Lesson 10. Slowness and acceleration video Sony Vegas Pro Magix

Attention! At the end of Article 28.06.2014 added video tutorial, in which you will find even more information on the topic of acceleration and slowdown in Sony Vegas Pro.

All of you, probably more than once seen in the movies, the so-called "slower time" effect when everything moves slowly and smoothly, as if someone slowed down, and vice versa, the effect of "acceleration of time" when everything moves much faster than in life.

In the cinema to obtain the "Slow Time" effect, "accelerated shooting" is used. For example, to get a video with speed twice as slower than normal, the camera should shoot not 25 frames per second, but 50. Then when playing a video with a normal speed of 25 frames per second, we will get a slow motion.

For the effect of "acceleration of time" the camera on the contrary makes less frames per second than usual and when playing, we will receive an accelerated movement.

It is worth noting that most modern video cameras of a professional and creative level have an accelerated shooting feature. However, we remove life, and often, only during the installation process we notice that this scene would be nice to show in an accelerated or, on the contrary, in slow motion.

In this case, we will help time management tools. Let's see how to speed up or slow down the video in Sony Vegas.

In this lesson:

Acceleration video.

Slow video.

Video Tutorial "How to speed up the video in Sony Vegas (5 ways!)".

The content of the video language:

Uniform video acceleration.

Accurate acceleration.

Nonlinear acceleration by the "Envelive Time" instrument.

Acceleration 12 times.

Quality problems after acceleration.

Extreme acceleration hundreds of times, or timelaps from the video.

Acceleration video.

To evenly increase the speed of the video throughout the entire fragment, you need to hold the "Ctrl" key, take on the edge of the clip and pull it inside (squeeze a fragment) (Fig. 1).

Fragment compression for acceleration

Figure 1. Compression of a fragment for acceleration.

The stronger you reduce the duration of the clip, the more speeds will be your video. Using this video acceleration method, you will also increase the speed of the sound of the sound grouped with a video track.

If the sound does not matter, and it happens in most cases, you can use a more flexible time management tool in Sony Vegas. These are envelopes of time, with the help of which you can change the speed of the video throughout the whole fragment, but only in the desired area.

To start the tool, right-click on the desired video device, and press "INSERT / REMOVE ENVELOPE / VELOCITY" (Fig. 2).

Adding an envelope of time

Figure 2. Adding an envelope of time.

A horizontal line will appear on the video clip (Fig. 3).

Envelope (curve) time

Figure 3. Envelope (curve) time.

If you pull the line up, the video speed will increase the greater, the higher you raise the envelope. At the same time, a swung tip appears near the cursor, which will show how much the speed of the video in percent (Fig. 4).

Acceleration percentage

Figure 4. The percentage of acceleration.

If you need to speed up only part of the video, leaving another part unchanged, you need to limit the action of the envelope. To do this, perform a double click on the envelope, in the place of the video where you need to speed up. You will have a checkpoint. Make a double click again, next to the first checkpoint to put the second checkpoint. Now take the envelope site that is behind the second checkpoint and pull it up. The video speed will increase only in the second half of the video, and the first will remain unchanged (Fig. 5).

Acceleration of part of the fragment

Figure 5. Accelerating part of the fragment.

Control dots can be moved in the desired direction using the left mouse button. The larger the distance between the points at different heights, the smooth video speed will be changed (Fig. 6).

Smoothness change video

Figure 6. Smoothness of video speed change.

In essence, the envelope is a curve curve that sets the speed of the video at a certain point in time. You can use how much checkpoints, setting up speed on any section of the video.

After speeding up the video with the envelope of time, the fragment theoretically should occupy less time in the installation window. However, this does not happen, since Sony Vegas reached the end of the fragment, it begins to show it from the beginning, thereby maintaining the total duration of the fragment. The place where the repetition begins, a label will appear as a triangle (Fig. 7).

Label repetition

Figure 7. Repetition label.

To remove the repetition, take the edge of the video at the end, and compress the fragment until you reach the triangle, thereby removing the not necessary part of the video.

For a uniform slowdown video, you need to hold the "Ctrl" key to stretch the fragment.

Like acceleration, video slowdown can be configured using envelope. Only now it needs to be moved up, but down. Note that you can slow down the video in Sony Vegas by no more than 100%. If you lower the envelope too low, you will see that in the floating prompt the interest accepted a negative value. This means that your video in this place will go "with I'll go on the downstream." So be careful and do not overdo it.

If you use the envelope to slow down the video, do not forget to configure the size of the fragment. To do this, grasp the edge of the fragment, and stretch it to the repeat label.

If you want to change the video speed synchronously with the sound, read the article "Changing the Sound Speed ​​with Video"

Video Tutorial "How to speed up the video in Sony Vegas (5 ways!)".

Editing in 4K.

Supports AVCHD codecs or Professional Sony Xavc format with a resolution of 4096 x 4096 (4K).

Import from another

Compatibility with other software / export software for Avid Protools, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Adobe After Effects.

Three-dimensional graphics

The functions of three-dimensional animation will help to move the image material. Support Open FX plugins

Sony Vegas Pro - What is this program?

Professional software for mounting films has its own price. The video editing system "Vegas Pro" is modern and has all the tools needed for demanding editing and mastering. The 64-bit application processes all formats that can play cameras. Regardless of whether your recordings come from a smartphone, a digital camera or a professional high-end recording device, such as a Panasonic P2HD video camera, Sony editor imports all common formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime or WMV Includes AVCHD codecs or Professional Sony Xavc format with a resolution of 4096 x 4096 (4K). You can also use 3D material, for example, in MVC and MPO format or as two-page AVI clips. With the help of a 3D video card and the accompanying red-blue glasses, you can view the result directly on your PC. The editor collects video from two cameras in a stereoscopic process into a three-dimensional image. The spectrum of video effects is more than large, and you can combine them in the chains of effects so that you have always had quick access to everything.

How to speed up or slow down video in Sony Vegas

If you are new to installation and just start meeting a powerful video editor Sony Vegas Pro, then you probably have a question about how to change the speed of video playback. In this article we will try to give a full and detailed answer.

There are several ways with which you can get an accelerated or slow video in Sony Vegas.

How to slow down or speed up the video in Sony Vegas

Method 1.

The easiest and fastest way.

one. After you downloaded a video to the editor, clamp the "Ctrl" key and move the cursor to the edge of the video file on the timeline

Timeline in Sony Vegas

2. Now just stretch or compress the file by holding the left mouse button. Thus, you can increase the speed of the video in Sony Vegas.

Attention! This method has some limitations: you will not be able to slow down or speed up the video more than 4 times. Also note that the audio file is changing with the video.

Method 2.

one. Right-click on the video on the timeline and select "Properties ..." ("Properties").

Properties in Sony Vegas

2. In the window that opens in the "Video Event" tab ("Video Event"), find the "Playback frequency" item ("Playback Rate"). By default, the frequency is equal to one. You can increase this value and thereby speed up or slow down the video in Sony Vegas 13.

SONY VEGAS playback frequency

Attention! Just as in the previous way, the video cannot be accelerated or slowed down than 4 times. But the difference from the first method is that changing the file in this way, the audio recording will remain unchanged.

Method 3.

This method will allow you to more subtly configure the video file playback speed.

one. Right-click on the video on the timeline and select "Paste / Delete Envelope" ("Insert / Remove Envelope") - "Speed" ("Velocity").

Adding envelope in Sony Vegas

2. Now a green line appeared on the video file. Double-click the left mouse button you can add key points and move them. The higher the point is, the stronger the video will be accelerated. Also, you can force the video playback in the opposite direction, lowering the key point to the values ​​below 0.

Changing Sound Sony Vegas

How to play video in the opposite direction

How to make part of the video go back in advance, we have already considered a little higher. But what if you need to reveal the entire video file?

one. Make a video in the opposite direction is very simple. Right-click on the video file and select Reversal

Reversal in Sony Vegas

So, we looked at several ways to speed up video or make a slowdown in Sony Vegas, and also learned how you can run the video file backward. We hope this article has become useful for you and you will continue to work with this video editor.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. CloseDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


Hello everyone! With you Dmitry Kostin, and today I will tell you How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas or speed up by in different ways. Acceleration is usually used in order to quickly flush a little interesting scene in a visual plan, for example, when you go from the apartment to the store. Himself going down the street may not be interesting, but it will be fun to watch it in an accelerated form. And if you are the opposite, you want to emphasize at some point that passes very quickly (for example, a jump or fall), then the slowdown will be indispensable.

Fast speed change

Under the rapid change in speed, I mean that we do not have to climb the settings and menus to slow down or speed up the video, since we will do everything using one key and mouse.

  1. Load any video. Just immediately warn it that, together with the video, there will be a change in the speed of sound, depending on the situation. Therefore, if you do not need sound support, then immediately separate it from the video and remove away from sin.
  2. Click the key Ctrl And start pulling the end of the fragment (not for the center, otherwise it will be copied) to the right to slow down, and left to speed up. Depending on how much you extended the piece, the speed itself will change. Only do not overdo it, as despite changing the speed, the frequency of frames does not change, which means that the video may seem too slowdown. With the acceleration there is no such problem, since you, on the contrary, it turns out an increased value.

 How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin

How to make a slowdown or accelerated video fragment

There are situations when you want to emphasize the attention in some particular moment of the roller or fragment. To implement it in life, you need to perform a couple of steps:

  1. Stand at the beginning of the moment you want to highlight a slowdown, then press the key S. After that, the fragment should be divided into 2 parts. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  2. Next, go at the end of the moment when the speed should returned and also press SOn the keyboard so that in the center you have exactly the piece of the video you want to slow down.
  3. Now move the last piece somewhere away, so that at this stage it will not be interfered with us. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  4. And then leave again Ctrl At the end of the second fragment and using a squeezed mouse button, stretch it a bit. The more stretching, the slower speed.
  5. After that, configure the third piece to the third piece so that you no longer have breaks.

Everything, the video is ready. Now the whole roller will go fine until it comes to the middle. After that, there will be a slowdown, and then again the norm.


This method implies the use of a separate function, but it does not get worse or more difficult to become from it, but even on the contrary. Let's look at the steps.

  1. Right-click and select item. "INSERT / REMOVE ENVELOPE"  — "VELOCITY" . After that, you will see a new line that appeared on the fragment. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  2. If you want to slow down or speed up the entire video, then just clamp the right mouse button on this strip and start moving it up so that the fragment is played faster, or pull down so that it plays slower and gave the so-called effect Slow Motion. (Slow MO). Just keep in mind that, in contrast to the first method, the sound speed does not lose. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin

But if you want to change the speed only at a certain moment of video, you will have to do a little differently.

  1. In the place where the speed change should be, click twice with the mouse on the line, which we just caused. You will have, which will be a kind of anchor. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  2. Now a little right again Cliking 2 times on this line to trigger the second point. After that, take two more points: one closer to the time the slowdown is completed, and the second in the place where the speed should be normalized. Thus, you will have to get 4 anchors. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  3. Now start moving the second and third point up or down to form a kind of step or pit (depending on whether you want to slow down the video in Sony Vegas or speed it up). The higher or below will be this middle line, the faster or slower this fraction will be played. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin

Just keep in mind that after these manipulations you have to change the length of the fragment itself, since the video in it will look completely different.

TWIXTOR plugin - smooth and high-quality slowdown

Of course, the above methods for changing the speed are quite good, but when slowing, as I said, we can observe the effect of inhibition. The thing is that we stretch the video, but the number of frames per second does not increase from this. Therefore, there is a empty space between the frames that the brake seems to us.

Unfortunately, it is not fixed in standard ways. Maximum what you can do is not to put too slow speed, and the shoals will be visible.

But there is a special plugin Twixtor which will help us slow down the video in Sony Vegas smoothly to achieve the most comfortable effect. The essence of the plugin is that he himself inserts an intermediate frame, leaning on his neighbors, the poet turns out so high-quality and professional Slow MO that even professionals will be delighted.

Setting a slowdown plugin

Unfortunately, I can't give you a direct link to download the plugin, but I think that by lifting his name in Yandex, together with the word "Download" , you will find it without any problems. Another thing is how to install it. Before installing, be sure to close Vegas Pro.

  1. When you download a file, most likely it will be in the archive. You can start the installer directly from the archive, or first unpack it, and then make the installation.
  2. Next, you will need to select the installation path. Do not try to install in the default folder, otherwise nothing will work. You need to select a folder where Sony Vegas is installed, and then find the folder. OFX Video Plug-Ins .In my case it looks like  C: \ Program Files \ Sony \ Vegas Pro 13.0 \ OFX Video Plug-Ins .
  3. After installation, go to the program itself.

Next, we will need to make a small fint ears. Read carefully, I will try to explain everything to you as much as possible.

How to use a twixtor plugin to slow down video

I think you do not need to explain that the video should already be downloaded to the track. If you wish, you can separate the sound so that it does not interfere.

  1. Poke at that time where the slowdown should start at your idea, and click the familiar key SOn the keyboard to split one fragment into two.
  2. Now we go at that time on the fragment, where normal reproduction should begin, and then press S. again, we have already done the same thing, so that for you it will not be news. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  3. The third fragment is moving away, with an exemplary calculation, so that in the vacant space I got another such fragment as the one we want to slow down (that is, the second piece). It will be necessary for us a little later. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  4. Next, copy the second fragment. To do this, you can hold the key Ctrl And drag a copy after the original. Thus, 2 identical pieces will have to go each other. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  5. After that, move the last piece to the copied, then delete the copy. So we will definitely calculate the space you need. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  6. Next, go to the tab Videofx. that is in the mediaokna, and we are looking for a plugin installed by us Twixtor . After that, we clamp on it with the left mouse button and drag it to the same piece of the video that we want to slow down. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  7. Next, you will find settings in which you basically do not need to do anything. You only need to put the playback speed. The default costs 100%, but I will put 50 percent to slow down the video 2 times. Next, press ENTER and close the window. How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin
  8. The last stroke will need to start the left mouse button at the end of this fragment and stretch until the next piece. It is necessary in order to accurately calculate how much we need a place, because after slowing the roller 2 times its length on the time scale of Dolna will increase in the same 2 times. Now, it is clear why we did manipulation with copying?

For good, it's all, but I will sleep a little to upset. When playing a video directly in the editor, you can observe on this piece that it is wildly slowing down or is not played at all. This is a normal practice. The fact is that embedding this effect greatly loads the editor, so there may be such problems in it. But I hurry to delight you, because when rendering (maintaining a finished project in a video format) there will be no such problems, and you can enjoy the stunning Slowa of MO. If you do not know how to keep ready-made video, you can read about it here.

How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas about or speeding it with built-in money or plugin


Whatever way to speed up or your video in Sony Vegas you did not use, you will easily be able to make original ideas for your future rollers.

But if you want to really master the video editor, I recommend that you work in the Adobe Premiere Pro program. By itself, it is quite complicated, but if you learn These video tutorials , I will not work in a professional video blogging for you. You will mount cool rollers, and from g do candy. The course is really just a bomb and designed both on absolute beginners and on the wearing people. Information is given the most exhaustive and no water. I recommend.

Well, I have everything on it. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog and community on social networks. Waiting for you, as usual on the blog Koskomp. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!

Sincerely, Dmitry Kostin

There are several methods to slow down the video of the video in Sony Vegas Pro. The first method is the most common and simple. Using holding the "Ctrl" key, you can transfer the mouse cursor to the end of the video, after that closing the left mouse button to stretch or squeeze the file. With the help of the described actions, you can not only slow down, but also speed up the playback of the video. However, this method has its drawbacks. With this method, you can or slow down or speed up the video file not more than 4 times. Do not forget that the soundtrack also stretches or narrowed after the video file.

In order to slow down your video, you need the Russian version of Sony Vegas Pro installed on Windows.

There is an alternative method. Using the right mouse button, you must click on the video clip, then you must select the properties in the opened menu. Next, in the "Video Event" window, there is a string "Playback Rate". Here it is possible to set its speed of the desired fragment. Values ​​are in the range from 0.250 and up to 4 integers. With this you can speed up or slow down the video. Normal playback speed - 1. A distinctive feature of this method is that the sound in this case remains untouched. Therefore, both of these methods are relevant.

When you change the speed of the image of the fragment, changes and the duration of the video recording itself. But in the Taimlayin field, there is visually no change. It is when changing the speed of the fragment reproduction, a small notch is created on the video. She will also indicate the edge of the video, in the case when the video was increased, the video was initially shown.

There is another method to slow down video fragment playback. It is suitable for more accurate settings. To do this, you need to click on the video fragment by right-clicking computer mouse and select "INSERT / REMOVE", then select "Speed".

As you can see, on the future video, a strip of green color appeared. Using it, you can accelerate the fragment playback 3 times, and slow down to zero. In addition, it is possible to play the file in the opposite direction. All these parameters are changed by changing the position of the green strip or down, or up.

The above method has its own feature. It is possible to change the speed not sharply, but smoothly. To make it necessary to make a double click on the green strip. After that, the line change point will appear. There may be any quantity of such points. It all depends on your requirements. By driving these points, you can simultaneously speed up or slow down video recording on certain areas, you can also force the video to appear in the opposite direction.

Do not forget that for each key point you need your settings. You can make it using the "SET TO" function, then simply enter your value in the range from -100% (reverse playback) to 300%.


Greetings to you, my friends!

Finally, I reached my website again and today I want to show you how to speed up or slow down the video in the Sony Vegas Pro program. Moreover, it does not matter which version of Vegas you have installed, these methods work in any of the versions of this video editor.

Small prehistory. : I recently happened to mount a small video, which was to be limited in time, but at the same time reflect a piece from the life of the character (the main character of the roller, or rather the heroine).

After small thinking, we were decided to make it in a humorous version (a kind of film style with Charlie Chaplin - remember them?), Where there were moments and with acceleration, and with a slowdown of individual fragments.

As a result, the idea was implemented, the goal was achieved, and I had a good idea to write this article.

Immediately I want to make a reservation, that (and I hope that you understand this) when accelerating or slowing down the video, the same manipulations occur with the audio track, if it is present in this video device. After you need to pre-either separate the sound from the video in Sony Vegas, or In general, remove the audio track if it is not important there.

So, we proceed from the preface to business.

How to speed up the video in the Sony Vegas program

No matter how difficult it seemed to this process, but actually speeding up the video in Sony Vegas is very, very simple (there is, of course, if you do not need to speed up it hundreds of times - making it in the style of TIMELAPSE).

Well, as usual let's add the desired video file in the Sony Vegas program and throw it on the timeline (you are already familiar with the Sony Vegas program?).

Now let's move the cursor to the very edge of our video cutting and with a pinch key. Ctrl Tighten it to the middle or closer to the very beginning - it all depends on how much you need to accelerate this video.

After the manipulations produced, you will see on this video cutting such a specific "harmonic", which tells you that this video segment has been accelerated.

By the way, remember that in this way you can speed up the video to the maximum four times.

How to slow down the video in the Sony Vegas program

And in general, the video is slowed down in Sony Vegas in the same uncomfortable way:

  1. Throw the right file to the program
  2. Take the mouse cursor to the very edge
  3. Press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and now just do not pull the edge of the video to the beginning, but on the contrary - delay it further.

Remember that slow down the video so you can also no more than four times .

Another way to accelerate or slow down video with the Sony Vegas Pro program

And this method is also quite simple, but will require a little big manipulations from you, namely:

* After you have added a file to timeline, click on this file itself right mouse button and select the most recent item in the menu that opens. Properties (Properties in the English version).

* In the window that opened opposite item PLAYBACK RATE. We enter the value you need.

By default it is worth 1,000. If we need to speed up the video twice - we enter the value of 2,000 into this field. If you need to increase the speed four times, respectively, we enter a value of 4,000.

To slow down at the same box, we need to enter a little other values: to slow down the video twice - enter a value of 0.500. Well, accordingly, to slow down four times - we enter 0.250.

This method will also allow you to speed up or slow down the video. no more than four times . Although, as a rule, this is quite enough.

Attention! If you used the second method, the visual file for duration will not change in any way, which you yourself understand should not be! After all, when accelerating the video should decrease, and when slowing it - increase. Correctly?

Those. What happens: it turns out that our video accelerated, for example, but the duration of the file on the timeline has not changed, remained the same.

Here, pay attention to the appearance of a small sex at the top of our video cutting:

She tells us that in this moment the video ends and begins to repeat again.

And, what do you think we need to do in this case?

Yes, just tighten the edge of our video cutting to this sister. In the case of slowing down the video, on the contrary - pull the edge to the seed point that appeared (it will not be immediately visible in this case, it will appear only at the time of delay).

How to Reset (Cancel) Acceleration or Slow Video in Sony Vegas

In order to cancel the manipulation produced by us (suddenly did not like?), You need to click on the right key to call the menu again. Properties And in the already familiar window to enter a value of 1,000, which will return the video playback in the original speed.

I want to say that there is another way to speed up or slow down the video (and even more than 4 times) in Sony Vegas about with the help of an envelope. But this is already in the next article.

Check video about how to speed up or slow down video in Sony Vegas:

Well, I still have everything on it. Try, experiment and everything will succeed. Yes, my friends!

PS: Oh yeah, guys, it may be that after saving the finished video, you will see artifacts appeared on it (such a specific detachment from the object). In this case, simply on the modified video stream of the right mouse button again call the item Properties And inside the window already loving us, select " Disable Resample " - this should help. I, for example, came out.

Now everything is exactly. Good luck in creativity, friends!

Always yours Viktoria. Senokosov Creative- Look. Ru

In the Sony Vegas program you can make various video effects. And today you will learn how to slow down and speed up the video in Sony Vegas.

Of course, first you need to create a project. And place on Timeline the desired video. After that I inserted music. Music must be inserted so that the project does not look empty.

How to slow down and speed up the video in Sony Vegas

How to slow down the video in Sony Vegas is the first way.

Now you can change the playback speed. To do this, click on the video itself right-click, thereby calling the context menu, and select Properties

How to slow down and speed up the video in Sony Vegas

Now, in the window that appears, you need to change the Playback Rate in the Video Event tab. Reducing its value, you will slow down your video. The less value it is, the slower will be your video.

How to slow down and speed up the video in Sony Vegas

In the same way, if the PLAYBACK RATE value is increased, the video will start playing faster.

The second way to slow down video.

There is another way. Hold down the Ctrl key, then move the edge of the video left or right. Thus, the video will change its speed.

How to slow down and speed up the video in Sony Vegas

What happened to me, watch the video. Here I first left my native speed, then accelerated the video, and then slowed down. Then watch the full movie, how to make a paper boat. In order to add text to the video, I made the text in the form of a picture and put on the video.

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