What battery is better for the screwdriver, the characteristics of the batteries

Drill, screwdriver - the tools necessary in everyday life. It will be useful to purchase them to everyone who is engaged in the arrangement of the house with their own hands. Also for workshops-professionals, the screwdrivers are now indispensable. And since in the building toolkit stores, they have a huge choice, many may have reasonable questions: what tool is better to choose and what battery is better for the screwdriver? From the choice of acb, it depends a lot: first of all, the mobility of the tool and the duration of its work in standalone from the network conditions. Before you finally decide which batteries are most preferable in any case, you should read more detail what batteries are used in the screwdrivers.

Making whiskey at home - recipe and technology

In this material I will tell you how to make whiskey at home according to classical technology, which is used in Ireland and Scotland. The recipe is largely reminiscent of the usual moonshine, but another step is added - insisting on oak wood, which lasts six and more months. Get a good drink before it is impossible. Those who do not want to do so long preparation, can offer a quick whiskey recipe. It is enough to dissolve alcohol to a fortress of 40-50 degrees and insist on oak sawdust 7-10 days (when the taste will arrange, filter). Previously sawdust need to be prepared: pour boiling water, in an hour to drain the decoction, pour cold water, after a day to merge, then dry the wood in the sun. Instead of alcohol, craftsmen use ordinary vodka or moonshine. Naturally, the alcohol is only remotely resembling real tape, but spend the minimum of time and strength.

How to remove the smell of cigarettes from the apartment, with hands, hair and clothes?

Almost every person was brought in such a situation: a smoking person came to visit, and with him the caustic smell of tobacco. The smokers themselves practically do not feel the aroma from them, although in fact everything is impregnated with them: curtains, leather furniture, clothing, leather, hair. It can significantly ruin the impression. If there is a smoker in your nearest environment, it will be useful to know how to remove the smell of cigarettes.

3 simple ways to insert a picture in the picture

In the modern world, where time is a valuable resource, mobile photo edits enjoy not less popular than computer applications. Photo editor for a smartphone can make better your pictures - add paints, clarity, remove extra details. And excellent photos, in turn, can increase popularity in social networks. But how to choose a suitable mobile photo editor with a large functionality, simple and affordable control? In addition, the modern editor of the pictures must support many image formats, as well as save the high image picture after editing.

Food and Health

An unpleasant smell of mouth is an important problem for many inhabitants of our planet. Statistical data suggests that up to 50% of people somehow face this problem throughout their lives. This health situation has consequences and in the social sphere, in which everyone wants to show himself. Insecurity, shyness, communication problems - a small list of what the man threatens the unpleasant odor from the oral cavity. He can pursue a person, both constantly and in certain cases, for example, on an empty stomach. Doctors warn that the smell is able to cause both dental problems and diseases of the internal organs of a person. As for the scientific definition, in medicine, this phenomenon is called Halitoz.

How to cook beets - recipe and tips from the chemicalmarket

Red beet - autumn vegetable, a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. It has a magnificent color - from pinkish to dark purple. The taste characteristics and shade depend on the grade of beauty-vegetable, but the benefits of its consumption are indisputable.

Bute Stone - Description, Characteristics, Application and Features :: Syl.ru

Dog stone is a fairly common building material. Today, thanks to its technical qualities and characteristics, it is widely used in construction and finishing works, as well as in landscape design. On the main properties of boob stone, prices and the use of material we will gladly tell you in this article.

Simple drawings on the nails: manicure at home + 100 photos (2018)

Nail design, especially if it is created by the personally, is an excellent idea in terms of self-expression and creating an image. The easiest method of decoration - Simple drawings on nails . It's not difficult to make them, ideas There are many, which have already been invented earlier. But even more there will be, if you connect your own fantasy. Starting follows from the most simple techniques, gradually improve your talent and opportunities.

How to transfer CLASH OF CLANS - CLASH OF CLANS Account

Strategic games today are very popular among people of different generation. When creating one account, I want to continue to protect your village from attacks or attack others. Why is it interesting to play in CLASH OF CLANS?


Starter twists the car does not start - the problem that can be confused, because it is sometimes not clear what to do in this situation. And even though the starter snaps and turns, the car stands on the spot. The article indicates the main causes of breakage, as well as ways to get rid of them.

How to determine where is the north, south, west, east

The art of cartography was revered by our ancestors for many generations. It was due to travel distance on previously uncharted lands. In some situations, the ability to determine the parties of light on the map becomes vital. Various epochs had their values, but the skill in the basic survival skills was always considered prestigious. In the XVII century, if you were able to show the parties on the map on the map, then you were automatically considered formed, which directly affected the status.

Competently on health on ilive

To understand how to properly suppress the feeling of hunger, you need to familiarize yourself with the azami physiology of a person.