacco scent. To do this, 1 toss is added in 1 liter of water. Essences. Thoroughly mix all. Wash towels. They should be placed on housing for several hours.
  2. Vinegar. This method is considered more efficient. Prepared acetic solution, adding not 1, and 2-3 spoons. Spill composition in small cups. Install at different points of the room.
  3. Ground coffee. The product is a good absorbent. He is able to absorb even the most caustic smells, filling the rooms with a pleasant, mounted, coffee flavor. Coffee is grinding alone. And immediately after grinding, poured in cups, putting in the room. It is enough to change the contents of 1 time in 1-2 weeks. It depends on the smoking frequency. Gross coffee perfectly copes with a steady smell of nicotine, fills the apartment with an aroma that will not provoke allergies, will not be obsessive, irritable.
  4. Wet towels. Option for those who smoke on the balcony. Towels must be high quality, terry. They are wetted in cold water and hang in the room near the door to the balcony. When they dry, they are sorted with air conditioning for linen.
  5. Baking soda. To achieve a good result, it is necessary to pour a product on the surface of furniture, carpet or other coating. The layer must be smooth. Leave for 3 hours, after which I vacuum. The room is ventilated.

The presented recommendations do not require costs forces, time and means. This makes them in demand to this day.

other methods

Remove the smell of cigarettes from the rooms

Tobacco's train like not everyone, it is dangerous for children, adversely affects animals, flowers, etc. A few more techniques have been developed that allow you to remove the smell of nicotine in the apartment:

  1. Aromatized candles. They are sold in cosmetic stores. Clean air. To do this, you just need to light, leave for a couple of hours, but under the supervision.
  2. Cosmetics. This option is relevant for the smoker himself. To remove the smell of tobacco from the skin, hair, it is worth adopting a shower with aromatic oils, gels, which contains comprehensive particles.
  3. Formation of home flower bed. Everyone knows that the flowers are a natural air purifier. Their presence in housing is extremely important. This will improve the cleanliness of the space, eliminate unpleasant odors, fill the rooms with oxygen.
  4. Green apples. Fruit has a special taste with sourness. Such an acid actively absorbs foreign flames and can even remove the smell of tobacco smoke in the apartment. Fruits are washed, cut on 2-4 parts, unfolded around the apartment. Periodically you need to change the absorbent.
  5. Vanilla. It is very popular when dealing with smoke from cigarettes. Food additive is inexpensive. For use in the pelvis add 3 liters of cold water, vanilla extract. Then dip the towels there, pressed and hang around the house. You can wash the floor with such water.

The main thing is not to overdo and not violate the recommendations for use.

It is not worth smoking in the apartment

Remove tobacco smell from the apartment

There are prevention measures. Observing them, you can avoid cluster smell of tobacco in housing:

  1. "Nicotine procedures" spend on the street. Clothes, adhesive poison, are placed in a dense, hermetically closed cabinet.
  2. Regularly ventilate the room.
  3. Periodically carry out wet cleaning.
  4. On the door, the windows set high-quality rubber seals.

The blooming, fragrant plants will be installed a good solution. These include representatives such as Stefanotis, lithtosporum, garment, room lemon.

You can remove the cigarette smell in the apartment as on your own and resorting to the help of specialists. The second option is more efficient, but expensive. However, in this case there will be a 100% guarantee of achieving a positive result.


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