Twist electric meters: what a fine will and why it is better not to do this - questions from readers T,

I'm tired of paying for electricity: too expensive. And I also believe that these monopolists rob ordinary people.

I know how to twist counters, and I want to do it. But I am afraid that they will come with a check, and I will have to answer everything. Tell me Veliki Lie Fines and which generals will be implications if I implement my idea.


Ilya, nothing good will not come from this venture. If it turns out that you intervened in the work of the meter, you will have to pay more than more than if you honestly Removed real testimony. And in the worst case, it is possible to stay without electricity at all.

Andrey Beshalyev


How to check the metering devices

Network and energy sales organizations regularly go home and check the counters. The law obliges such inspections at least once a year.

This schedule is not always followed: some houses do not go to check the counters since their construction. Thus, in the Vologda region of the energy industry, almost 10 years did not check the counters in the country village, and then it turned out that the tenants of one of the houses all this time incorrectly reported testimony. Dacha owners were detached about 600,000 Рbut they were able to reduce this amount in the courts until 26 941 Р. One of the arguments was just the lack of checks of meters in the required time.

If the counters are on the staircase, they do not warn about checking. Residents may not learn that the sales came and checked counters. If the accounting device is installed in an apartment or a private house, an energy sales or power grid organization is obliged to notify the tenants in advance. Can hang an ad about the upcoming check on the door to the entrance or put a notice in the mailbox.

The consumer is obliged to let the time inspecting with him that they removed the readings of the accounting devices, checked their condition and conducted a revision of the connection correctness.

If you do not open the inspection, there will be no doors to break. Experts will make an act of refusal to admit to the instrument of accounting and assign a re-verification date. If you do not let inspecting and a second time, they will again constitute the act. Three months later, after that, charge the light fee will be according to the standard with an increase coefficient of 1.5 From the first day of a month in which such an act is compiled. No matter, you pass the testimony or not.

Checks may be unscheduled. New counters are often equipped with a magnetic field sensors and housing opening sensors. When you try to influence such a meter, a magnet will receive a message to the dispatch item. This does not mean that they will attract electricity to theft, but will become one of the grounds for an unscheduled inspection. Electricians will come without warning and will check how the counter works.

On the old counters, the magnetic field indicators or anti-magnetic seals can be checked. This is a tape that reacts to the attachment of the magnet: two strips on it turn into one solid or a color point appears. The trigger of the indicator is equal to the breakdown of a conventional lead seal. Such indicators put mainly where theft is suspected, but they cannot prove it.

During the inspection, experts lead a photograph or video. If they find the fact of interference with the work of the meter, photo and video as proof will be transferred to the owner of the apartment together with the act of unaccounted electricity consumption.

 Tesla Coil to Stop Counter
So the antimagnetic seals stickers on the meter look like

How violation is issued

Energy is distinguished by unappropriate and poor consumption. In the first case somebody Changes the reading of the metering device or otherwise interferes with his work. Broken or damaged seal, magnet, deliberately changing the connection scheme is unaccounted consumption.

Cleaning consumption is when they do not interfere with the meter work, and they are connected by it. So, in the villages they pounce the cable on the street wires and the welding machine is connected directly to the power line to the meters.

Also, any connection is considered to be unrelated when there is no treaty with power companies. For example, build a private house. The line has already been summarized, the counter on the post is worth, but the contract for the supply of electricity is not issued - it is impossible to use electricity.

Unaccounted and poor consumption is designated equally. Act about unrecorded consumption. The act is provided by the owner of housing. He can sign a document or refuse to sign. You can make a short explanation. For example, as in the traffic police protocol: "I do not agree with the act."

The reasons for disagreement and in general, their position can be expressed in detail later, most likely in court.

В акте проверяющие указывают, в чем именно состоит нарушение. Источник: «Энергоконсалт»
In the act, the checking indicate what exactly the violation is. Source: "Energoxalt"

According to the penalty

It is impossible to legally correct deticulants for theft of electricity, but I will use this term for convenience. In addition, the courts confirm that the calculation of the amount of electricity on the act on unaccountable consumption "is the nature of the sanction".

To calculate the fine, the date of the last check of the meter is taken. If the counter did not check on time, three months are counted from the fact of identifying theft.

There are two ways to calculate the fine: based on the standard and based on the power of illegally connected electrical appliances.

According to the standard. Consumption standards is taken, multiplied by the number of months, and then the result is multiplied by 10.

For example, in the Vologda region, the power consumption rate for a two-bedroom apartment with a gas stove, where two people live, is 144 kilowatt-hour per month. One kilowatt hour in the house with a gas stove costs 4.87 Р. Per month standing on this apartment - 701,28 Р.

Multiplied by 10 penalty in one month - 7012.8 Р. If there were no checks of the meter for three months, you will have to pay for the whole quarter - 21 038.4 Р.

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By power. The basis of the calculation takes the power of illegally connected electrical equipment.

For example, the counter with a power of 5 kilowatt is connected to the meter. For a fine, it is believed that the stove worked around the clock. Multiply 5 kilowatt-hours on the tariff for houses with electric stoves - 3,89 Рfor kilowatt. This is 19,45. Рin hour. Multiply by 24 hours - it turns out 466.8 Рper day.

It doesn't matter how the stove actually worked and Consumped Lie It is maximum power - all the burners must be included for this. at least minute.

Consider a fine per month: 466.8 Р× 30 days = 14 040 Р. For the quarter will be 42 120 Р.

If there are several electrical appliances in addition to the meter, their power is summed. Power numbers Checking from signboards of devices, where their characteristics are indicated.

By law, if there is an opportunity to establish the power of electrical appliances, the calculation will be in power. If not, then apply the calculation according to the standard.

Even energy can attract the police. The district will make a protocol for unauthorized connection to engineering networks. This is an administrative penalty - from 10,000 to 15,000 Р.

What will happen if you don't even pay

By itself, the fact of detecting theft does not reason turn off the electricity. But it can be disabled for debts if you do not pay for unaccounted consumption. The amount will be included in the receipt for electricity, most likely, next month after drawing up the act.

If you appeal the actions of the energy sales in court, it will not be disappeared. Judicial proceedings and restriction of energy supplies are non-related processes. Disable light can already in a month, and the courts sometimes last for years.

Consumers who fell on theft are on the black list of supplying organizations. Checks for them will come more often, and on the counters can install additional seals.

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Simultaneously with the advent of household appliances, utility resources, methods began to be developed, allowing you to imperceptibly stop or at least reduce the readings of electric meters. Consumers are trying to reduce electricity costs, without changing the level of its consumption.

In this article, consider in detail how to stop the electric meter of the old and new sample. These methods are used to get around the counters on the pillars in the private sector and in the entrances of apartment buildings.

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Varieties of electricity meters

All existing electricity accounting counters are divided into several species. Consumers are enough to know 4 major signs for which these instruments are classified:

  1. By the physical principle of action: induction (mechanical) and electronic devices.
  2. According to the connection scheme to the electrical circuit: direct and indirect connections.
  3. By the parameters of the measured current: single-phase and three-phase meters.
  4. According to the ability to perform counting on certain periods of time: one-tariff, two-time and multi-tariff electricity accounting devices.

In addition, electrical stakes of different accuracy classes are produced and for networks of different power.

Ordinary household electrical stations are designed to work in power grids with voltage of no more than 250 V, load 60 A and with a capacity of 15 kW.

Induction electric meters

индукционный электросчетчик

At the heart of the work of induction meters is the ability of vortex currents to lift the electromagnetic field in the coils, which leads to rotation the disc-shaped object.

The advantages of mechanical electric meters are:

  • ease of operation;
  • quite a long service life;
  • Low cost.

The disadvantages of these devices include a relatively large error of the testimony and the high probability of unauthorized intervention in the work. In induction electrospots, you can easily twist the testimony back.

Before the appearance of modern electricity meters, all commercial tagging nodes were equipped with only such devices. But now, such electric facilities are still found in apartments and private homes, although in the next 10 years they are fully replaced by their electronic.

The most popular models of meters with a remote control:

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Buy counters with remote control Mercury 230 am

Buy electricity meter with a remote control at the manufacturer of Mercury 230 ART

Buy a charged electricity meter Mercury 201.8

Electronic electric meters

электронный счетчик

Electric meters, in which semiconductor elements and chips are used instead of coils, are called electronic.

The principle of operation of these electricity accounting devices lies in the fact that the measured electrical energy is not affected by a rotating disk, but on solid semiconductor elements that generate pulses. These pulses handle the electronic measurement unit of the device.

Among the advantages of such electrospots are the following properties:

  • compact dimensions;
  • small measurement error;
  • Ease of reading readings from a digital display;
  • Ability to use in multitarithic networks;
  • The ability to remote transmission of indications in the power supplying company, including in the online mode.

At the same time, electronic power metering devices have a relatively short service life and are much more expensive than the mechanical models of counters.

Since it is much more complicated to deceive the digital electric meter, all the electric stroke companies insist on using only such modern devices. The twist of the readings of the electronic instrument of accounting in the opposite side is impossible, there is only the possibility of its stop.

At the place of placement

электросчетчик на столбе
Counter on pod

Consumers share electricity accounting devices to domestic (apartment) and pillars (mounted on street supports).

Many questions about owners arise in connection with the possibility of stopping counters on supports. This is due to the fact that electricians have become increasingly to install electricity accounting devices on street columns in order to freely access them sales service representatives during the absence of consumer themselves. In addition, such an installation reduces the likelihood of unauthorized impact on the electric meter.

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Also, recently began to establish the so-called "smart" counters (and in apartments and in private houses). These electronic accounting devices are able to consider energy consumed by several tariffs, transmit data to the Sales Company remotely, have a built-in control unit and a protective device immediately signaling the stop. All this makes it difficult to conduct manipulations on the deception of the power meter.

How to get around the counter on the post and whether it is possible to stop the "smart" power steps at all, we will analyze in detail further.

How to stop the electric meter of a new sample without a magnet?

Energy has been installed on all electrical stations for several years on all electrical stickers. To the instruments of accounting with such a seal it is impossible to bring a magnet close, they can even work on a slight magnetic field.

Stop the modern electric meter is much more complicated than the mechanical device. This is due to the peculiarities of its design. List some of them:

  • All new generation e-counter meters do not react to the methods that used to be used to induction instruments of electricity accounting. For example, one cannot stop the electronic power meter, simply changing its spatial position.
  • Modern devices are equipped with electronic countable mechanisms that do not have rotating gear wheels. Therefore, it will not be possible to stop such an electric meter with a needle, wire or pins.
  • Semiconductor parts of electronic meters do not react to the magnetic field. Consequently, they will not stop when they are exposed to magnets.

Since such devices cannot be influenced using old methods, it is reliably to deceive email. The meter can be only in two ways:

  1. Stop the electric meter with a special impulse from an external device, which is more often called the pulse.
  2. Modify the counter in order to install the disconnecting device in it, which can be controlled from the remote control.

Электросчетчик переделанный под пульт

Импульсник для остановки счетчика

These methods are just as effective for stopping induction electric meters.

Scheme of deception with a pulseman

импульсник для электросчетчика
Exterior of the impulstory

Consumers are often asked about the possibility of adjusting the readings of the instrument of accounting, if the electricians put the counter to a pillar in a private house. In this case, the most reliable way to stop the electric meter without using the magnet is the effect of a pulsed muffler.

In this method, it is guaranteed to fool the electronic electricity meter of the new sample, including apartment metering devices and "smart" electric meters on wires.

To stop, it is enough to bring the pulse antenna to the place in the manual on the meter housing prescribed.

It is important to take into account the following nuances:

  • In the case of the use of the muffler, open and refine the counter is not required.
  • The power and frequency of pulses are selected individually to a strictly defined model of the electrical system. Therefore, the muffles act only on their modifications of counters and are not universal.
  • With the correct selection of the characteristics of the blocking pulse, the electrospheker does not even save the fact of shutdown in memory. But only a specialist can do it.
  • For safety reasons, before turning on the pulse, you need to turn off all electrical appliances in the apartment for a while.

Opinion expert

Vasily Krivorchko

Master electrician

To return to the factory mode, you need to move the pulse to the case or restart the counter with the turning on the automatic fuse.

The only difficulty in the case of applying this method will be the need to close the pulse to the power meter, as the distance on which the generator can influence the device is not very large. Therefore, to deceive the electricity meter on a post with remotely removal of readings, an elongated antenna may be required. Similar details are negotiated at the stage of the order of the muffler.

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The work of the pulse is clearly shown in the video:

Stop using the shutdown remote

One of the effective ways to stop the electric meter with an anti-magnetic seal is its refinement under the console. This method allows the consumer to deceive the electrical counter of the old or new sample, even being at some distance from it, is enough to press one button.

The refinement is as follows:

  1. The electric meter is disassembled in the laboratory, leaving all seals not damaged.
  2. Inside it, a special device is mounted, when the device is turned on.
  3. The electrospor also establishes a radio device to control the forced shutdown mechanism from the remote.
  4. Setting up and synchronization of all systems: blocking mechanism, communication devices and control panel.
  5. Thus converted the electric meter is collected again, intact seals are installed on its housing.

Improved in this way Electric meter with remote Externally, it does not differ from the standard factory execution device. The remote himself visually reminds the key chain of automotive alarm management and easily fits in the palm of palm.

In addition, the consumer can buy an already charged counter with a remote control, there is an opportunity to reflash the customer's electricity meter under the console. For this, the accounting device will need to be removed and sent to refinement, previously complaining all the conditions.

In our store there are inexpensive models of single-phase meters, for example, will please The price of the electric meter with the Mercury 200.

What electric meters can be stopped with the remote control?

The tables lists the models of electricity counters that you can deceive with the remote control and the muffler.

Impulsesties are manufactured for the following accounting devices:

  • Mercury 201.5, 201.8)
  • Mercury 206 RN.
  • Energy Momer CE 101.
  • Energyometer CE6803V-P32, CE6803V-P31
  • Mercury 231 at-01
  • Mercury 231 AM-01-W
  • Mercury 231 AM-01
  • Mercury 230 am-03, AM-02, AM-01
  • Mercury 230 ART-01, 02, 03
  • Mercury 200.02
  • Mercury 203.2T.
  • Mercury 236 ART.
  • Mercury 234 ART-01, 02, 03
  • Street meters Rome 489.18, 489.19, 489.01, 489.02
  • Nova 303 1SO.

Alexey N.

Electricity coil with remote control

I was looking for ways to stop or slowing the electric meters on the Internet. It is written a lot of things, but I did not want to contact the electrician in any way, to dig in the appliance itself, since we are weak about it. Then he came to this site and read about how reflashing counters work. Previously, I did not even think that you can save on electricity in such a simple way. In fact, the main advantage personally was the opportunity to order such a tricky item online. Delivered straight to the door, you don't need to pay in advance! Also sent the video with the instructions to sending. The meter set into a panel on the staircase. We have been operating for 2 years. At any time, I can stop the counter, simply by clicking on the button. Similarly, you can return it to work, for example, if you suddenly come with a check. The counter moderately compact, but the manufacturer did not save money on the metal. The dial is read well, especially with my eyesight in -5. The console is also comfortable, something like a key chain from the car.


Electric meter with a remote control

I bought a cunning meter of the energy meter CE303 / S34. This is a three-phase electric meter with a remote control. Such a device was purchased for one reason - at my industrial production too high energy consumption. The only cost-effective decision was the purchase of a modified model. Here it was very successful on my industrial production a period of calibration. The new counter has become a real solution to our problems. In addition to the main task, an additional energy machine can measure network frequency parameters, load power, active and full power. Highly recommend. In the near future, I am going to put the model easier at my own dacha in connection with the constant increase in tariffs. At the moment there is an ancient mechanical counter, so there will be no problem with the replacement. And in the fact that it is impossible to suspect such a meter in the presence of a "Trojan horse", I have already made sure.


Mercury Counter

I want to review the counter with the meter of Mercury 230 ART-01. For the first time, I met him 2 years ago. Our SNT has already used this device on the basis of the PLC-I protocol. I will not talk about other models from the company Mercury, as I want to pay attention to this. The system works fine. Mercury with a remote control can be recommended to most medium-sized SNTs that are created on a voluntary basis. In view of the absence of unnecessary funds, it is a great option that saves up to 90%. The meter can be completely stopped or only to slow down. The most important thing is that they are no different from the usual. No verifier will suspect the trick.

Evgeny Stepanov

Electric counter with remote

Mercury 230 AR-03 is a modern intelligent counter with a control panel that can be stopped. This is a domestic production machine that can be installed outside the house. The remote control is not easy for remote control, but a real device for stopping Mercury. When you press the button, the indicator is triggered, which is lit all the time until the counter is winding. The most pleasant thing is that you can partially stop the electric meter, then it does not attract attention and does not cause unnecessary issues. Of course, not the fiscal model, but it is worth it. And the acquisition process itself is convenient. I ordered, got, paid. The goods were purchased for personal purposes, and more specifically due to the constant theft of electricity and the need for its economy. With its main function, it copes perfectly. In such cases, I recommend buying just such a counter.

The following models are being finalized by the remote:

Thus, the consumer has a choice of a method of deceiving electric meters. We will analyze on the example of common models:

  • To stop the Mercury meter 201 without a magnet with your own hands, you can order a muffler or a conveyed accounting device. The choice is carried out on the basis of the price and convenience of a particular blocking method.
  • A similar situation in case you want to stop the electric meter of the Energyometer CE 101 without a magnet.
  • To fool the electric meter Rome 189.16 on the post, the refinement scheme under the console is not suitable, because no one will give you to remove or replace the accounting device. The exit is - buying a pulp.

It is also possible to create a pulsed muffler or refinement under the console of the following less popular modifications:

  • Electric meters manufactured by Eneromemer Electrotechnical Factories Company: CE 208, CE 308, CE 680, CE 901, CE6807P, CE6807A-1.
  • Counter of the St. Petersburg Plant "DC" Tatuck ": nova 124.
  • Single-phase electricity meters produced by OAO MZP: SO-505, SEP-52.
  • Single-phase counters of OJSC LAMZ: with EE6706 and 1S solo with data transfer function.
  • Single-phase electronic electrospots of the Circassian Cascade Plant brand 101 MT.
  • Counters of the Taganrog plant "Mirtek" brand 12 and 32.
  • Three-phase electrical meters manufactured by the company "Telematic solutions" (Waviot) Fobos 3S brand with a built-in programmable radio module.
  • Compact Ukrainian accounting devices manufactured by the Nick plant, brand Nick 2102-02 m2 and nickname 2301.
  • Three-phase induction electric stakes of the brand of the Nizhny Novgorod plant Nizif grade SET-3A-02.

How to remove the electric meter for subsequent replacement?

Вышедший из строя электросчетчик

Consumers often have a question: how to derive a working electricity meter in order to replace it with a modified device?

Often output rare or complex counters for alteration to buy mercury counter with remote - These devices work perfectly with remote control.

Each of the existing ways has its drawbacks. And none of them gives one hundred percent guarantee of the effective and safe breakdown of electricity accounting. In addition, some methodologies require additional costs for the purchase of funds to stop the power meter.

Before disappointing a working device, consumers are recommended to use legal reasons for reassembly:

  1. If the device is operated for a long time, it is necessary to require replacement to a more accurate electricity meter.
  2. If the intermediate interval of the device ends, you can replace it under this pretext.
  3. If it is possible to go to the day and night fare, the consumer has the right to require the installation of a multi-tariff counter.

Note! It is possible to do without replacement, it is enough to purchase a pulse muffler for a specific modification of the electric meter.

In addition, you can remove the working electric meter, send to the modification, and then again set it into place and stop using the remote control.

With the use of shocker

High-voltage electric discharge can spoil the electronic electricity meter. In this way, the electric meter can be contacted on the post and even the induction instrument of accounting.

However, the stop of EL. Shocker meter has significant drawbacks:

  • To influence the device, you need to press the electrosker to the accounting device. The discharge will leave traces on the meter housing.
  • You may have to make several attempts that also hello to the emergence of clear traces of foreign impact.
  • The memory block will save the instrument reading and stopping the counter.
  • Some electrosporer models will submit a radio signal about unauthorized interference in the device.
  • The high-voltage signal may cause the ignition of the entire instrument.

Therefore, the electric shock stop is an unreliable way of outcasting .

Construction phenomenon

строительный фен Bosch

Consumers unfamiliar with electric current properties are trying to change the testimony of the electricity meter using a hairdryer. This method will not work for electronic metering devices.

Also a construction hairdryer can be tried to heat the device to critical temperatures. Theoretically so you can spoil any electric meter. To do this, you need to see the maximum temperature at the instrument in which it can be operated. Then choose a hairdryer that can provide such a heating temperature.

It should be borne in mind:

  • When heated, the power meter housing is deformed;
  • Counters are developed taking into account the safety reserve coefficient, therefore the device will function even at limit temperatures;
  • The electric meter can only break when the plastic parts are melted.

The stop of the counter with a construction hairdryer is also an unreliable way that can lead to uncomfortable questions from inspection electricians.

Pouring saline

Are you ready to risk the sake of savings?

Yes Not

Another way to close the electric meter is to use water with salt dissolved in it. Since all electrical appliances stop working if they are pouring them with a liquid, then the meter can also be broken by this method.

Procedure Next:

  1. In order to fail the electricity meter using a saline solution, it is necessary to pour it inside the instrument.
  2. Pour solution is needed on a working device until a short circuit occurs.

However, experts quickly determine the cause of the breakdown. The consumer will have to explain for a long time how water penetrated inside the sealed body of the device and closed the electronic circuits of the electric meter.

Among other things, a short circuit may cause fire. This electric meter stop circuit is unsafe.

Magnetron from microwave

Остановка счетчика магнетроном

An electronic electricity meter can be output using a conventional microwave oven. The field created by magnetron from a kitchen microwave, theoretically can slow down the electricity meter.

This method is difficult to apply for the following reasons:

  • The microwave will have to disassemble to pull the magnetron itself.
  • You need to accurately position the accounting device in the Magnetron field, which is difficult to do if the counter is mounted in the electrical tailor or on the post.
  • Magnetron creates radiation that will heat the metering mechanisms, which will cause fire. Therefore, the stop of the electric meter with the help of magnetron is dangerous.

Thus, all the described methods for the output of electricity meters are very difficult to apply, they are unreliable, and in some cases are simply dangerous. Therefore, it is best to indicate one of the above reasons or acquire a pulsed jam.

Useful articles on the topic

How to stop the electrical counter without a magnet at home?

Short answer - Buy smart electricity meter with remote .

The Internet is filled with publications on the topic, how can you stop the counter to the light with your own hands. Some craftsmen offer to rewind the readings back manually. Others - apply their own tried methods, allowing to bypass even smart electronic electricity meters on the post.

The techniques differ depending on the design features of accounting devices. Consider how effective they are.

Single-phase counters

Electric meters for household and industrial networks with one phase can be two types:

  • Mechanical (induction) devices;
  • Electronic (digital) counters.

Opinion expert

Viktor Fedorovich


The operation of electronic metering devices is based on semiconductor elements and chips. To stop a single-phase counter with an electronic mechanism, you can use a pulser or remote. These techniques have already been discussed above.

Mechanical devices have a countable mechanism based on gear disks. Stop the disc electricity meter can be several fairly known methods.

Using grounding

To stop a single-phase electric meter with grounding, you need to have special knowledge, as it is assumed to perform special electrical works.

The principle is based on recoming zero and phase wires, as well as grounding lines in the registry chain of the accounting. It is necessary to perform the appropriate manipulations with electrical outlets in the apartment.

There are several variants of schemes that allow you to stop the electricity meter. One of such electricity supply schemes is as follows:

The following sequence of work is recommended:

  1. In the output contact group of the packet switch, the zero wire (on the diagram is indicated by the letter N) connects to the first terminal, and the phase wire (in the diagram is indicated by the letter A) - to the third. The easiest way is to carry out the transfer of wires 11 and 12 at the outlet of the packet.
  2. Then, to safety automans F1, F2 and F3, instead of zero wire, you must connect the phase.
  3. It should be borne in mind that in this case the RCO will not work.

The scheme of further connections is as follows:

The assembly of this scheme is performed in the following sequence:

  1. One of the extension cords that has a protective grounding conductor, disassemble and then insulate the ground wire.
  2. After the packet, the zero wire is connected to the 1st terminal, and the phase - to the 3rd. Through the 2nd and 4th terminals, an apartment will be carried out.
  3. In order for the scheme correctly earned, you need to install a jumper between neutral and ground.
  4. The converted extension is turned on in any socket.
  5. Now the consumption of all electrical appliances connected to this extension will not be taken into account by the electric meter.

This scheme for stopping the electric meter has other names. Most often, this method is called the garlands or extension method.

As deficiencies, it should be noted the complexity of the installation and the inability to quickly return the scheme for connecting the instrument of accounting to the initial state, which will detect when checking. Therefore, this method of stopping the electricity meter without a magnet should be considered ineffective.

Screw zero wire

Do you know how to read electrical circuits?

Yes Not

You can reduce the readings of the electricity meter using a zero conductor break. To apply this way to stop the accounting device, you need to properly determine the location of the wire in the scheme and be able to use the appropriate electrical instruments.

Works are performed in the following order:

  1. Copper core conductor break inside insulation without breaking it.
  2. The location of the cliff is poured with glue. At the same time use a medical syringe and adhesive composition without conducting the current.
  3. After the glue dries, set the jumper, which connects the apartment wiring with zero.
  4. A powerful resistor is set between the zero bus and the power meter.

Electricity apartment supply scheme In this case, it will look like this:

This technique will allow you to stop EL. Counter without interrupting electricity supply. The method can also be used for electric ribbon electric meters. However, when checking, the specialists will immediately detect manipulation with a zero conductor.

Method "Transformer"

There is a more complex way to make the electricity meter less winding. The mechanical electric meter is an electric motor in which the disk serves as a short-circuited winding. Shifting the phase in the current winding, you can force the disk to rotate in the opposite direction.

To do this, use another transformer, in which a new secondary winding is made. The transformer modified in this way is connected to the meter through a packet. Switching phases and zero wires are performed according to the following scheme:

By mounting the converted instrument, you must experimentally select the voltage value on the transformer, in which the disk of the electric meter will start rotating in the opposite direction.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • When parsing the meter will be broken by factory seals, which are almost impossible to restore which at home;
  • Similar manipulations can lead to a breakdown of the accounting device.

Three-phase counters

34 volt phase electrical equipment is always connected by the "Star" scheme. To stop the three-phase electricity meter, you need to do the following:

  1. The zero conductor is disconnected from the center of the power supply scheme.
  2. To this place attach any of the phases.
  3. Then include the accounting instrument and find a socket in the apartment that feeds on the power meter.
  4. It is connected to electrical devices that will not be taken into account by the counter.

The difference of potentials at the ends of the measuring coil of the counter should be zero. Only in this case the current will not pass through the device.

The circuit of connecting the electric meter in this case is as follows:

The sequence of the assembly of this counting circuit is as follows:

  • Artificial breakdown of the zero conductor, which goes to the electric meter;
  • In the instrument's shield, an additional single-pole machine is installed (in the diagram indicated by the letter Q);
  • The machine is connected to the electrical power supply circuit;
  • When you turn on the automaton q, the load on the phase C will not be taken into account by the accounting instrument.

The advantage of such a scheme can be called the ability to stop any high-voltage electricity meter.

The disadvantages of this method of stopping the three-phase electric meter without a magnet are the need to install additional equipment in the shield and the ease of detection when checking.

Other stop methods

There are other ways to bypass the electricity meter in a private house or apartment. Most of them are based on the effects of magnetic fields on the mechanisms of accounting devices.

Opinion expert

Julia Razumkova

Logistics company specialist.

Energy supplying enterprises counteract these processes by sticking anti-magnetic seals to counters. This significantly limits the possibilities of unauthorized intervention.

Consider how to stop the electric meter with a magnetic seal.

Using needles

You can stop the electricity meter without a magnet using a needle or paper clips:

  1. In a transparent shield that protects the mechanical scoreboard, drilled hole.
  2. Then the counting mechanism is blocked through it, looking at the needle between the toothed wheels.

Остановка электросчетчика иголкойIn this way, only the electricity meters of the old sample, having a mechanical scoreboard, can be stopped. If the safety flap is a special form of special plastic, then any attempt to drill the hole will result in cracking.

Since the hole in the safety shield can be easily detected even with visual inspection, this method is considered unreliable and does not apply to stop the electricity meter.

By changing the position of the counter

Stop the disk electric meter can be influenced by gravitational forces. Since induction metering devices have in the counting mechanism of rotation parts, then the electric meter can be slowed down if it is possible to change its spatial position:

  • If you omit the device into a horizontal position, its disk will rotate slower.
  • Having lowered the accounting device vertically down, you can stop it completely.

Thus, you can try to disable the electricity meter on the post, if you can get to it and it is not electronic. Usually, the operation of accounting devices in remote garages stop, since it will not work on any modern models.

Tesla coil

Катушка Тесла для остановки счетчика

Another way to stop the electric meter without a magnet with their own hands is the impact of the discharge from the Tesla coil. The principle of its work is based on the resonant oscillations of two contours. Without going into the theoretical part, the consumer is only important to know that an electric discharge is obtained at the output of this device.

Such a generator can be collected independently. This requires a capacitor, a retail, discharger and several wire meters. The coil itself (on the Toroid Scheme) should be coated independently. You can use for this old ignition coil from the car.

Tesla coil diagram looks like this:

After the Tesla's coil accumulates a permanent charge, the arrester is brought to the instrument of accounting. Under the influence of high-voltage impulse, the operation of the electricity meter is violated.

Disadvantages of this method of stopping the electric meter are as follows:

  • To independently assemble the scheme and make the Tesla coil, you must have the appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • Not all accounting devices react to a discharge. So you can stop only the old Soviet electric meters.
  • After the discharge from the tesla coil, a complete blocking of the counter work is possible.
  • Electronic devices have a protective block in which information on unauthorized intervention in its operation is preserved.
  • Antimagnetic ribbons and magnetic seals can work under the influence of the field in the coil.
  • The tesla coil is difficult to bring to the meter set high on the street post.

Based on the whole listed, this method of deception of electricity meter is not recommended.

How to clear the electric meter back through the socket without removing the seals?

Consumers are often wondering: is it possible to wind the electronic electricity meter? Many mistakenly believe that twist the meter readings in the opposite direction safer than to stop it completely.

It is known only one way that allows you to stream the electricity meter without damage to the seal. In this case, a transformer is used for winding. This device must be made independently.

For the manufacture of an instrument at home to open a power meter through a socket, it is recommended to act as follows:

  1. From an old transformer with a power of approximately 250 watts, remove all windings other than the network.
  2. Network winding to insulate.
  3. Measure secondary winding.
  4. Run grounding.

The transformer prepared in this way must be connected to the apartment network through a socket. When it is turned on, it is recommended to disable the entire load. Otherwise, the warehouse of the readings of the electric meter will be carried out very slowly.

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Viktor Fedorovich


The only reliable methods of stopping electronic electric meters are alteration under the console and the use of the pulse.

The disadvantages of this method are:

  • the need to perform changes in the shield in which the device is installed;
  • Make such a device for an opening can only specialist;
  • The high probability of short circuit in the electrical network, especially if the electrical wiring is old;
  • After such an operation, the accounting device most often works incorrectly.

In this way, you can try to stream the electric meter of the old sample. All devices of the new sample are now equipped with special snoring mechanisms blocking the opposite rotation. For example, twist the electricity meter of Mercury 201, 231 AM-01 or Energy Momer CE 101 through a socket using a transformer will not work. Accounting devices with reverse lock are noted by a special icon on the front side of the case: a symbol in the form of a ratchet with a ratchet.

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